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No Redemption

They strapped him to the chair. His mouth was tapped shut. His head hurt. Blured vision slowly came clear. His wife was sitting across from him. Slowly he realizes there was a man standing behind her holding a double barrel shot gun. He struggles. She wines out with tears of fear rolling down her face. No good the knots were to strong.

He notices his daughters lifeless body laying on the foor in a dark corner behind his wife. Her dress was torn. Blood flowing across the floor. He growls in rage struggling again and yet again the knots held dispite his wrath.

The thundorous sound of a double barrel shot gun grabs his attention just in time to see his wife flop over with half her head missing. Smoke was riseing from the shotgun.

He watched as they poured gass all around the house he had worked so hard to build with his own two hands. Now everything was gone. He struggled again and yet again his knots held him prisioner. A match was struck and lit the darkroom.

Now the whole world was ablaze in a flash. The door slams as his uninvited guest left without saying a word. Choking smoke and poisionous fumes filled the room as he began to accept his fate. What horable fate. Why? What had brought this ill fortune uphon him?

Now the smell of his own body burnning filled his nose as his clothes began to burn. The pain. He yells. He crys. The knots loosen as the fire weakens them.

Freedom? Freedom?

He hurries over to his dauthers body and carries her out of the hungry flames. Then he looks back to see his home collapse on what was left of his wife. All that would be left the next morning to burry would be charded bones and the body of his only child.

Two graves were dug at dawn with burnt hands. He collapsed.

chapter two.

He woke up screaming. The pain was to great. He drifted back into oblivian.

He woke again. This time his pain was less but still he was too weak to stand. An old man walked up to him and offered him something to drink. The drink was bitter and had a terable taste. He drank it dispite the offience it offered.

The next day he sat up and noticed that he felt almost no pain. He stood up and looked around him. The old man was tending to a gentle fire in the fireplace. The old man motioned him over and offered him some more tea.

The old man began to tell him a story. The story was about a boy who had survived his family being attacked in a simular way and almost died in a fire just as he had. The old man continued discribing his recovery and his trainning. The boy later became a man verry skilled in the art of killing. His killing has purpose. He would kill those who had dark souls. The old man continued to explain how the boy who later became a man now was an old man and unable to continue his adventure and would now pass alone his knolage and skills so that his legacy would continue.

The old man said that anyone could kill but to kill with purpose and wisdom... now that is why to kill. So the training begins.


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