View Full Version : Warm front

Peter Pinckney
06-09-2012, 12:20 AM
moving in from the west..................:)

06-09-2012, 01:12 AM
Beautiful painting Peter and boy what a great sky:)

06-09-2012, 02:42 AM
A beautiful place Peter. I love the palette of rich teals and earth tones.:):):):):)

Marilyn Anne
06-09-2012, 02:43 AM
Love the sky and mood.

06-09-2012, 05:03 AM
Come to think of it I think that is how tornados come to be. I do not remember exactly but I know you got to have a warm front of moist air and your painting shows that. I live in Oklahoma and your painting looks very Okie like. That kind of sky usually means hazardous weather warnings on the radio and tv will be broadcast soon. Find a safe interior room and pray like hell.

06-09-2012, 06:14 AM
Really nice Peter, love how you have done the sky.

D Akey
06-09-2012, 08:43 AM
A warm front is preferable to a cold bottom. . . Ask the makers of the Volvo.

Great work Pete. Back to form and perhaps even beyond. Love the sky.