View Full Version : NWO vs Liberty

09-26-2011, 07:40 AM
A little fun.....:cool:
SO who do you think will win? :confused: :eek: :cool:

09-26-2011, 08:02 AM
I'm hoping Miss Liberty would kill the new world order butts... I don't want no greys overlording over us...

Do you ever listen to Coast to Coast AM?


They talk alot about ufos, ghosts, nwo, JFK conspiracies, etc....

09-26-2011, 08:14 AM
So many things will come to pass dear Bobbyray. I just hope I am not here when it happens.

09-26-2011, 08:37 AM
They say that there are over 57 different types of Alien species (ET). One of them has to be good....:rolleyes:

So which one would we believe if they all actually appeared to us.:eek:

What if ???? Are you prepared for official disclosure? and then...control by them, ruled by the human elite Illuminati ????? :confused:

Aliens or Illuminati> Either way the NWO is here and taking control of us all. :(

Liberty and Freedom......are soon to be ancient History for humans. :eek:

09-27-2011, 12:12 AM
I listened to Dr Steven Greer and his disclosure project. He's been on CNN and frequently on Coast to Coast AM...

09-27-2011, 12:53 AM
Certainly US conditions in these days are quite critical, more or less as in half of the world, but I hope Mrs Liberty won't divorce and get back to her mom's home in France or, worse, flee with such a squiddy stud!

09-27-2011, 01:55 AM
Cool one Bobby:):):)

09-27-2011, 11:25 AM

Ahhh UFO/Alien ET Disclosure? Yes that is happening in many countries now but not the USA.....hummm

We will see what happens....:cool: :rolleyes: or not. If they show up, then we know, right? :D

Kenmo... yes I do..... hehe and others too... a lot more...:cool:

Thanks for tuning in guys and girls....;)