View Full Version : Watercolour trees on plan - thinners, lightness and restricted pallette

03-25-2012, 06:14 AM
Hi peeps!

I've been using artrage for a couple of months and amloving it! Currently I am starting to look at painting some birdseye landcsapes for some my uni work (I am doing my architecture diploma).

I'm trying out different ways of painting watercolour trees in plan/from above at the mo. One of the things thats confusing me is whether it would be best to use

1) a restricted palette, varying colours with thinners (have downloaded some typical watercolour hues like olive green and winsor green)

2) a restricted pallette, varying colours with lightness on the HSR controls

3) using any colours from the colour picker (effectively forgetting the watercolour hues I have downloaded)

Then there is the question of whether to layer paint and use the palette knife or not. It seems as though this is producing some better results so far. Essentially I'm just trying to create some round trees with a light source on one side at the moment.

I know its partly down to personal taste and what works for you but I would appreciate any more experienced users opinions!

Many thanks