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Chapter 17

Two days after the killing of the Knight, Chet Garner was sitting at his desk, cleaning up the last of his paperwork. With luck, he would be returning to Earth sometime in the next few days.
Identification on the body of the Knight, had revealed him to be a Charles Sims. The security officers broke in the apartment listed on his identification, and found enough evidence to prove without a doubt, that Sims had indeed been the Knight serial killer.
No longer living under the threat of harm from the Knight, and because of Chet's refusal to let her stay in his apartment, Misty found a friend to stay with until she could arrange for more permanent lodging.
Tossing the last bit of paperwork into his "out" basket, Chet decided the time had come to take care of another piece of unfinished business. After dialing a number on his communicator, he soon heard a soft voice say "Hello".
"Hello yourself, "he replied. As you may, or may not have heard, I'll be leaving the moon in a few days. I wondered if perhaps we could have dinner together tonight?"
"Yes," she answered. Now that business is no longer an obstacle, I see no reason why we shouldn't. Why don't you stop by my place in a couple of hours? We can have a couple of drinks, and then go out."
Two hours and twelve minutes later, she answered his knock on her door and invited him inside. Chet had always found her to be very attractive, but the dress she was wearing was showing off her great body to it's fullest advantage.
"You really look great tonight," he said as he accepted the drink she offered.
"Taking a sip from her own drink, she replied, "I'm glad you noticed. And, I'm glad you called. I would have been angry if you had left without our having a chance to spend a few hours together on a personal basis, instead of work involved." She left the chair she was sitting in, and sat down beside Chet. He was having a great deal of trouble keeping his eyes off her cleavage, as he heard her say. "You know, after all the stories one hears about you, I was getting a little irritated at the lack of effort from you to get me into your bed."
Chet laughed and said, "Well, it wasn't for lack of interest. People were being killed, and that had to take priority. You know that."
"Flashing a smile, she responded. "Of course I do. That doesn't mean I wasn't irritated however."
"Well, maybe a great dinner at an expensive restaurant will soothe those wounded feelings."
She set her drink down on the end table, and stared into Chet's eyes. "Actually I think it's going to take more than dinner. Let's quit kidding ourselves. We both know what this night is about, and it's not having dinner."
Before he could answer, he reached behind his head and pulled his face to her, meeting his lips with her own. Soon she was smothering him with passionate kisses.
He had the zipper half way down her dress, when she grabbed his hand. "Wait. Chet, I forgot to lock the front door. Why don't you do that for me while I get rid of these clothes? The lady that lives next door has a little girl that has a habit of just walking in without knocking. I wouldn't want her to be shocked by walking in on us."
Chet walked to the door, and as his fingers touched the lock, an almost unnoticeable sound behind him, caused him to look back over his shoulder. This beautiful desirable woman was removing a phazer from her purse, and raising it in his direction.
He spun around quickly, reaching for the phazer on his hip. His reaction was a second too slow, for her blast struck his phazer dead on, with the splattering metal ripping into his arm and leg. His right arm was almost useless. His right leg, not much better. As quickly as he could, he dove behind a large easy chair, pulled out his communicator with his good arm, and punched a button.
"That chair is not going to protect you very long Chet. Why don't you just come out and make it easier for both of us?," she asked. "Do you have another weapon hidden somewhere? On your ankle perhaps? Are you trying to lure me into making a mistake?"
In an effort to feed her suspicion, he replied. "Of course not. I only carry one weapon. I'm not moving, because your wounded me too badly. That last dive was all my leg would support."
"Really?" she asked. "Do you think me to be foolish enough to fall for that? I thought you had more respect for my intelligence than to try and sell me a story as thin as that one."
Immediately, she fired two shots at the left side of the chair, then quickly took two long steps forward on the right side of the chair. Chet was now in her clear view, and she saw that he was indeed injured, and holding no weapon. "So, you were trying to fool me with the truth. To what point Chet? Trying to buy time, hoping for a miracle?"
A sheepish grin came on his face. "Yeah, I suppose so. That seemed to be about the only shot I had. Just for the record, I never doubted your intelligence. On the contrary, I've always considered you to be one of the smartest people I've ever known. In fact, you are too smart to kill me. You know that if you do that, the security force will put every officer on the payroll to hunting you down. You will end up either in prison for the rest of your life, or, in a grave."
He groaned as he twisted his body a little to try and get more comfortable. "Why don't you throw yourself on the mercy of the court? A good lawyer would have no probably convincing a jury that your were insane. A couple of years in an asylum, you would be able to twist the doctors around your lovely finger, and get a full release."
She smiled and answered. "You make a good argument Chet. However, I'm not going to have to worry about it. Your reputation as a ladies man is going to work for me. When the authorities arrive, they will find me naked, with my clothes on the ground, having been ripped from my body. I'll have a few bruises on my face. It will be easy to sell them on the idea that you wouldn't take no for an answer. I'll tell them how you hit me several times, ripped my clothes off and attacked me. I'll say that I pretended to be hurt, then shoved you backwards, and pulled my phazer from under the pillow where I keep it at night. We had a gun battle, and you lost. Case closed. The Governor is not your biggest fan, and he is, you might say, an very close friend of mine. In fact, you could say, an intimate friend. I'm pretty sure he will use his power to push for a dismissal of the case."
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Chet smiled and gave her a "what the hell" look. "Looks like you have it all worked out. Well, all things told, I suppose I can't complain too much. I've had a heck of a run. One thing does trouble me tho."
