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The painting is of one of the moon pioneers staring out the portal, looking back at the planet earth, wondering if she will ever return.

Chapter 4
When the alarm went off, Chet groaned. It didn't seem possible that it was already time to get up. After he got his eyes focused, he leaned over and kissed Eva's lips, then playfully slapped her bare bottom. "Come on, it's time to get up." When she tried to resist his efforts to wake her, he picked her up, carried her to the shower, set her down, and turned the cold water on full blast. Eva's screams pierced the air as she called Chet everything in the book, and a few things that he wasn't sure he had heard before.
An hour later, they went in search of a place to eat breakfast. Two blocks down, they found a likely place and went in. The food proved to be quite good, and the coffee even better.
As they were preparing to leave, Eva asked, "Would you like for me to come over tonight?"
Chet kissed her lips. "Are you kidding me?" Another night like last night, and I'll have to make funeral arrangements. I'll call you in ten or twenty years when I have recovered." When she wrinkled her nose up at him, he added, "Well, maybe not quite that long, but damn sure not tonight!"
She laughed, gave him a quick kiss, and said, "I'll be waiting for your call."
With his eyes following her closely as she headed for the door, he silently said, "If I can find the strength."
Back in his apartment, Chet went over his notes from the previous day's briefing. He waited another forty five minutes, then took the fast transit vehicle to Station 3. The two hundred miles to Station 3 passed by in a blur, scarcely giving him time to get settled in.
After dismounting from the vehicle, he decided to look around a bit. He was arriving Station 3 well ahead of time for his meeting with the Governor, but he was anxious to looks around and familiarize himself to the new surroundings. Perhaps, a closer examination would reveal more, but just from walking the streets, Station 3 seemed to be almost a mirror image of Station 1.
As he leisurely crossed a busy intersection on a red light, he thought, "This is quite a change from just a few years ago." No longer did pedestrians have to fear for their lives as they rushed to get to the opposite sidewalk in fear that someone might run the red light and hit them. Now, when the light turned red at all intersections, some sort of tractor beam held every vehicle in place until the last pedestrian was clear.
Four blocks to the west, he found a beautiful river flowing right down the middle of the downtown area. As Chet recalled, the Governor of the moon colony had been given the job based largely on being the idea man on at least two key projects.

He had dared to attempt the impossible, and ended up with the process that produced the water that made everyday life on the moon possible.

Perry had also been a big force in coming up with the ability to produce earth like gravity inside the protective covers of the three lunar stations.

The clock showed ten minutes to ten when Chet entered the office where the Governor's secretary worked. Standing by her desk was a man who looked to be in his mid thirties, with light brown hair worn in a crew cut. He was wearing a suit and tie, and appeared to be about six feet tall. Garner guessed that he would weigh in around one hundred and eighty pounds. The man with the crew cut looked up as he saw Chet approach. "You would be Chet Garner."
"Yes, I would be. Have we met?"
He laughed and replied, "I'm Trey Beckman. No, we haven't met, but I saw your picture going through your background file."
Just then, the Governor's voice came across and informed his secretary that he was ready to see Garner and Beckman. Governor Perry was standing in front of his desk when they walked into the room. "Come on in. Good to meet you Mr. Garner. I see you have met Trey already."
"Yes, Governor. We just shook hands in the outer office."
The Governor walked around and sat down in his chair. "Go ahead and have a seat. Inside the office, you can forget the formalities. My name is Pete. I trust you don't mind being called Chet?"
Chet smiled. "That's better than what a lot of people call me."
"Well," answered the Governor, "we share that in common at least. We will have a get together soon and exchange stories. Right now, I'd like to get down to business. I just wanted to meet you and to reinforce the urgency needed to find and stop this serial killer. There are still a lot of people who would like to kill this colony project. They would use this serial killer thing to do a lot of damage to this project."
"Pete, I can well understand your concerns, but honestly, that's above my pay grade. My job is to simply find and arrest the killer, because he is killing people. That's all the reason I need."
Shaking his head to indicate that he understood, the Governor responded. "That's fine. However, I just wanted you to have an understanding of what was on the line here. After the initial enthusiasm died down, it has become harder and harder to find people that want to migrate to the lunar colony. Because of the difficulty in recruitment, and the expense involved in transporting people, I've concluded that the future of the colony is going to be dependent on increasing our population from within. We are drafting legislation now to substantially lower the marriage age as one step in the right direction. However, that's a long term solution. In the meantime, we need those immigrants from earth. If news gets out about a serial killer up here, we are going to have a very difficult time getting those people."
"Yes sir," Chet agreed. "I can see your problem. Like I said, "He's a killer. I'm a cop. That's all the reason I need."
Governor Perry didn't appear to be too pleased with Garner's reaction to his speech. "Be that as it may, if you run into any roadblocks, feel free to call Trey or myself. The full power of my office will be behind you. Now, I do have another meeting. Keep in touch."
Chet and Beckman shook hands with the Governor, then left his office. Once in the outer office, Beckman said, "Like he said, if you need any assistance, call me. We can open a lot of doors."
After offering his thanks, Chet opened the door and started down the hallway. He had taken no more than five steps when a woman's voice rang out.
"Chet Garner?"
When he turned around to see who was calling out his name, He saw Rita Kerrigan, the hotshot reporter for the Lunar news media. He had never met her, but he was well aware of her reputation. Rita was tall, about five foot ten, and built very well in proportion to her height. She had fairly long red hair and hazel eyes that conveyed intensity.
She walked up to him and stopped. "How about this? What is the number one Investigator doing on the moon, AND, coming out of the Governor's office? What's up?"
The word on Rita, was that once she got her teeth into a story, she wouldn't let go until she got the answers she was looking for. Hoping to dampen her reporter's instinct, he answered. "Well Rita, tell you the truth, I got my tail in a bit of trouble down below. Told the wrong big wheel to go to hell. I've been exiled to the moon to learn a bit of humility."
With her eyes dripping suspicion, she responded. "That you could say or do something to get in trouble, is not a newflash. You have a proven track record on that account. That doesn't explain why you were in the Governor's office."
He ducked his head a bit, then looked up. "Truth be told, I called in some favors to get the Governor to see me. I just wanted a chance to turn on the charm and see if I could worm my way into his good graces. It's shaping up like getting back to earth is not going to be easy, and I need some support with muscle on my behalf."
With her eyes focused on his like a lazer, in search of the truth, she replied. "From what they tell me, other than catching bad guys, charm is what you do best. Altho, I hear it's normally reserved for the female sex. Did you impress the Governor?"
"Well," he answered. "It didn't look that way to me. I kinda got the bum's rush out of there. Say, if you are free for lunch, perhaps you could join me? I don't know anything about the eating places around here, and I could use the help."
Rita eyed him closely. "I think you are just trying to convince me that there is no story in your being here. However, I'll play your game. Two blocks south of here is a place called Spillane's. I've got a couple of things to do. I'll meet you there about one this afternoon. The lunch crowd should have thinned out by then."
"Thanks Rita. I'll see you then."

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Barney, nice painting, going to read your story later as I have head cold and a little hard to concentrate right now:):):)

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character development is going smoothly..as is the plot....man this is GOOD!

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character development is going smoothly..as is the plot....man this is GOOD!

Gary, your kindness is very much appreciated. Thanks! :):)

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BarnB, sorry I havn't had time to read your story but I do like your painting!

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BarnB, sorry I havn't had time to read your story but I do like your painting!

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