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The painting is of one of the many areas in the moon colony where residents can come and look out the portal at their former homeland - the planet Earth.

Chapter 2

When the audio module for his secretary lit up, Pete said, "Go ahead Brenda".
"Investigator Garner is here."
"Send him in, he answered as he tried to hide his aggravation.
In a few seconds, Chet Garner walked into the office. "Hello Pete. It's been awhile. How are you doing?"
Robbins stared at Garner and replied. "Not very good at the moment." Garner was six feet two, and according to his personnel file, weighed in at two hundred and ten pounds. "Chet, you look like you have been keeping in shape. That's good, for lord knows what you are going to run into on this case."
Without asking for permission, Chet pulled up a chair and sat down at the side of Pete's desk, instead of in front of it as would be customary. "Just what is this case anyway?" The President really didn't give me much information. Just told me to make it go away asap."
"Before we go into that, I want to set the record straight. You have a long history of operating as a wild card. You've managed to get away with it because you are an excellent investigator. That's not going to be enough this time around. When the FBI, the State and local police departments were disbanded and reorganized into the American Security Force, the idea was that past loyalties, and differences would be left behind, The President's idea was that we would become more effective by operating totally as a team and not be tripping over and fighting with each other because of the various organizational priorities. There is no room here for any investigator that's out to operate as a lone wolf. You will either work within the organization, or I'll do everything in my power to have you sent back to earth. You should know that I tried to prevent you from being sent here, but the President over ruled me."
Garner smiled. "Yeah, she told me. Look Pete, I don't care. If I was in your chair, I probably wouldn't want me coming up here either. Now, would somebody please tell me why in the hell I am here?"
"Well, it appears we have ourselves a serial killer. So far, we have had three killings that we have reason to believe were all committed by the same person. Thus far, the news media hasn't figured out that the killings are tied together, but if the murders continue, it's just a matter of time until they do.
"Did they all take place in the same station?"
Pete shook his head. "No. He pressed a button on the wall, and a three dimensional model of the moon appeared, showing the entire colony. As you know, in order to avoid the possibility of the entire colony being wiped out by some sort of disaster, it was divided into the three 'stations' you see here. Station One, where we are located, sits in the middle. Stations Two and Three are located two hundred miles away on each side of Station One. In order to avoid the appearance of any one station getting preferential treatment, the Governor has identical offices in each station, and moves from one to the other every three months. With the high speed transit we have developed, it's only a fifteen minute ride from one station to the next."
Flipping off the lunar image, he continued. "Thus far, we have one killing on each station. Why there has been only one in each place, I have no idea."
Chet considered that for a minute and said, "Perhaps to make a statement. To show us how powerful he is?"
Pete Robbins grimaced and said, "Yes, we have considered that of course. The question is, to what end is that power intended, and what can we expect next? That's why you are here. Figure it out, and catch this person before someone else dies. All of the information on each murder has been forwarded to your personal reader, but you might want to use Lab One, where it's programmed in a larger scale."
Focusing his eyes on the audio module for his secretary, he said, "Brenda."
"Yes sir?"
"Brenda, would you escort Investigator Garner down to Lab One and help him get situated? Make sure he has all the information he needs."
"Certainly sir." She responded.
Robbins stood, indicating that the meeting was over. "Keep me updated as to your progress."
Chet stood, ignored Pete's last instruction, and left the office. As he closed the door behind him, he heard Brenda's voice. "Mr. Garner?"
Brenda Sims was a short attractive blonde with a dazzling smile, and various other dazzling attributes. As she turned her chair to face Chet, his eyes went quickly to her skirt, which proved to be shorter than he had expected. He quickly decided that a short skirt should be mandatory for Brenda. Legs like hers should be showcased at every opportunity. She wore glasses, but he decided that they were probably just props, designed to make her look more professional.
"Mr. Garner, I'm Brenda Sims. If you will follow me?"
"Brenda, the name is Chet, and there's nothing I want so much, as to follow you anywhere you want to go", he answered with a grin.
Three levels down, they found Lab One. The room was probably thirty feet wide and fifty feet long, with multiple video screens on each wall. There were desks, tables, chairs, recliners and couches, to accommodate various sorts of meetings. After a little small talk, Brenda pointed out that all he had to do, was to stare at the large green voice module on the wall, and speak. Someone on the other end, would take his order for whatever snacks or refreshments he might require, as he examined the evidence.
As some of the evidence from the first killing began showing on the first video screen, Brenda stood beside him, pointing out various bits of information that she thought might be of interest. As she stood even closer, the smell of her perfume left him almost light headed. "Brenda, your perfume is almost intoxicating, he said."
She turned, moved closer, and stared boldly into his eyes. "Well, that's why I bought it."
With their lips just inches apart, Chet asked, "Does that front door have a lock?"
Her lips curved upwards in a knowing smile, as she pressed a button on the controller. When they heard the lock click and the light flash on, verifying that the door was indeed locked, she said. "It's locked. Now what?"
Returning her smile, he said, "Now, I'm I think I am going to be glad I came to the moon."
As his fingers reached for the buttons on her blouse, Brenda answered. "You can bet on it."

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bb.. ok I am totally hooked now..:eek::eek::cool::cool::cool:

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bb.. ok I am totally hooked now..:eek::eek::cool::cool::cool:

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