View Full Version : Merry Christmas Artragers

12-11-2011, 03:53 AM
Wishing all my AR friends and their families a wonderful Christmas and for a healthy and happy 2012.....Remember out troops, US and Canadian, be kind to others and enjoy what you have...Bless all of you....Pat

12-11-2011, 04:28 AM
Tankks Pat sorry been eating too many Wine Gum's :D , to u and yours
Pat ... Mum and famee in the colder regions happy xmas Slainte E+

12-11-2011, 04:32 AM
You and your family also a wonderful Christmas and for a healthy and happy 2012

12-11-2011, 05:16 AM
Thank you Pat, you too! A beautiful card there!

12-11-2011, 05:44 AM
Pat ... thanks for your beautiful card and Holiday wishes...;);)

12-11-2011, 08:27 AM
Thank you Pat and for the lovely card, I wish you and your family all the best for the Christmas season.

12-11-2011, 08:56 AM
A lovely card with a cosy scene and a Merry and Happy Christmas to You and Yours , Pat :)

12-12-2011, 11:30 AM
Thanks Pat. Looks like the cat wants to go out but then again......

12-12-2011, 10:42 PM
And a very merry Christmas to you and yours Pat :)

12-13-2011, 02:40 AM
Thankyou all

12-13-2011, 08:56 AM
Lovely painting Pat, thanks for the good wishes and I hope you and your family have a great time:) MERRY CHRISTMAS

12-13-2011, 10:24 PM
Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012 to You and Your family too, dear Pat! This card is super!
As You suggest, I would join Your reminder and prayers for troops and civil volunteers extented to all NATO countries though, who worked and are still working for keeping peace and stability in a courageous and considerate way and who payed all, proportionally, their sad blood toll to help keeping places such as Iraq and Afghanistan from falling into the hands of the worst, terroristic islamic regimes.

12-13-2011, 11:39 PM
A merry Christmas to you to Pat, beautiful card.

12-14-2011, 07:16 AM
Yes by all means remember our troops.... Nice Christmas painting....

12-14-2011, 08:44 AM
Thankyou all for the greetings, and Ken, my thoughts are with you this Christmas

12-14-2011, 09:34 AM
Thanks so kind Pat, Christmas Eve is Mom's birthday. She would have been 79 years old. It's going to be a very difficult Christmas this year for in truth she was Christmas to me....