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08-29-2011, 03:45 PM
You would be suprised where my inspiration came from for this particular piece.
It started with the earthquake in Japan and the tornadoes in the midwest USA. I needed to do something to lift my spirits. All it took was looking through some nature photgraphs and a outside chore for my dad, the story and the actual piece just fell into place. ENJOY and many thanks. :) This is mixed media, oil, knife, gloop pen, stencil, ink pen and on multiple layers, 100% AR Pro.
The Fairy King and his Loyal Subject Finneus Bluefrog

A small figure adorned in royal garb darted in and out of the tall grass blades.
"oh dear, oh dear, it's almost here", he worried.

He hurried along tripping on pebbles, bumping into the occasional mushroom stalk, "oh excuse me, sorry."

"Where is he", I must find him". A great metallic machine bellowed far off in the distance behind him.
He made for a clearing in the grass ahead of him, nervously looking over his shoulder,
He ran into the wide open space and bounced off his loyal subject.

There sat in the middle of the clearing was a great blue frog of a stout stature and bright yellow eyes.

"Finneus, Finneus, The kingdom is in danger; we must flee for our very lives." the Fairy King exclaimed in a panicked voice.

"What is wrong my King?” the bulbous amphibian blurted out in a bellowing voice.

"The Great and Terrible Toro approaches, don't you hear his terrible growl? we must run run run!"

"Say it isn't true, your majesty. We must make haste, quick, jump in my mouth and I will take you away from here.”

The Fairy King wasn't too keen on the idea at first, but as The Great Toro approached, he decided he didn't have much of a choice.

The metallic monstrosity came closer with every second. Finneus opened his gaping mouth and the King quickly crawled under his giant tongue.

The great blue behemoth then turned and left the patch of dirt with a mighty leap.

Finneus, jumped and jumped but the monster was gaining on him fast.
Finneus came upon a circular hole with massive plastic disc at the bottom; he thought this would be a great hiding place. Finneus leaped down onto the disc and hoped for the best.

As Toro passed over Finneus, the horrifying growl it let out was deafening.
Everything went black and huge steel swirling blades filled the sky. Finneus was so big and heavy that he failed to get whisked up into the mighty vortex of flying debris and grassy bits.

A moment had passed. Finneus noticed there was calm and silence now, He had left the hole to higher ground to make sure it was safe to come out. The Great and Terrible Toro had moved on.

The king emerged from the huge frog's mouth covered in mucus and slime.

"AH HAH, yet another sticky situation averted my dear Finneus." The King said wiping goop from his eyes and robes. "You saved my life."

"It is an honor to serve and protect the king." The frog said humbly.

The Fairy King climbed onto the back of Finneus and surveyed his kingdom or what was left of it.

“I hate that monster, always causing mischief and mayhem to my land.”

“Not to worry your majesty, in time it will grow back, it always does.” Finneus replied.

“Yes… yes it does.” The Fairy King said cracking a weak smile.

08-29-2011, 10:58 PM
I've never seen a fairy king - thanks for enlightening me!! :D :)

the painting is awesome, I like how you created the grass, and the blue frog looks very impressive! :eek: :) :)

cute story as well! :)

08-30-2011, 08:03 AM
PICASO41...what a great painting.. I love the blue frog ..and the fairy king is perfect... and a fun story!... really an uplift to my day :):);)

08-31-2011, 12:23 AM
this illustration is brilliant!:)

08-31-2011, 12:48 AM
Wonderful painting with a great story well done PICASO41:)

08-31-2011, 01:47 AM
Wonderful story and such a great painting Piccaso, great job:):):)

D Akey
08-31-2011, 02:33 AM
A good way to lift everybody's spirits I think.

I was drawn in by your illustration which is wonderful. Then I went and read the story and as with good picture books, your image took over in my imagination quite nicely. I think it is especially good in that it being a fairly short length, the image zoomed me right into a full experience with no story space needed for verbal description. Compresses it like a diamond.

Hope you don't need natural disasters to become inspired. It could wreak havoc on your work flow. :rolleyes:

Incidentally, I don't know if you're intending to publish, but seeing the level this is at, I would caution you about putting more up on the internet at the very least until you have a book (etc.) printed and out there on Amazon or whatever.

I love it. :):):):):)

08-31-2011, 03:57 AM
A very magical moment you've created and totally perfect for a fantasy or children's story....

08-31-2011, 09:43 PM
Great work!:)

09-01-2011, 01:14 AM
Awesome Mike!:):):):):)

09-01-2011, 03:05 PM
I must say this is quite fantastic!! You know what you are doing and no doubt about it.

09-01-2011, 07:56 PM
I Picaso i think you are a great artist because your panting is fantastic and perfect:eek::)