View Full Version : Can't see my upload to facebook...

11-14-2011, 04:04 AM
Hi everyone! I am new to Artrage in the last 2 weeks, have both the ipad2 app and the desktop pro version. I uploaded an image to facebook, and my friend saw it and commented, but I cannot find it in facebook at all - it's not in my photos, not on my wall...Have I just not had enough coffee this morning? I also opened up a new deviant account and it said it successfuly uploaded, but can't see it there either...you help is appreciated :)

11-14-2011, 05:14 AM
There should be an "ArtRage Photos" album created when you upload from the app to Facebook, which the images will be put in. Go to Facebook, and click on your name in the upper right, to be sure you're on your own Facebook wall. Then click on the "Photos" link, and see if a new Album, by that name, was created there for you.

Images sent to your DeviantArt page will be put into the "sta.sh" area, where you may then submit it to the public area of your choice. Sign in at Deviantart. Along the top of the page is a "Search" bar. Just to the left of this search bar, is a small button with a triangle arrow on it. Click on the button to open a menu, and locate the "Sta.sh" link (it's under the Deviants category). You will brought to the Sta.sh page, where you should see any images you have sent to your DA page, and ready for you to be set up for public display (so you get to choose where it goes (scraps, main gallery, etc), add a description, change it's copyright info, etc). I'm not sure, but... I want to say this might require a paid account at DA to work, though.

11-14-2011, 07:53 AM
Thanks so much for your help! When I originally clicked on Photos, it did not show the album, clicked on the link to "show all" and there it was! Yes, I did find you have to be a paying member for deviant.