View Full Version : just a little old onion

11-07-2011, 03:25 PM
painted on the essential canvas bumped up a bit, with thanks to screenpainter for the sumi brushes :D

11-07-2011, 06:30 PM
Outstanding work! Very well painted onion. Usage of tools seems to be perfect :)

11-07-2011, 09:14 PM
I'm really impressed by such an onion reproduction, as beautiful as perfect in any sense and feeling so that I may imagine even to be able to smell, touch and taste it in some recipe.

11-07-2011, 09:44 PM
wow, looks real. great onion. glad to hear the brushes helped. the coloring is quite beautiful in this and the sheen is perfect to give the illusion of the onion skin.

11-07-2011, 11:47 PM
A really excellent image, Jean. Great texture.

11-08-2011, 12:41 AM
Oh what a perfect painted onion, I can really feel what it's like peeling the onion. Beautiful done!
Sumi brushes?

11-08-2011, 04:05 AM
justjean--- really a marvelous job on this onion... it does have just the right sheen and cracked outerlayer... short roots ...very well done...:):):):):)

11-08-2011, 05:34 AM
Really nice job, so real looking I can smell it.
That chopped and fried and on my hotdog would be great. Yum

11-09-2011, 02:36 AM
Thanks Strandy, Caesar, screenpainter, Tony, Gaia, Gary and Limey your comments are very much appreciated :)

I think I used every brush in the sumi lot along with the blenders and a few different canvas :D