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Painting is of Misty Riley, the daughter of the cop that was killed by the Knight, and a central character in this chapter.

Chapter 15

For the rest of the day and evening, Chet spent his time walking and sitting in isolated areas that would make good ambush spots. His hope was that the Knight, being filled with rage after the press conference, would respond to the challenge and try to kill him. Such was not to be the case on this day. Finally, about ten p.m., he decided to call it a day.
He had just opened the door no more than a few inches, when he stopped and pulled his phazer out of it's holster. An unexpected sound from inside his apartment had alerted his well trained ears. Quickly, he slipped into the dark apartment and closed to door to keep from silhouetting himself against the light in the hallway. He stood still and listened, as he allowed his eyes to adjust to the dark.

After no movement was detected after several minutes, Chet removed his shoes, and slowly began to work his way thru the apartment. When he entered the hallway, he saw light at the bottom of the bathroom door. The sound he had heard when he first entered the apartment, was the sound of his shower running.
Chet Garner was too old a dog to be snagged by a simple trap. He knew the Knight could easily have turned on the shower to lure him into the well lit bathroom, where he would be an easy target from a hiding spot in the darkness. As he moved to the bathroom door, he tried to remember what locations in that hallwaymight provide the best possible hiding places for the Knight.

Pressing his back against the wall next to the door, Chet closed his eyes to guard against losing his night vision when he opened the door. Then, when his hand found the door knob, he eased it open just enough to allow his fingers to find the switch next to the door, and flip the bathroom light off. As the light flipped off, he moved into the doorway, and dropped to the floor to guard against a blind shot from the Knight.
What he had not anticipated when he flipped off the lights, was the yell from the startled female occupant in the shower. Who was this occupant, and why was she in his shower? Was she the bait to lure him into the Knight's trap? Why else should she be in there, and how did she get in?
He heard the water being turned off in the shower, then the sound of the shower door being opened. With one hand, he flipped the door closed behind him, while using the other hand to flip on the lights. Much to his amazement, he saw a dripping wet Misty Riley stepping out of the shower. She froze in what appeared to be momentary fear, then seemed to relax a bit when she realized who was in the room with her. There was no embarrassed rush to find something to cover her body. She simply stood with a small smile on her face staring at Chet.
Chet reached over, picked up a bath towel, and tossed it to her. "Here. Your presence here brings questions to mind, but right now you probably should dry off."
Catching the towel with one hand, she smiled and said, "Thanks. Most guys would not have been in a big hurry to give me something to cover up with."
"On most days, I would have been one of them," he answered. "However, today, staying alive is my most dominant urge. I'll go make some coffee while you finish toweling off."
"Sure you don't want to stay and watch?," she teased.
His only answer was a smile, as he walked out the door and headed for the kitchen.
Five minutes later, she came into the kitchen, still wrapped in the towel, and sat down at the table. Pouring her a cup of coffee, Chet asked. "Now if you don't mind, what are you doing in my apartment?"
After taking a sip from her cup, she first looked at the wall, then turned to face him. "I had to leave home. I just couldn't take it anymore. You know from her own statements that she has slept around a lot. It's been almost a daily thing since Daddy was killed. Lately, she has been bringing them home with her. As you can imagine, that's sometimes awkward, at least for me."
"Yeah, I can well imagine."
She stopped long enough to take a few more sips of coffee, then continued. "Se's been sleeping with her boss for years. He would sometimes bring her home from work when daddy was working. It was pretty obvious that he had the hots for me for quite a while. His eyes were really creepy." Misty seemed to reach down and grab some inner strength before she continued. "Apparently, there is a high paying job open at Mom's work, and she really wants it. She hesitated, "She... uh..." Then she said with determination, "No way to sugar coat it, she tried to use me as a bargaining chip to get that job." She stared at Chet. "Mr. Garner, I don't claim to be innocent, but I'm not about to put up with that, especially from my own mother. I couldn't live there anymore, and because of the Knight stalking me, I didn't want to put my friends in danger by asking them to take me in. So, I thought about you."

He let out a small chuckle. "Some folks would say that's like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. Still, I'm glad you had sense enough to get out of that situation. Now, how did you manage to get into my apartment?"
Misty grinned and winked. "I told the superintendent that I was your niece. I told him that I just came in on the last supply shuttle, and that I wanted to surprise you. So, he opened the door for me."
"Well," he replied. "Looks like I'm going to have to have a talk with the building superintendent."
"Why?" she teased. "Don't you like coming home and finding pretty young women in your shower?"
He walked over and dumped his cold coffee into the sink and rinsed out the cup. "Normally, I'm in favor of it. However, until I stop the Knight, I can't be sure that a girl in my shower might turn out to be a trap set by him." Pointing to her half empty coffee cup, he asked. "You finished with that coffee?" When she nodded that she was, he picked it up and headed for the sink. "Go get dressed. I'm going to take you somewhere where you can stay the night."
Misty stood up and asked. "Why can't I stay here?"
"For a number of reasons. The largest of which, is that I have made myself a target for the Knight. You could get killed by accident, just being around me."
"Well," she responded. "He's after me too. Maybe I'm safer with you around to protect me. Did you think of that?"
After considering her question for a couple of seconds, he said. "That's a point. No doubt about it. Still, right now, I need time to think on it. I think I know a safe place for you tonight. Then we will try and figure out a safe place for you to go and stay until the Knight is caught or killed."
She stuck out her tongue at him. "I still think this is the best place for me to stay."
"Get going. Get dressed now," was his only response.

An hour and a half later, he knocked on Brianna's door. He had called ahead and told her the story, so she was up. Brianna opened the door promptly and motioned for them to come in. "Well, the guy and gals at the station will never believe this one. Chet Garner bringing over a pretty young girl to stay with me instead of keeping her at his place. Will wonders never cease?"
"Yeah..yeah..yeah... Look Brianna, I have neither the time, nor the temperament tonight to go thru this banter. I appreciate your taking her in. I'll try and find some place else for her to stay. In the meantime, I'm beat, and I'm sure you are too. I'll talk to you tomorrow." Turning to Misty, he said, "Goodnight Misty," then walked out the door and closed it behind him.

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Here's a girl to watch or watch over then ... :rolleyes: The story goes on with Your pleasantly fluid narration and through amusing dialogues where each character correctly play his/ her role consistently.
You made a great work on painting this character portrait, which looks pretty much in line to what I could imagine her to look like, but also express her being quite naughty and provocative notwithstanding her immature age. She probably wasn't exposed to the best environment to grow up most wisely.:(:D

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Thanks a lot Caesar. Very much appreciated. :) :)

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the plot thickens, a great read Barnburner:)

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the plot thickens, a great read Barnburner:)

Katie, your comments and support are very much appreciated. You are a treasure. :) :) :)

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Man, that's a read. I didn't read any of the chapters yet, but it's definitely something, what I have to do in this weekend. All 16 chapters. I must say, nicely put the whole stuff as first impression. ...Now to lecture!

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Man, that's a read. I didn't read any of the chapters yet, but it's definitely something, what I have to do in this weekend. All 16 chapters. I must say, nicely put the whole stuff as first impression. ...Now to lecture!

Well, I'm very happy that you are interested enough to read it, and I hope you enjoy the story. Thank you very much. :) :)

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Barney, great great story and I agree with Caesar, your painting is so suited for the character:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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Barney, great great story and I agree with Caesar, your painting is so suited for the character:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Dear Pat, I am so glad to hear that. I was hoping that I would be able to convey the youth and attitude of Misty, but had my doubts that it would happen. Apparently, I succeeded to some degree. Thank you so much. :) :) :)