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The very large almost transparent tube runs from one station to another. It provides protection for the fast transit transportation between the stations. Inside this one, you see the craft speeding across the moon surface toward station 2 at a speed that allows the two hundred miles to be covered in 15 minutes.
Chapter 3

After Brenda Sims returned to her duties in Pete Robbins office, Chet Garner set about closely examining the evidence on the three killings.
The first had taken place nearly two months ago on Station One. A twenty six year old woman had been the first victim. Her name was Jasmine Dirkson. When Jasmine failed to return from dumping her office trash can, one of her co-workers went looking, and much to her dismay, found her dead in the trash disposal room. Her clothes had been torn away, and she had been strangled to death..
A second murder had followed on Station Three almost three weeks later. This victim had been a thirty one year old American Security Force patrolman, by the name of James Riley. The killer had obviously changed the setting on his phaser pistol from "stun" to "kill" before he fired at Officer Riley from point blank range. Riley had been found laying face down on his back porch by his wife. Whether or not the killer knew that Riley was a law enforcement officer, was still to be determined.
Tina Caron had been killed only two weeks prior to Chet's being called to the White House to talk to the President. Tina was a nineteen year old medical student at the medical university on Station Two. While her roommate went into town to party, Tina chose to remain in her room to study. Her devotion to academic excellence proved costly. When her roommate returned the next morning after a night of heavy drinking, she found Tina naked on her bed. She had died from multiple stab wounds.
The background briefing Chet was reading stated that facts were still being compiled, but at this point, there was no known connection between the three victims. The only common factor was classified, and known only by those with a legitimate "need to know" in the area of law enforcement. Each victim had been found with their left ear lobe sliced off. The ear lobes had been removed after the death of the victim, and left on the ground next to the victim.
The amputations of the ear lobes pattern had been run thru the computers, but there was no record of it having been done before.
Using the voice module, Chet ordered some fresh coffee and four glazed donuts. The requested items were soon delivered by a young dark beauty with big dark eyes that caught his attention as soon as she walked in. Her name was Eva Fallon, and as she returned to her work station, she left Chet her communicator number, along with the information that she had nothing planned for the evening.
Chet gave that information due consideration as he consumed his coffee and donuts, then he turned back to the briefing. Before he could start reading again,he felt his communicator began to vibrate. Clicking the talk button, he said, "Yes? This is Chet Garner."
A crisp, business like voice responded. "Mr. Garner, this is Trey Beckman. I'm the Governor's Chief of Security. He would like to meet with us tomorrow morning. How does 1000 work for you?"
"Sure, 1000 is fine for me. I understand that the Governor moves from Station to Station. Where is he located now?"
"We are working out of the Station Three headquarters right now. Just catch one of the rapid transporters and you won't have any problems. When you get off at Station Three, just look for the tallest building around."
"I'll be there," Chet answered as he clicked the 'off' button. After going over all the information a second time, he decided to call it a day. Before leaving the building, he called Eva and gave her his room number. He suggested that if she would come by, they could then go out for dinner.
A couple of hours later, the exciting Eva showed up at his door, wearing a dress that made her look even better than she had earlier in the day. "Hi Eva. You are looking absolutely great, I must say."
She flashed her big dark eyes and answered, "Why thank you."
They stared silently into each other's eyes for a few seconds, then Chet asked the question. "Would you like to come in, or are you in a hurry to get something to eat?
She stepped inside and closed the door behind her. "We can eat tomorrow," she replied as she pressed her soft lips against his.

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Sounds like there are all the elements of an interesting read , Mike

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A most exciting story once again Barnburner, well done again :)

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You populated magnificently the moon with Your words and images!:cool:

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Jean - I appreciate your kind words. Thank you. :):)
Katie - I'm so glad you like it. :):)
Caesar - Much appreciated. :):)

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bb.. a great story..I am wondering...as these are so short are they templates for a longer version or are you writing short stories... are these a kind of writing practice?? just curious you know..:):):cool:

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bb.. a great story..I am wondering...as these are so short are they templates for a longer version or are you writing short stories... are these a kind of writing practice?? just curious you know..:):):cool:

Actually, it varies Gary. There is a character limit to each post here, so I can't take the chapters too long. At other times, it's just that I've filled what I wanted that particular chapter to say in preparation for another one.
This will be put together as a complete novel when I finish. Some of the content that will appear in the full novel is purposely left off here as certain language/descriptions might be uncomfortable for some, and I try not to offend anyone. Some of the chapters are a little longer, at my deviant arts page, and contain some of the content not posted here. As always when I finish the entire thing, I do a major edit, correction,deletion,and addition rework before I submit to Amazon and Smashwords.
(Then I resubmit it about three or four more times as I find more errors. :D:D ) Anyway, that's the story. Thanks for your kind words and your interest. Much appreciated Gary. :):):)