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07-06-2011, 12:14 AM
It's impossible for me to resist an explicit challenge, especially when the subject is a blooming, rutilant girl which is, moreover, the grand-daughter of a mate in here.
I hope You like this interpretation on the picture. The perspective made me impossible to guess enough of her features to possibly change the pose and keep some likeness. I also refrained from a too original or extreme style experiment.
This was made on one of my pre-assembled background sheets without tracing or color picking and all on the same layer. I was astnished to realize it didn't take much once I pinned the silhouette.
The tools were pencil and crayon (and eraser, but just for some corrections).
The background help setting the chromatic harmony and some vague texture.

07-06-2011, 12:39 AM
Beautifully done Caesar! :):):)

07-06-2011, 01:35 AM
Masterfully done dear Cesare, thats a fine portrait:)

07-06-2011, 02:56 AM
Thank You, dear Barn and Katie!

07-06-2011, 03:17 AM
Excellent work....love your style.....

07-06-2011, 03:24 AM
Beautiful ,Caesar, your style and your skill is readily recognisible here for sure.

07-06-2011, 03:37 AM
Caesar - you are definitely in your realm here... life drawing of beautiful women...:cool::cool:;)... your consummate technique is well represented..:):)

L Skylar Brown
07-06-2011, 03:42 AM
Creative excellence. (I, too, make bkgs, etc. for future use)

07-06-2011, 03:59 AM
Dear Caesar, you did a fantastic job on Lindsy, her pose, and face features are perfect, also like how you did her dress, thankyou so much for doing this;););):):):)

07-06-2011, 05:42 AM
Wonderful portrait Caesar

07-06-2011, 09:28 AM
Beautiful use of color.

07-06-2011, 02:01 PM
You do so well Cesare, great job!

07-06-2011, 10:21 PM
I would thank you all, dear mates for Your most warm compliments which were almost embarassing, considering I used a reference and added little personal interpretation to keep a decent likeness. It's such an interesting picture that I hope that further mates will give it a try and the list of these portraits will continue with many different styles.

Dear Pat, it was a great pleasure and opportunity and I proceeded quite fast, so several details may actually still be improved. Thank You!

07-06-2011, 11:19 PM
Caesar, a wonderful portrait and you have given her such a wonderfully haughty look :)

07-07-2011, 06:44 PM
Thank You, dear Jean! That was the impression that I understood was the intention with that pose, although the Young age of the subject left a gentle glaze on the real picture.

07-08-2011, 12:29 AM
Fantastic Cesare another fine example of this striking young lady:):)

07-08-2011, 08:21 PM
Thank You, dear Amanda! Although she looks very young I think she shows her self-confidence and personality, so this portrait was an interesting challenge.

07-08-2011, 10:10 PM
Very well done Caesar !!!