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In the painting, the famous reporter, Rita Kerrigan has been granted permission to go out of the protected Station and report on the progress of the drilling team, that is in search of minerals under the lunar surface.

Chapter 6

The Knight's heart was beating fast with excitement as he followed the girl in the darkness. He knew where she was going, for he had been following her for two weeks. Her name was Diane. She was a nineteen year old college student, and, she was having an affair with one of her professors, whose wife had returned to earth to attend to her dying mother. Each night Diane took advantage of the night to sneak over to his house for their illicit rendezvous.
Once he was assured that she was indeed going to her lover's place again, he took advantage of using the shorter, well lit areas, to get there ahead of her. When Diane arrived and knocked on the door, he was hiding in the shadows of the bushes by the door.
The professor opened the door, looked quickly around to be sure nobody was watching, then motioned for her to come in. When she stepped inside, the Knight followed quickly as he left the bushes and slipped inside. The fifty year old professor stared in shock as he saw the phazer pointed at his head. He never knew when it killed him.
Closing the door behind him, her follower looked at the beautiful young Diane. "I know what you came here for. It seems your lover is unable to perform tonight. But, don't worry. I will take over for him. "
Diane tried to run to the back door, but he caught her and pulled her to the bedroom and pushed her down onto the bed. Looking into her terrified eyes, he smiled. "Relax. Look at it this way. You won't have to go to class tomorrow... or ever, actually."
Later, he pulled Diane's body over by the door, and dumped her on top of the professor. With a smile on his face, he then dropped a computer generated note on top of Diane's body. Then, as he had done in the other three killings, he placed a wooden 'Knight' chess piece on the floor beside his victims.

A little after midnight, he followed the same procedure as he had used for all the other killings. He knocked on her door, and stepped in. He saw her get excited as she looked into his eyes. "You did it, didn't you? You killed them both?, she asked.
"Both of them," he replied with pride.
With her eyes burning with passion, she untied her robe and threw it on the couch, then stood proudly, letting him look at her beautiful naked body. As she had done with the other killings, she took him by the hand and said, "Come on to bed. I want you to tell me every little detail of how you did it, and how they reacted. Tell me everything while you make love to me the way you did that girl."

The waitress had just brought Chet Garner's order of biscuits and gravy to his table, when his communicator went off. The voice belonged to Pete Robbins. "Garner, get your butt over to 105 Midway right now."
"Pete, they just now set my breakfast down on my table. I'll be there as soon as I eat."
"Pete Robbins voice raised significantly. "No, you will leave NOW! There's been another killing, and you are involved. Now get moving. I'm waiting."
After tossing down two quick gulps of coffee, Chet threw money down on the table for the breakfast, and followed the directions on his communicator to the address Pete had given him. The house was crawling with security personnel. Pete Robbins met him at the door. He handed Garner the note from the killer and said, "Well Chet, looks like these people have paid the price for your hot dog reputation. Wonder how the President will feel about sending you up here after she reads about this?"
The note read, "Welcome to the moon, Investigator Garner. It seemed to me, that the arrival of the famous Chet Garner warranted more than just an ordinary killing. Therefore, I have honored you with the gifts of the deaths of this lecherous professor, and this naughty desirable girl, whom I enjoyed immensely. Even the celebrated Chet Garner cannot catch me, but please joust with me anyway."
The note was signed, "The Knight of Terror."
As Garner read the killer's words, a huge knot formed in his stomach, and he had trouble breathing. Handing the note back to Robbins, he hurried outside to get some air. After a minute of controlled breathing exercises, he was able to go back in and go to work.
Looking at Robbins, he said, "I suppose as in the other killings, there were no fingerprints or dna evidence to work with.
"That's correct," Pete answered. This is not some out of control maniac. He knows what he's doing, and makes sure he leaves nothing in the way of clues or evidence to tie him to the killings."
After fifteen minutes of examining the bodies, and the inside of the house, Chet looked at Pete Robbins. "How did we find out about the killings?
"We got an anonymous call. Non traceable, and the voice was disguised by use of some sort of electronic device."
"What do we know about the victims,? Chet asked.
"Not a lot so far," came back Robbin's answer. "The girl is a nineteen year old student at the University by the name of Diane Molina. Her parents live on Station 3. Officers are enroute as we speak, to notify them. The man is a fifty year old professor at the college by the name of Richard Franklin. We haven't confirmed it yet, but it seems likely that she was one of his students. His wife returned to earth on some family matter a month ago on some family matter. According to our anonymous caller, the two victims had been having an affair in the wife's absence. While that has not yet been proven to be factual, one of the neighbors says that she has noticed the girl coming over on several occasions. Every visit that the neighbor was aware of, took place at night."
Chet took one last look around the scene then spoke to Robbins. "Pete, will you have a couple of agents do some background work on the victims for me? I could do it, but if you can spare the people, it will save time, and I have a feeling that we have no time to spare before this 'Knight' strikes again. After Pete agreed to have the background work done, Chet continued. "I'm going to go over to the University and speak to the Dean, and see what I can learn there."
The Dean of the University turned out to be a Mrs. Marcia Hodge. Her secretary informed Chet that she was in a meeting and would be free in a few minutes. Following the secretary's advice, he helped himself to a cup of coffee, and took a seat outside the office as he waited for the Dean to be available. Under normal circumstances, it would have been a nice way to kill some time, as it provided him an opportunity to check out a lot of very good looking female students as they walked by. Girl watching, normally a very pleasant past time, had little pleasure on this day for him, with the memory of Diane Molina's body still fresh in his mind. The words from the killer's note, attempting in a twisted manner, to place the blame on Chet's arrival, only added to his feeling of frustration, and to a degree, guilt.
His visit with the Dean was short, but proved to be productive. As he walked out of the University, Chet called Pete Robbins. "Looks like the killer's allegation was correct. We went thru the records, and Diane's grades had consistently been on the edge of failing. Almost immediately after the date of the professor's wife leaving to return to earth, Diane's grades suddenly became among the best in the class. Looks like she found a more productive form of homework than studying."
He only caught half of Pete's response, as he was distracted by a girl in a very short skirt walking by. "Uh, look Pete, there must be some solar flares or something, I'm having trouble hearing you. Look, if you will recall, I didn't get to eat breakfast, so I'm going to run by my apartment and get my thoughts down on paper while they are still fresh. Then I'm going to get something to eat. I'll either be in, or call you, after that."

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A very nice suit she is wearing Mike!:eek::D Great work dear friend!!!

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And the suit really fits her snuggly, great story once again Barnburner:)

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