"What would that be?, she asked.
"Well to be honest, you've been on my "to do" list for some time. I just wish you would have let us finish what we started tonight. Hate to leave this world with such an important matter unfinished."
She laughed softly. "You might appreciate the fact that I was sorely tempted to do just that. However, you are too dangerous to give up my advantage. So, my dear, you are going to have to die without that memory. However, just to show you that I'm not totally cold blooded, I'm going to let you go out with a good memory. The last thing you will ever see, will be my naked body." She then began to slowly disrobe, obviously enjoying tormenting him for these last few seconds of his life. When the last clothing was removed and kicked away, she raised the phazer and aimed it as Chet's head. "Goodbye Chet. It would have been nice."
Then, she was startled by the sound of someone trying to crash through her front door, and she could hear them yelling for her to open the door for the security force. Just as she turned her attention back to Chet, he summered enough strength to one more dive, taking him out of her view again.
She fired two more blasts at the chair between them, then as she heard the door being forced open, she screamed, ran and dove through the upstairs window.
When Chet and the other security officers got to the window, they could see the body of Rita Kerrigan, laying on the concrete where she had landed head first. Her neck was obviously broken, and judging from the damage to her skull, there was no doubt that she was dead.
After the Medical Examiner had taken Rita's body to the morgue, the para-medics tended to Chet's wounds. When they finished, they advised him to follow up the treatment with a visit to the hospital E.R., or his own doctor. Brianna touched Chet's arm. "Which do we do first? Get coffee, or take you to the hospital?"
"Lets go for coffee. I've had worse wounds from jealous husbands."
She laughed, and said, "All right. Let's go."
Fifteen minutes later, they were enjoying their first taste of a freshly brewed pot of coffee. Chet, I owe you an apology for not responding quickly enough after you sent that alert over your communicator. Someone gave us the address next door. We kicked in the door and frightened the hell out of that family. It took a few minutes for us to get the right address, and break in."
"Aw, don't worry about it Brianna. If you had been on time, I wouldn't have had the pleasure of seeing Rita naked. It was almost worth dying for."
Briana shook her head. "You are impossible. Well, you didn't give me many details when you set this thing up. How about filling in the blanks?"
"O.K.", he responded. "Tighten your seat belt. Rita kept a diary. I browsed through it while the para-medics were working on me. Here's what I know. After we identified the Knight as Charles Sims, and backtracked his history, I stumbled upon the connection between he and Rita Kerrigan. Even with that, I had no evidence to support an arrest, so I needed this meeting tonight, to get either evidence, or a confession. That's why I set this thing up."
"So, how where they connected?"
"Rita Kerrigan and Charles Sims were sister and brother."
When he saw Briana's eye almost pop out of her head, he continued. "Well, actually they were adopted brother and sister. Rita's father was Ben Milon. If that name rings a bell, it should. Several years back, he was a serial killer, believed to be responsible for over forty one deaths. He ended up dying from a heart attack before he could be caught. Milon adopted Charles as his son when he was just a kid. Charles grew up with Rita as his adopted older sister."
After taking another sip of hot coffee, Chet continued. "When you get to work tomorrow, read the diary. There are details of their family life that you will have to read to believe. Anyway, after the old man died, the kids, at Rita's suggestion, changed their names to keep from being linked to him. Rita took the name Kerrigan for reasons unknown. Charles reverted to his birth name of Sims. Not only did it seperate them from Milon's history, it also made the family connection between the two of them invisible to the world around them. That was necessary for a number of reasons, some of which will become apparent after you read the diary.
Down thru the years, Rita and Charles have remained very close, but never living in the same residence. I suspect that in time, we will find some unsolved murders in their past that belonged to them. For whatever reason, it was only after moving to the moon, that they went on this organized killing spree. Charles was the killer, but Rita was the brains. She provided inspiration and motivation, and the guidance to keep him from being caught."
After the waitress refilled their cups, Briana picked hers up and took a quick sip. "What about the attack on her from the Knight? What was the deal there?"
"Rita set that up both to remove her from any possible suspicion, and to put her in a position to get more information about what we were doing to try and catch him."
"Was there any purpose to this madness, or were they both just out of control nuts?"
Chet chuckled. "Well, I suppose you have to be a nut to be a serial killer. Charles was an emotional wreck, totally under the control of his beautiful sister. Rita was a brilliant nut. Had she done all the killings herself, we might never had caught her. Her brother was her weak link. Their objective was to pass the number of killings of their father, and go down into history as the greatest serial killers of all time. Strangely enough, Rita wanted that recognition, but not enough to destroy her Pulitizer prize chances, or to spend a lifetime in jail. To that end, once they passed the number of killings by their father, Rita was going to kill Charles. She recognized just how weak he was, and she could not take a chance on his getting caught and revealing information of various sorts that she could not afford to have made public. Rita was not going to be left out of the history books however. Her attorney has a letter that was to be opened on her death, in which she explains the entire thing, and takes total responsibility for all the killings. There's more, but that's the short version. Really weird people."
Briana exhaled a deep breath she had taken in. "Weird is right. I've run across some nuts, but these two take the cake." Pointing to Chet's coffee cup, she said. "Drink up. I want to get some rest before I tackle that diary in the morning."

