View Full Version : ArtRage for iPad 1.3 Released.

10-06-2011, 04:25 PM
ArtRage for iPad 1.3 has just been released to the iTunes App Store. The new version contains a number of features designed to make it easier to share your artwork, along with improvements to existing systems. Current owners will be able to download the update free of charge as soon as it is available in their local App Store.

New Features:

- Upload to deviantArt Stash: Upload your images directly to your deviantArt account using the new sta.sh system. Details on sta.sh can be found here: http://hq.deviantart.com/blog/44578909/

- Upload to Facebook: Upload your images directly to your Facebook Photo Album.

- Upload to Dropbox: Upload painting files to your Dropbox account.

- New Export Options: Export PNG or JPG to the iTunes shared file space, PNG, JPG or native PTG via Email.

- Canvas Rotation: Added canvas rotation to the gallery so you can adjust the orientation of your paintings if you find you've been painting upside down...

- Gallery Interface: Simplified the Gallery Interface to collect all export functions in to a single menu and clarify general operation.

- Canvas Settings Interface: Adjusted the Canvas Settings interface to make it clearer.

Fixes & Improvements:

- Increased the hit area of the Sampler toggle to make it easier to tap.

- Menus should no longer resize when entering a sub menu, unless they need to expand.

- Removed script recording for orientation changes and UI show/hide to improve the appearance of playback of scripts on desktop machines.

- Fixed a potential crash when importing multiple paintings to the Photos app in quick succession.

- Added layer transparency changes and three finger swipe undo operations to scripted recording.

- Improved feedback for large export operations so that you know when you're about to upload huge files online or send by email.

- Fixed a bug that could cause panels to lock partially transparent but inactive if you select an option from them quickly while they are fading (eg. select a preset then quickly select a second preset before the panel has finished vanishing).