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The picture is of Rita Kerrigan, the reporter in the story.
Chapter 9

After leaving Rita's place, Chet contacted Pete Robbins, and told him that he needed to meet with him, the Governor, and Trey Beckman just as soon as possible. When Robbins inquired as to his reasoning, he simply replied, "This thing is going public tomorrow. Do you want to know about it before hand or not?"
Following a few seconds of silence, Robbins replied, "Come on to the office. I'll have a time for the meeting by the time you get here."
When Chet walked into the office, Pete Robbins was waiting for him. "Come on, they are waiting for us." The Governor's secretary directed them to the conference room, where they found Governor Perry and Trey Beckman waiting for them.
Pointing to the conference table, Governor Perry spoke up. "Have a seat." Looking directly at Chet, he asked, "Now, is it true that the news about this serial killer is going public today, and if so, why, and who is doing this?"
Chet recounted his original plea to Rita Kerrigan to hold off breaking the story, and her agreement to delay it for a little while. Then, he told them about the 'Knight' showing up at her home and his threat to kill someone within twenty four hours if she did not go public with the story tomorrow morning.
As he listened to Chet's story, the Governor had jotted down some notes. Now, he sat staring at those notes for nearly a full minute, as the three men assembled around the table waited on his reaction. Finally he raised his head and stared at the bearer of this bad news. "Garner, do you understand the full impact of this news? When the news comes out about this serial killer, and our inability to stop him, my political enemies will use it against me at every opportunity. My political future will be over."
When Chet didn't answer, the Governor spoke again. "Have you nothing to say?" Chet's eyes met Governor Perry's dead on, as he responded. "Governor, I'm a cop. I'm sure this puts you in a difficult situation politically. However, I don't make political assessments, nor do I consider them in the course of my job. I'm here to try and stop this killer. I leave the political problems to the people who are qualified to handle them."
Dean Perry let out a quiet grunt, then inquired. "Look, can't you take another run at trying to talk Ms Kerrigan into holding off for awhile on this story? You talked her into it once, perhaps you can again. According to what I hear, you are pretty persuasive with the ladies."
"Governor, the 'Knight' has placed the burden of a human life on Rita Kerrigan's shoulders. Nothing I can say is going to get her to stay quiet when she knows someone will die because of her silence." Leaning back in his chair, he continued. "Let me put it this way. If you were in Rita's shoes, would you let anyone talk you into staying quiet, knowing that your actions would lead to someone's murder?"
Obviously preferring to not be involved in this part of the discussion, both Robbins and Beckman suddenly focused on the blank note pads in front of them. Governor Perry's eyes turned ice cold as he ripped his sheet of notes off the pad and threw them into the waste can. "Point taken Mr. Garner. It seems this meeting is over. However, be advised. I remember those who help me, but, I really remember those who don't."
As they pushed their chairs back and stood up, Robbins saw the look in Chet's eyes, and whispered an emphatic, "NO!" Garner smiled in return and addressed Governor Perry. "Governor, if you thought even for a minute, that I gave a damn about your little threat, you were badly mistaken. Now, I've got a murder to catch. Good day sir."
Both Robbins and Beckman hurried him out the door before anything else could be said. "Trey had a wry smile on his face. "Man, you are living up to your reputation. Look, the Governor was out of line. He's a politician, and politics are the first thing they think about. When he cools down, I assure you that he will realize that Rita Kerrigan is doing the right thing. Regardless, I remain committed to doing anything I can to help you find and catch this killer. Just let me know what you need."

