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09-11-2011, 12:39 PM
(Inspired by Nightjar's request for skin tone palettes :))


STEP 4- With traditional paint we would normally add some cool complimentary tone to desaturate the warm flesh tones. With RGB paint mixing this is not always successful and colour results can still seem heavily saturated.

An easier method of getting desaturated versions of your flesh tones into your local palette is to use 'Adjust Layer Colours' from the Edit menu after you have finished sampling more saturated tones. Just drag the 'Color' slider to the left until you achieve the desired amount of desaturation. Click OK and sample and add colours to your local palette as in step 3.

You can use this dialog a second time and drag the colour slider to your right to create more saturated values for your colour palette.


STEP 5- When you're happy with your final palette choose 'Export Local Color Samples' from the dropdown and name your new sample set.


I've provided my 16th Century Flesh Tone palette to help get you started. If you get a good flesh tone palette as a result please consider sharing in this thread. :):)


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thank you Juz :) .. this little tutorial makes me want to paint some human beings :confused::cool::D

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Excellent. I'm new to ArtRage and my main subjects are people and characters. This will help now end when I get into the colour side of the app!