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Steve B
08-24-2011, 06:05 AM
I've tried understanding the brush control for the sticker spray. I've read the manual. I've looked at a thread or two with tutorials. But it all seems insane to me. There are so many dials to pick from, and I don't really understand how to use any of it.

I'm doing a lot of watercolor work in Artrage right now, figures and abstract stuff. So, I'm not using the stickers that are set pictures of stuff-- flowers or leaves, etc.-- that sort of stuff. However, I like the PS brush dabs for watercolor that I can download from all sorts of places. Still, they're really only good for using as stamps for me right now; they don't really paint. Are they supposed to be able to be used like a brush, just with a nice bit of texture because it's a captured stroke?? Am I missing out on using a powerful Artrage tool? Or, no, is the sticker spray really best for stamps? I know I can't use real color blending on them and what not (i.e. some of the visual limitations of the sticker spray), but I feel like I ought to be able to do some nice textural stuff with it, where it doesn't feel like it's just a bunch of funky inorganic stamps being put on the canvas in various directions.

Is there a good tutorial on using this tool? Something that goes into some sort of depth about how to use the Spray Variations chart to augment how the different stamps work?? I'm just sort of lost right now with it, and therefore don't use it all.

08-24-2011, 03:29 PM
Hi Steve :)

Stickerbrushes are a great feature and for the watercolour type work that you're pursuing would be ideal for adding sponge, splat, salt effects etc.

I'd suggest taking a good look through the tutorial list at each of the tutorials that mention sticker brushes as each of these will give you some information on the different properties available and how to use them.

In the variations dialog properties for a stickerbrush are listed down the left hand column.

When playing with variations think of the property first and foremost and then how you will determine the value of that property i.e. Would I like the 'Scale' property to be determined by the Base Value (original size @100%, half size @50% etc), or would I like the 'Scale' property to be Random (100% randomness, 50% randomness etc) or would I like the Scale property to be determined by pen pressure, pen tilt, pen rotation, stroke direction etc. Same for alpha, rotation and each of the properties listed in that column.

If you start by asking yourself about the properties it will become easier to determine how you would like to set their values and by how much.

08-25-2011, 01:39 AM
The definitions of the words used to describe properties baffle me.

I can function without the knowledge so far; I use whatever settings were used on the tutorial I've just printed. I enjoyed your tutorial on Sticker Sequence to make variation in a Sticker Spray, and made a whole bunch of those. I used your tutorial on Understanding Color and made a page of all my Sticker Sprays painted with the Hues set on "Random". Way fun. I made a partial alphabet using SomeoneSane's tutorial, but haven't been able to sort out for myself how the Sheet Column/Sequence works. I just do it as I saw it done, and it works.

I don't know what "offset" means or how to adjust spray by using it. I study pre-installed stickers-- "Rainbow Circle", and see that it has Offset at 50%. I play with "Offset" in various Sticker Sprays I've made and like some results, although I'm not sure how/why that happened.

This may be something I should have learned at some basic primer elsewhere (you know, like, how anyone buying ArtRage should probably understand what "Red" means before they expect to have any success with the program)...

But. I would love it if any Rager would be willing to write a single chart describing properties and modifiers. You know, like what Offset means, and how one might Randomize it or Pen-Pressurize it.

I know, I know! It's not like anyone has plenty of idle time and has been waiting for one more big job to do for baby-ragers, I'm just saying-- wow. I would really enjoy that. It would really help me.

And thank you, Ragers, for all that you have already done...

Sue Ellen.

08-25-2011, 03:06 AM
Hi SueEllen

You can think of offset as the scattering or jitter of the sticker element.

It basically instructs the sticker spray how far to place the sticker element from the cursor as you draw i.e. how far to 'offset' (expressed as a percentage) the element from where the cursor is.

In the first example I have no offset value and have drawn a straight line and a wavy line. In both instances the sticker follows the line i've drawn exactly.

In the second image I have placed an offset value of 100% (maximum offset) of the base value (default position) and have drawn the straight line once more.

If the offset were determined by pen pressure rather than the base value then how far the element scattered would depend on how much pressure I applied to the stylus while drawing.

08-25-2011, 04:07 AM
Thank you, Juz. That helps me understand some results I enjoyed when I played with some of the sprays I had made (and some that went very unpleasantly wonky). "Base Value" as "Default Setting" helps me, too. Thanks!