Rita's press conference was carried live at 1000 the next morning. Representatives of all forms of media, both on the moon, and from earth were in attendance. As Chet watched and listened, he had to give her credit. Being in such a difficult situation, she certainly had every right to forget about her promise to Chet and simply tell everything she knew. Instead, she simply fulfilled the minimum required from her by the killer.
Just as she was about to end the press conference, Chet's communicator went off. The call was coded "life or death." When he answered, the voice said, "Inspector, this is 'The Knight'. Unless you want this woman in my customdy to die, I suggest you give this to Rita Kerrigan at this very moment." Something in the caller's voice told him that this was no joke. Quickly he stepped up and handed his communicator to Rita. "It's him. He wants to talk to you, and he has a hostage."
She took a quick breath and spoke into the communicator. "This is Rita Kerrigan."
"No kidding," came his response. "You think I don't recognize your voice? Now, get this. In anticipation that you might go back on our deal, I have a woman at my feet that I was prepared to kill. Your press conference has spared her life - IF - you plug your communicator into the audio so everyone can hear me."
A look of panic crossed her face, as she attempted to stall. "Listen, it takes some time to make that happen. Just give us a few minutes."
"Wrong!" His angry voice responded. "I'm not a fool. It' takes ten seconds to do what I asked you to do. That's just how long this woman has to live."
Ten seconds later, his voice was being heard by people all over the lunar colony, and by the people on earth. "Good morning everyone! I am 'The Knight'. Yes, I am the evil man that Rita Kerrigan just told you about. As she related, the responsibility for the murders she told you about, belongs to me. But, have no fear, there are more to come. When I have the longest list of victims in serial killer history to my name, I will simply retire and savor my accomplishment. The authorities are powerless to stop me, and I will not be caught. Even the renowned Chet Garner is helpless in this matter. Somehow I feel it is only fair that I warn everyone to take all precautions. Lock your doors and windows. Avoid going anywhere alone. If you don't have a weapon, by all means get one, heck, get two." He let out a laugh, and said, "All of that will make no difference. Nothing will stop me, but maybe it will make you feel safe, at least until you become my victim of course. Now, I have a woman tied up at my feet. Had Rita chosen to not make this announcement, this woman would now be dead. Being a man of my word, I am going to let her live. Maybe I'll return tomorrow and finish the job, but at the very least, she can look forward to the rest of the day. She would be well advised to be thankful for my kindness and generosity. The address of this woman's house will be sent to Inspector Garner within the hour. I figured he might as well do something to earn his money. So, to all of you, remember this, 'Beware the Knight!'
A half hour later, the address flashed onto Chet's communicator. A quick check revealed the identity of the woman. Rita, Pete Robbins, and Trey Beckman were standing around his desk. Chet grabbed Trey by the arm and said, "Trey, I'm sorry, but it's your wife."
Luckily, when they arrived, Trey's wife Brenda, was other than being scared to death, all right. "I've never been so terrified in my life," she said. "While we waited for the conference to start, he kept telling me exactly how he was going to kill me." She pushed her face into Trey's chest and sobbed, "I prayed that I would have a heart attack and die, so I wouldn't have to endure what he intended."
A few minutes later, Trey turned Brenda over to the doctor to be sure she was all right and to get a sedative. Then he stepped outside the house where the police were trying to keep back the hundreds of spectators in the street. Walking over to where Chet and Pete stood, Trey shook their hands, and said, "She's going to be all right. I'm going to have security people with her at all times, just in case he was serious about coming back." Looking straight at Chet, he asked. "Question is, what do we do now?"
Looking over at the mob of people in the street, Chet replied in a very frustrated tone of voice. "I wish I knew."

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man this is getting intense :eek:..:cool::cool::cool::cool: what a turn of events!... great job BB...

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Jut in case your going to print this I will point out a small spelling error:

I've never been so terrified if ?? my life

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Jut in case your going to print this I will point out a small spelling error:

I've never been so terrified if ?? my life

Yeah, I will publish it in ebook form when I'm done.
Thanks - I appreciate it. :):)

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man this is getting intense :eek:..:cool::cool::cool::cool: what a turn of events!... great job BB...

Thanks a lot Gary. I do appreciate your interest. :):):)

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great job Barney. I like the portrait of Rita as well.

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A great portrait dear Mike:):)

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Good portrait Barnburner as well as a great story:)

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Screenpainter - Thanks a lot. :):)
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All of your kind comments are truly appreciated. :):)

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Barney, you are really on fire, great, great job, writer, and artist, what more could you ask for:):):):)

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Barney, you are really on fire, great, great job, writer, and artist, what more could you ask for:):):):)

Well, let's see.
1. A private concert from Barbara Streisand.
2. Discover a half dozen books by Charles Kuralt that had never been published.
3. Go back in time and watch Maureen O'Hara clean the house - in the nude.
4. Go fishing with Meryl Streep
5. Have the power to have the 17 Medals Of Honor awarded to the troops at the Wounded Knee Massacre, revoked.
6. A return to a time when movies were defined as "great", not because of special effects, but, because of great writing and great acting.
7. An evening with Mark Twain.
8. Discover three seasons of unreleased shows of "The Waltons".
9. A chance to ask William Barret Travis, "What were you thinking?"
10. Return to Switzerland and have a bananna split at the little hotel in a small town where we stayed one night. This was dessert mind you. It was served on what might have been used as a turkey platter. You could have fed an entire family on one of them. It was delicious all by itself, but, then,......it was smothered by genuine Swiss chocolate....mmmmmmmmmmmmm

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That is quite a list dear Barney, enjoyed reading it, love to try that bannana split, sounds yummy:D:D:D:D:D

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Well, we'll live to see how it ends up ... at least we should, since we're not on the Moon colony or, anyway I would be rather on the European settlement. :D So far I cannot exclude suspects I have about involved people, although a quite faint and almost evidenceless one ...

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Pat - Thanks so much. And, yes, myself, my wife, and my son all agree that we have never had anything quite so wonderful as those gigantic swiss chocolate covered bananna splits! :D :D

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