View Full Version : The Bridge

02-11-2012, 03:15 PM
possibly a bridge over calming waters ??;)

D Akey
02-11-2012, 03:39 PM
Sweet colors that are a little hither and thither to my eye. But it's nice in keeping with your latest work.

02-12-2012, 01:18 AM
first thing I saw was an accordion. :) I love your work Gary. It's entertaining, lively and makes me ponder the how and why and everything in between.
hardly calm waters there though. looks very lively and musical to me. more like a celebration with lots of samba.

02-12-2012, 01:50 AM
Love it! Love it! Love it! Al

02-12-2012, 02:32 AM
Gary as always your work is so very interesting to spend time to just sit and relax and see what imaginations you can come up with, love it:):):):):):):)

02-12-2012, 04:45 AM
I see the sun coming through the rainbow in the righthand top corner, great work again Gary:)

02-13-2012, 03:36 AM
I like it.:)
I see a town in distance with cloud in the sky and rainbow.
Just under the town, a bridge over calm water and a ship.
In the bottom a beach. There are so many things in this picture;)

02-13-2012, 11:37 AM
I see the bridge but the waters are not calming..:) Maybe somewhere in between calm and troubled. I like it!

02-13-2012, 12:43 PM
D Akey, Albert,Al, Pat , Katie, silvy and Neal.. many thanks to all your wonderful comments and interest.

02-13-2012, 04:55 PM
Dearest Gary, in this strikingly attractive abstract I see so many things as well. A turtle climbing over the spine of a t-rex, and buried deep below from another period in time is a bridge built by an advanced ancient civilization.:D

02-13-2012, 11:20 PM
It looks rather like an industrial landscape to me ... Marvellous.

02-14-2012, 04:20 AM
Caesar and Alexandra thanks dear mates for stopping by and giving me your impressions, always creative and fun to read.;)

02-14-2012, 06:23 AM
Brilliant as always!!!!:):):):)