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01-29-2012, 02:00 AM
An excerpt from my latest book, "The Marshal and The Madam".
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It's actually an extensive rewrite from an earlier story, "Pathways of Thorns".

The cover painting for The Marshal & The Madam, is fairly simple, but I wanted to convey both the distance that separated their worlds, and the bond that connected them.
"I'll take the laundry back to my place and bring it back tomorrow. One of my girls will stop by in a couple of hours and help you with a bath and change of clothes. I've already made arrangements with Laura at the Cafe to bring over your lunch and supper for the next few days. My plan is to stop by this evening for a few minutes, but if I'm not able, one of the girls will."
"Connie, why are you doing all this for me? Before my husband died, I don't know if I ever even spoke to you when I passed you on the street."
"Oh Effie, let's just say that it needed doing. I'll talk to you later."
As she pulled the door closed behind her, Connie noticed the first colors of dawn easing into the sky. The walk back to her place would have to wait for a little while. Altho she couldn't see him in the darkness, she knew that Marshal Henry would be sitting in front of his office enjoying the serenity of the early morning. She was not about to walk past him, and disturb the peace and contentment he treasured so much.
She knew he would be there, because she herself was a lover of the early morning hour. It was her daily habit to rise and watch the sunrise. From her upstairs porch, the shadowy image of the Marshal as he enjoyed his early morning ritual was usually visible.
It had on a few occasion crossed her mind to walk down the street and join the Marshal, or to ask him to come to her place and watch the sunrise show together, but the idea was quickly dismissed each time. There were invisible boundaries between her occupation and his. To cross those lines would not only start the tongues to wagging, but might even cause the Marshal to lose his job. Nor would she disturb him now. She would simply wait for the time when he would rise from his chair and cross the street for breakfast in the cafe.
The Tin Cup Cafe was run by Laura Steen, an energetic and attractive girl in her mid twenties. Laura was too cute to be called beautiful, and too pretty to be called cute. Every time Connie saw Rio Henry enter the Cafe, she felt the sting of jealousy. She knew it was silly. She had no claim on the Marshal, nor any realistic chance to ever have one.
Still, besides being pretty, Laura was also a very nice person. Connie grudgingly admitted to herself that a single man would be foolish to pass up a chance to marry Laura, and she had not missed the look in Laura's eyes when Rio was around.
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Thanks for reading.

01-29-2012, 03:04 AM
Very beautiful and meaningful as cover. The distance between the two protagonists feels perfectly. I think it's a great job :)

01-29-2012, 03:24 AM
Barney, love this cover, so perfect for the title, nice to see you back again:):):):):):)

01-29-2012, 05:52 AM
BB... it has been awhile since we have heard from you.. but this is really a perfect cover as Silvy says the distance and coolness between the two riders sets up a great mood..

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Great picture

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Silvy, Thank you very much. :):)

Pat, I appreciate that very much. :):)

Ghx - Many thanks. Truly appreciated. :):)

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Hi Barn, good to see you posting, If I can find my Kobo I will d/l your book , great image for the book front :):)

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Hi Barn, good to see you posting, If I can find my Kobo I will d/l your book , great image for the book front :):)

Thanks so much Jean. Truly appreciated. :):)

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Looking forward to it Mike, good to see you, and great artwork!

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Fantastic dear Mike:):)

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Good to see you back Mike and with another story, great cover too.:)

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Sandy, thanks a lot Appreciate it. :):):)

Amanda, thank you so much. :):):)

Katie, I appreciate that very much. :):):)

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Welcome back and best wishes for Your literary success. This cover is very beautiful!