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07-06-2011, 01:11 AM
Long ago there were Witches and Warlocks,sometimes for a fee... they would cast spells and work mysterious magic,they could turn someones hand upon their wrist so it would be facing down when it should have been facing up,and then charge the poor victim another fee for putting it right again,there is a book I read about such things,an old book on the trials of witches,it is stranger than fiction hearing what the witches and warlocks did,its all written in the book,true stories of witch trials in ancient records of long ago events,hair raising stuff dear friends,makes you think doesnt it.....here's my impression of a warlock..... Jack.

07-06-2011, 01:32 AM
This is great Jack and so atmospheric, well done:)

07-06-2011, 06:33 AM
Thanks Coops...I'm in a bit of a mystic and magicy mood today, so I'm doing stuff quick while my tablet is still working, thanks for looking coops and for your reply.....Jack.

07-06-2011, 09:29 PM
Great work Jack!

07-07-2011, 04:02 AM
I like this very much... :):):)