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11-27-2011, 11:10 AM
Another garden visitor.

11-27-2011, 12:37 PM
THis is amazing. Any tips for fur, as I would like to do my dogs? Thanks for sharing!

11-27-2011, 12:40 PM
An incredible natural painting with this grey American squirrel perfectly executed in any detail!

11-27-2011, 01:41 PM
Thank you Shibui, Caesar for your kind comments.

This one has taken me much longer than the Badger to do, I had to jiggle the stylus to get the curly look. The tail I loved doing, long and short strokes.

Shibui, I posted a small script file in the badger painting thread to show how I do the fur. I have done one on this squirrel bur can't check it out until Monday as it's very long.

11-27-2011, 03:44 PM
Christine, this is just stunning, will be looking forward to your scrip posting re the squirrel :):):):):)

11-27-2011, 07:16 PM
Another amazing work.. the transparency of the tail fur and coloration is perfect....you are the master of fur and feathers..!...;)

11-27-2011, 11:28 PM
Thank you justjean, gxpainter for your much appreciated comments.

11-28-2011, 03:26 AM
Wow this is excellent, got to love that fur. You are the tops of the iPad.

11-28-2011, 04:45 AM
Thank you so much Limey-g for your much appreciated comment.:)

11-28-2011, 05:23 AM
What a great detailed painting.
I love it, how you made his fur in great detail.
Very realistic.
Excellent painting.

11-28-2011, 10:40 AM
I was looking for the painting, and then I realized I was looking at it and not a reference picture. The illusion is lost a little at the bottom (I saw when I scrolled down) but even so, you had me convinced for a second - marvelous.

11-28-2011, 11:08 AM
Thank you gmmk, HarlequiNQB for stopping by and for your kind comments they are much appreciated.

HarlequiNQB, I wish I could get the tree bark right, any tips? :o

11-28-2011, 02:38 PM
After HarlequiNQB great comment on the tree branch I thought I would have another go at getting it right. I was just about ready to give up on the Ipad when I remembered that for the PC ver of ArtRage you can build up layers. I added 4 new layers and using the paint tube I filled each layer one with dark brown one a bit lighter one with a bit of green and another dark layer. I then merged those layers and with the palette knife put strokes all along the branch to create depth, I think it has worked, what do you think.

11-28-2011, 05:22 PM
Christine, I think you have aced it.... everything combines to make a most beautiful painting :):):):):)

11-28-2011, 09:18 PM
Nice one. If I may say something, crop the painting and loose the leaves. You'll get a top painting.

Very well done !!

11-28-2011, 11:06 PM
Thank you justjean.:D:D

Thank you Hanzz for your kind comment, yes a crop would make a big difference to how it looks. Thank you.:D

11-29-2011, 03:58 AM
Amazing Saphire:):)

11-29-2011, 08:41 AM
That really makes a difference! I plan to check out your scripts as soon as I can figure out how to do it. I have artrage 3.08 ( only because I don't have an intel Mac ) and an ipad ( which I know doesn't support viewing, based on your comments)

Keep up the wonderful work!

11-29-2011, 09:51 AM
Thank you mannafig, shibui for your kind comments.

11-29-2011, 10:34 AM
I like how You reworked the branch!:)

11-29-2011, 11:44 AM
it's amazing. you have really got the essence of the fur translated into brushstrokes. so real you can feel it with your eyes and feels a bit like you are close to a real animal who has paused because of your presence.
I really like the rework of the branch... paid off huge dividends over all and is more in keeping with the detail in the squirrel.

11-29-2011, 12:51 PM
Thank you so much Ceasar, screenpainter.
I must admit I am quite proud of myself for getting the branch right at last. On the Ipad you have to find lot's of workarounds having only limited tools.:D

I am afraid I only have the first part of the script that will load, I saved the script not long after I did the eye which was 19mb in size. The complete script is 247mb and it will not load, I think I was asking to much to record every fur stroke.:( I gave up after an hour trying to load the file into my text editor.


Evil Robot
12-01-2011, 07:25 AM
Wow, this is really well done. Very nice.

12-01-2011, 08:00 AM
I have compiled a new script file and also done a video capture for those who can't read the scripts. It is showing how I did the fur on the tail. It is slightly different to the original in the painting as I wasn't quite as careful it's just to show how it was done.
I must remember in the future to save scripts at regular intervals.

Utube link
1080hd in full screen gives clearer viewing

Script link

12-01-2011, 08:12 AM
Thank you for your kind comment Evil Robot.

12-01-2011, 08:34 AM
Christine - yes the new branch is a perfect match to the detail of the squirrel... it looks like an old mossy oak branch..your solution to the problem was perfect!.:):)

12-01-2011, 04:12 PM
Very, very well done Christine!

12-02-2011, 12:07 PM
Thanks for the YouTube. I had no way to view scripts Amazing work and patience!

12-05-2011, 04:27 AM
Thank you for the ArScripts, they were very instructive.

12-05-2011, 05:48 AM
Thank you gxhpainter, jibes, Shibui, JMMK, I was hoping that the script and video would be of some use.

I have just finished doing a Vole using the same technique but can't decide on the foreground and background.

12-05-2011, 06:37 PM
Do you think it would it be possible for you to share your preset for the ink pen for making the fur strokes?

12-05-2011, 11:02 PM
Screenpainter, these are the settings for the pen tool that I use.

iPad 2048-2048
Pen tool.
Size 1-3%
Taper 100%
Aspect 100%
Opacity 100%

12-06-2011, 01:21 AM
Thanks Christine! It does sort of work the same in studio pro. forgot you were on the ipad. but with the aspect and taper at 100% I think is the key for studio pro. I was able to somewhat duplicate the technique. very meticulous work on your part. you are dedicated and the results show it.

do you have ipad 2 then I guess? you did a screen recording first on the ipad?

without looking at anything I sort of duplicated a bit. not that great as you did but think i get the idea. :) thanks again.

12-06-2011, 06:00 AM
Screenpainter that looks great, the trick is to zoom as high as you can on the screen to make very short strokes or squiggle the pen to give a coarse look to the fur which is what I have done on the squirrel.
They have all been done on the IPad 2

I am in the process of converting a script to avi for a Bank vole that I am doing, fortunately I have saved as a new copy 6 times to break the scripts down. The last copy the script won't play, the script file is over 200 mb in size so won't export to iTunes or save. Hopefully I can edit and speed up the avi file, it's about 2 hours long.:( and that's without any background.

12-06-2011, 08:08 PM
For me it would be great to see the ARscript in its entirety.
This to admire the technique that you used in his full glory.
Is there a way where to download that?
Or maybe if it is to large, the ARscript packed in a zip or rar (for Windows)?
That would be great.

(I hope this is readable, because I get the feeling with the translation that it sounds very strange) :o

12-06-2011, 10:45 PM
JMMK, the script for the squirrel is over 200mb in size and won't open, I have tried to open it in a text editor so I can cut it down to smaller files but it takes over an hour to load then it crashes.

This is a utube link to a speed painting of a Vole I am presently doing the script file is over 2 hours long and 150 mb in size. I will just have to show the final painting when it's finished as all the present saves of the scripts won't open. It could be the limitation of the IPad the files start to corrupt after a certain size.


12-07-2011, 01:50 AM
Thanks for the reply.
I couldn't find it, and while searching I heard the doorbell.
When I (a while later) went back to the site, I saw your new link.
I enjoyed your movie.

I enjoyed this one also very much (BluetitFeeding1.mpg)