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07-24-2011, 08:51 AM
'Colouring in' can come in many forms - colouring in an official colour-in picture, colouring a sketch or colouring in an 'inked' drawing. Thankfully, all of these can be done in ArtRage.

More recently, I've been photographing/scanning my ballpoint pen sketches in ArtRage, and even more recently I've learnt to make my lineart (which is drawn with the humble ballpoint pen) coloured as well. Now, I only have ArtRage 2.6 because I can't afford 3.5 and I've discovered I'm quite happy with what I have, and I'd like to share with my fellow ragers the doodles and drawings I colour in ArtRage, and I hope you people return the favour! It would interest me greatly to see what you have to offer, as I'm not sure if I'm the only person who does this sort of thing in AR.

I should explain these - the first one is one of my most recent masterpieces. Anyone know this girl besides me? It's Tallulah the Tuesday Fairy, a fairy girl out of a hundred-or-so fairy girls from my favourite childhood book series 'Rainbow Magic'. This was actually a redraw of something I'd drawn a few years aho and I coloured this quite happily in ArtRage, and it led to my discovery of how to make the lineart colourful!

The second - my most recent and also one of my oldest, fresh off the virtual oven. It's one of my robot characters, 'Cycla Monoyeux', and this was actually drawn at Christmas 2010 but I've only managed to colour it today. I'm very proud of it! And I'm very proud that, after all this time, I still remembered what colours were to go where.

The third - an anthro version of one of my very first Neopets, Rain Akaila Ferris. It's actually an old-ish sketch that was already coloured in with pencils, but I photographed it (or scanned, whichever) and re-coloured it - and quite miraculously gave it pink shading, but unfortunately I haven't been able to perform such a miracle again.

The fourth - I brought my sonic screwdriver into school one day (as y'do) and my art teacher asked me to draw it in my hand from two different angles, each with a separate media - the first is pencil and the second is charcoal. Without being asked, I photographed it and suddenly the world of colouring in in AR was open to me. This was my first attempt at this sort of traditional/digital thing, and it was a great thing for me because I was more in-tune with my art. When my art teacher saw it (coloured) it was put into the school art competition last term and I still don't know if it's won XD

I actually do most of my art more digitally (with MyPaint, if anyone's heard of that) but it's actually quite refreshing to be using ArtRage again, and finally being able to colour in all my lovely sketches. I'm only 15, so please be nice and show me your art too. And very sorry about my long descriptions! I like to get everything in and get a bit carried away. I got my tablet pen back today after losing it down the sofa yesterday and I've been a bit buzzy...

08-12-2011, 05:44 PM
Check out "Hi-Fi Color for comics". A brilliant book, includes a cd, lots of great tips. Got it out of the library but thinking of buying it.