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Continued 3 of 3
Four days later, Chet was waiting to board the shuttle that was taking him back to Earth.
"Going to run off without saying goodbye were you?"
He didn't have to turn around to identify the speaker, but he did so anyway. The speaker was Misty Riley.
"Well, I knew you were busy getting settled into a new life, and I figured it would be best if I just left. Believe it or not, I was going to call you in a few days."
She gave him a look of disbelief. "Sure you were. Look just admit it. You were looking forward to getting rid of this little girl who you think has a crush on you."
He smiled and answered. "First of all, only a blind man would call you a "little girl". You've got some growing to do, but there is a lot of substance to you. More than a lot of people ever get in their entire lifetime. You certainly proved how much guts you have."
"Thank you Chet. I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm going to say it anyway. I know this is not the time, but if you remain single, somewhere down the line, I'm going to marry you. I know that sounds ridiculous to you, but, I'm serious. Just watch and see."
"Well Misty, when you get a little seasoning, you will make somebody a great wife. Look me up in a year or two, and we will see how you feel then."
She reached out and took his hand. "So, until then, you just disappear from my life while I live up here looking out the port at Earth, wondering what you are doing?"
"Well," he replied. "Actually I had a better idea in mind. I had to call the President and give her a full verbal report on what happened up here. In that process, I told her about how big a part you played in solving this mess, about your courage, and your loss of both parents in one way or another. Brianna will be picking you up and taking you to the station tomorrow afternoon. At two o'clock, the President will call you there. She is going to offer you a job working for her. You will work half a day in the White House, the other half of the day, you will attend Georgetown University. The President intends to see that you get your degree. So, I'd say you will have plenty to keep your mind occupied."
Misty threw her arms around him and squeezed him tight. "Chet, I can't even believe this. Thank you so much. I do love you, whether you believe it or not. I'll do a great job at the White House, and I'll make both you and the President proud. Will you keep in touch?"
He lightly kissed her lips. "I promise. I will keep in touch. As far as the rest of it goes, time will tell. In the meantime, make yourself a great future. You deserve it Misty."

