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Had this up for a few minutes last night, then spotted a few major gaffs when I looked at this this morning that had to be corrected.

Chapter 11

When he arrived back in the office, Chet found a note requesting him to meet with the Governor in his office on Station Three. A quick call to Pete Robbins produced no information as to what Governor Perry wanted to see him about. After spending a few minutes getting his notes organized from the meeting with the Riley women, he headed for the hi speed transit facility.
On arrival at the Governor's office, the secretary noticed her boss that Chet was there, and after a wait of less than ten minutes, he was ushered in to see Governor Perry.
"Thanks for getting over here so quickly Chet," Perry said. "I hope our little disagreement has been forgotten. I tend to get worked up and shoot off my mouth, but ten minutes later, I'm over it. So if I offended you, please accept my apology."
In Chet's estimation, this was pure political bs. Dean Perry had not forgotten anything, he was just making nice because he needed Garner. When the time was right, Perry would again turn vengeful. Still, Chet decided there was nothing wrong with playing along with the illusion. "No problem Governor. I only pay attention to criticism from those who are qualified to judge what I do."
For just a couple of seconds, Perry's eyes glared, and his forehead turned red. Then, he reached for the glass on his desk. A couple of drinks of water seemed to help him regain his composure. "Let's get on with the reason I brought you here. Trey Beckman's wife is having a really difficult time getting over her experience. I'm playing Trey on a leave of absence for awhile. I need someone who can devote their full attention the job right now. I have appointed Brianna Briggs to take over his duties. Her number one priority will be to assist you in this investigation. I know you like working as a lone wolf, but we simply have got to get this killer behind bars and get him there fast. That means we need all the help you can get. Are you familiar with Brianna?"
"I've never met her, but she has a reputation of being a successful investigator."
"Yes, she does," the Governor replied. "I expect the two of you to find a way to work together, and get this killer off our streets quickly. If not, be assured that I will use all the political muscle I have to get the President to call you home. Understood?"
Chet smiled. "I'm not sure why you think that I would consider that to be a bad thing. Coming here was not exactly my idea. Still, I promised the President that I would do my best to stop this killer, and I will keep my word to her. So, where do I find Miss Briggs?"
Signaling that the meeting was over, Perry stood up. "Second floor, office five."

Assuming the Governor would call Brianna's secretary to be sure that Chet showed up, Chet left the building, and found a small cafe just a couple of blocks down the street. Knowing the Governor's blood pressure would soon be boiling over his failure to show up immediately, Chet enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee. His enjoyment in making the Governor sweat, was intensified by doing some serious girl watching from his window table.
Forty five minutes later, Miss Brigg's secretary pointed to Brianna's door, and instructed him to go on in. As he had told the Governor, he was familiar with her reputation as an investigator. He had also heard that she was a looker. That said, he was not prepared for the visual impression he got when he walked into the room. Brianna Briggs had long flaming red hair, a pretty face, with big emerald green eyes, and large red lips. She also had curves to compliment her curves.
"Inspector Garner, I presume?"
Chet smiled and answered. "Guilty as charged. Glad to meet you Miss Briggs."
She gave him a skeptical glance. "Right. I'm quite familiar with your reputation Mr. Garner, and I'm pretty sure that you are more than a little ticked off over being forced to work with me."
He smiled and shooked her hand. "As I said, guilty as charged. Still, if it has to be someone, it could have been worse. I could have been stuck with someone that was both stupid and ugly."
There was a hint of a smile on her face, but her eyes were hard. "Yes, you could have. Look, this arrangement is, what it is. Best thing we can do is make it work. Agreed Mr. Garner?"
"Agreed," he replied. "First order of business. Can we drop the Mr. Garner and Miss Briggs?"
"Done," she responded. "Have you had lunch yet Chet? The cafeteria downstairs has pretty good pizza. Why don't I have some sent up, and you can bring me up to speed on this case while we eat?"
"Works for me." he responded.
As Chet and Brianna went over the history of the 'Knight's' murders, and traded ideas and theories over the course of the afternoon, had no idea of the Knight's activities earlier that day.

At approximately two thirty that very same morning, the 'Knight' had slipped into the Riley home. Gaining access had been quite simple. One day as he was following Misty, she was with some friends in a video game arcade. With everyone 's attention focused on the game, it was quite easy for him to pick up her keys, and make a quick imprint of the three keys she carried. That evening, he made duplicates keys. When he arrived at the Riley house this morning, the second key he tried, proved to be the one he needed.
Wearing night vision goggles over his clown mask, he moved thru the house quietly until he found Misty's bedroom. Slipping into her room, he picked up a chair that was sitting by the wall, and moved it next to her bed. Gently, he pulled back the sheet covering her, then sat down in the chair. For a good hour, he sat and stared at her, marveling at her beauty.
Then finally, he eased the sheet back over her exciting body, and whispered softly. "Not tonight sweetheart. This is not the right night, but have no fear. We will have our night soon." After moving the chair back to it's original location, he slipped out of the house and left.
Misty Riley slept through the night and woke up, never knowing how close she had been to death.

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Well, I think should anyone slect its own investigator, I'd say Brianna would be among the one I'd choose to be investigated by ... ;) Flaming illustration and one more good chapter to read.

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Well, I think should anyone slect its own investigator, I'd say Brianna would be among the one I'd choose to be investigated by ... ;) Flaming illustration and one more good chapter to read.

:D Thanks a lot Caesar. Glad you liked Brianna, and the story. :) :)

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BB.. love Brianna also... nice illustation... this line made me laugh right out loud " I only pay attention to criticism from those who are qualified to judge what I do.""... a perfect remark for Chet...

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Looks good, Mike, putting this one aside until I have my cuppa and will enjoy reading while I drink :D

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Gary - Thanks a lot. Actually, I borrowed that line from myself. I used it one day when a supervisor from another department was trying to tell me how I should run my department. :D :D

Jean - Thank you very much. Truly appreciate. :) :)