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12-14-2011, 01:14 PM
Hi all,

We have just thrown the switch on the first round of upgrades to our Forum and Gallery system and there are some things you need to know about the changes!

1. Account Linking.

Forum and Member Area Accounts will now be linked, allowing you to use the same credentials for both. Next time you log in to the Member Area you will be asked to claim a forum account if you have one, or create a new one. Here's what you do when you see the account linking prompt:

If you have a forum account: Just enter your FORUM user name and password in the slots provided, then click the Link button. Ignore the section for people who don't have forum accounts.

If you don't have a forum account: You will be asked to confirm your age, and an account will be created for you. The name of your forum account will be set to the login name you used in the Member Area or, if there is already a forum account with that name, you will be asked to choose a forum name.

Once your accounts have been linked you can log in to the Member Area using your Forum name and password. For example, I would log in to the Member Area using 'MattRage' and my forum password.

Mature Image Filtering: The new gallery system allows image filtering based on a mature flag. Your Member Area Profile page allows you to turn on viewing of mature flagged images if you wish, this is turned off by default.

2. The Gallery.

We have completely replaced the old ArtRage Gallery module with a brand new gallery with more features. All existing user galleries have been migrated to the new system and if you visit the gallery you'll find that you have new options available.


The contents of your user gallery are now sorted in to Categories. This allows you to group images of specific types and makes it easier for people looking for art to find relevant images. When the search system comes online, categories will be able to be searched for specifically.

By default, all images you previously added to your gallery come under the Uncategorised header. You can add categories and move images in to them by going to your gallery and clicking the 'Create a new category' button. This allows you to set up your category ready for images to be added.

Managing Existing Images.

When you are in your own gallery, you will see an Edit button at the top right of any item that can be edited (it looks like a pencil). Click this button and you will be given edit options. To move an image in to a new category click the button and select Edit.

You will then be presented with a list of editing options, including a category for the image. Edit the information for the image however you want then click Update and the image will be moved to the category you selected.

Adding New Images.

To add a new image click the 'Upload a New Image' button in your gallery or in one of the categories in your gallery. This will present you with options for the new image. Select the file you want to upload and select a category to place it in. By default, images will be Uncategorised if you add them from your gallery's root, or placed in the selected category if you add them from inside a category.

Note: Please be sure to tag any images with mature content appropriately. See below for more information.

Tags will be used by the Search system when it comes online. Enter tags that describe your image specifically. Try to avoid tags that are too generic such as 'artrage' or 'art', as they won't help people find your paintings in the future.

Some Notes on Old Links:

Because the Gallery system has replaced, there may be some problems with old gallery links in the forum. If you've linked directly to images in posts, those links may not work properly any more. Images in your new gallery space all have a button provided to generate a link to them so you can correct any problems you find.

If for any reason you find that a link takes you to the old gallery, don't panic! The old gallery system will still operate in basic form until we change our forum systems, but you won't get the additional features of the new gallery such as categorisation.

3. Mature Image Filtering.

The new gallery contains image filtering to allow users to turn off viewing of images flagged as mature. When you add a new image, please consider its content and turn on the Mature flag if it contains artistic nudity or other mature content.

Mature content is hidden by default. To turn on viewing, go to the Member Area and activate it on your Profile Page.

Note: Users who have not turned on viewing of mature content can still see their own images if they are flagged as mature.

4. More to come...

We've got more upgrades in development at the moment, including a forum overhaul, search for the Gallery, and additional systems in the Member Area. This first round should give us a solid enough base to develop on as we expand our community systems.