A year and three months later, Chet was sitting in a bar, having just hung up from talking to Misty. A warm smile was on his face. The same warm smile that always seemed to find him when he talked to her. She was doing a fine job at the White House, and things were going very well in her studies at the University. Her life was really going well, and he was very happy for her. Altho he had made it a point not to visit Misty, in order to allow her to forge a life of her own, Chet had made sure he called her regularly and kept up to date on how her life was progressing. Not once had she referred to her intentions to marry him. To his surprise, that left him a little sad. Certainly, that was probably a good thing for her, but he supposed that secretly he had kind of hoped that they might end up together. He finished off his drink, waved off another when the bartender approached, and picked up his keys.
"Going to run off without saying goodbye again?"
Suddenly, that warm grin found his face again, as he turned around and found himself looking at the most beautiful girl in the world.. "Didn't I just talk to you on the phone?"
"Misty smiled and said. "Yeah, I was standing outside while we were talking. Didn't want to spoil the surprise."
"Well, you got me. I'm truly surprised, pleasantly so."
She reached down and took his hand. It's been well over a year. I've never said a word about us, since that last day on the moon. I'm telling you now, that I still feel the same. What do you think about that Chet Garner?"
Chet squeezed her hand and answered. "I think we should find a preacher to marry us, then move you into my apartment tomorrow."
"She kissed him, then said. "I've got a better idea. Let's go to your apartment tonight, and get married tomorrow.
He smiled, took her into his arms, and whispered. "Like I told the President. You're a real bright girl."

The End.

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Thank You very much, dear mate for this new thriller story where You displayed once more bothy a writing ability and a sharp and fitting illustration capability.

As You may possibly read in one of my early discreet answer (I didn't want to spoil the suspence in case), I'm not particularly surprised about the main guilty. There was the fact that Mrs. Kerrigan seemed to know more than any leakege would allow, that she had also exactly the chess piece the Knight distributed (and it certainly wasn't among the police stored evidences, otherwise Chet would have discovered, and that was a very tight secret). Moreover she could have had a great interest to set up a serial killing case on the moon, which would have made a huge resonance home due to the limited population it interested, thus the formidable threat it posed. Whatever the events would have rolled out later (more or less driven by her), she would have had anyway a century scoop, especially if she would have ultimately had the executioner (an old chapter showed that a lady and the killer had a strange link), and maybe Chet too, killed.
Obviously she was nr. 1 suspect, but not the only one. Another possibility could have been Misty's mother, to get free of a possible feminine competitor and of his cop husband, the only killed man I understood, therefore concealing these targets and her plot behind a serial killer case, which would have then finished his trail and would have been nevere discovered (as it happens not so rarely). To this purpose he might have used a guy psychologically caged by her sex-appeal.
Finally, Misty too could have had the idea to kill, by means of a boyfriend or someone willing to be so, some girls she probably had serious heart disputes (or else) with, including her good friend, killed while dressing like her, so as to avoid suspects. She might have also ordered the murder of her father discovering it all.

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Caesar, as you surmised, I had at least 3 possible badguy/girl partners for the Knight. It really wasn't until the last couple of chapters that I settled on Rita. She was the leading candidate, but I was open to one of the others.
Thanks so much for your interest in the story, and for your support. Much appreciated. :) :)

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Brilliant dear Mike:):)

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Brilliant dear Mike:):)

Dear Amanda, thank you very much. Your support is deeply appreciated. :) :)