View Full Version : ArtRage for iPhone 1.0.1, and iPad 1.3.1 Released.

01-05-2012, 12:37 PM
We're happy to announce that ArtRage for iPhone 1.0.1 and ArtRage for iPad 1.3.1 have been approved and should be available on the iTunes store.

These updates contain the following changes:

ArtRage for iPhone 1.0.1:

- Fixed a crash bug that would happen on iOS4 when returning to the gallery. You should now be able to manage your files properly. Thanks to everyone who helped us track this one down!

- Replaced the non-working loaded palette knife preset. Please note that you may need to uninstall the app and reinstall it to see this change made, as the presets use files that the installer may not clean up. Before doing this, please back up your files (see below).

We will shortly be submitting some other fixes for the iPhone version, including improved three finger tap gesture handling.

ArtRage for iPad 1.3.1.

- Adds French, German, Japanese, and Korean localisations to the product.

- Fixes a bug that prevented Layer Opacity changes from being recorded by scripts.

Backing up your paintings:

Before installing you may want to back up your paintings. To do this:

1. Plug your device in to a desktop computer with iTunes.

2. In the left hand bar of the iTunes window, locate your device and click it.

3. On the right hand side of the iTunes window your device details appear. There is an 'Apps' tab at the top of those details (not the Apps tab on the left bar). Click that.

4. On the Apps page that appears, scroll down to the File Sharing section and you should see ArtRage in the list of apps. Click it.

5. The file sharing section should now display all your paintings. Drag them to your desktop machine to back them up. You can drag them back in to that window to add them to your gallery if you need to after installation.