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06-10-2011, 09:01 PM
The umbrella (hanging) gesture
This is a typical Italian gesture which corresponds, more or less, to the U.S. finger raising, with the difference that it's also used as a deriding, scorning one, especially when someone wish to tell You he swindled You and/ or Your right because he feels smart enough to be above etics and law.

The story behind
This vignette comes from the disappontiment and anger felt here in Italy consequent to the not obserbed obligation of extradiction of the pluri-murderer Cesare Battisti during the 70ies period when terrorism seriously affected Italy, the communist one in this case.
After a similar and shameful behavious of France under Mitterrand and later on, leaving him escape to Brasil and Brazil governments and courts infringed the bilateral treaties and made it pretty clear with Cesare Battisti protection how much they cared of friendship with our nation and how much respect they paid to their commitment and towards us with ludicrous or no explanation. We're accustomed to French "unpoliteness", but we've been really struck by Brazilian decision, a nation and a people we like and feelsomehow close too.
Moreover a particular offence comes from a certain arrogant attitude annexed by such countries in this episode. They seem to feel somehow democratically and legally superior, entitled to give a lesson, in this case ridiculously, in front of a nation and people that invented the Republic (Res Publica, from Latin) in the 509 B.C., published a Law code in the 462 B.C. and build, since ancient times, such a by far more complete and advanced legal (and administrative) system as well as a corpus of legal principles, practises and science which is still the base or a reference up to today for practically all western jurisdictions that developped and enforce the law and assures rights.
The matter doesn't end here, the issue will be taken to the International Court of the Hague of course (we don't use to proceed with extraordinary renditions, certainly no with presumed friendly countries), but really serious damages were made this time to our relationships, as generally felt by everybody here, especially in this 150th of iour re-unification then.
Whenever a nation government, especially the overambitious or fancyful either former powers who are substantially loosing its role since the II WW or an eternal promise of world economical leadership and American leader, believe to be above legality, they show to be pitifully immature for the role they would like to play.

06-10-2011, 10:10 PM
Nice tones, colors and details here and thanks for the explanation Caesar

06-11-2011, 02:08 AM
Caesar - wow.... this is a very good political cartoon about a very serious matter.. thanks for your detail explanations... the painting of the faces is rich and detailed without being fussy and over done.... :):):):):cool:

06-11-2011, 09:49 AM
Thank You Semd74 and Ghxpainter! The situation was a good opportunity for a satyrical vignette. Today the Ambassador was called back and, as You say, the issue was taken seriously this time.

06-11-2011, 01:10 PM
Caesar I love it.

06-12-2011, 02:52 AM
Thank You, dear Val!

06-12-2011, 05:38 AM
Nicely done, Caesar, as usual! I recognize the Italian gesture, though I didnīt know its name. Itīs pretty common here, too. But then it would be in a country so heavily populated by Italian immigrants and their generations of Argentine born families. :)

Thereīs a similar situation here. Chile has been seeking extradition for a known murderer, and the government wonīt grant it. The man and his wife work for our government now. I guess itīs the same all over. :(

06-12-2011, 06:10 AM
That story needs to be placed in Facebook where millions see it every day. So people get to see who the real 'the man' (as President Obama titled him, (Lula) is. He may have fooled someone sometime, but did not fool everyone the rest of the time.

Nice depiction both, in art and words, of a very sensitive but real situation.

06-12-2011, 06:58 AM
I'm not familiar with these two other than what you have said. One looks like a commie and I dislike communists very much. But I like your painting!

06-12-2011, 10:26 AM
Caesar, this is so exceptional, great detail and good explanation of your wonderful artwork:):);)

06-14-2011, 01:56 AM
Dear Scott, thank You!
Actually the guy here was let escape there from France which eventually decided for extradiction and was kept in prison for 4 years, before the final sentence and its funny explanation was issued; so there was not even a trivial interest to keep him there like in thecHilean case, probably just an ideological show-off, both leninist and nationalist of Brazilian government to self-declaring a first ranking world power, thus an over the treaties in their candid and quite arrogant defininition of world power, I'm afraid.
Maybe they're looking also to become a permaenent member of the ONU Security Council, and even have a veto power in ONU, while there should be at least two countries who should now reasonably drop their veto right, one for sure, since it actually didn't win the II WW, rather it lost it quite soon, nor was not affected by a fascist regime and anti-semitism with people sent in the German lagers while Italian occupating fascists did save them in that country. (guess who)
I'm happy to know that at least several folkloristic parts of Italy survives in Argentina, although Argentina lost the opportunity to recognize Italy as one of its roots, not selecting also the Italian as an official language, thus building far deeper cultural roots with Italy in its development than just by picturesque details. This happened quite often all over, but if there was a country that needed that special link the most (to draw from a country like Italy that was the most continuous and fundamental cultural reference for western countries, even when its political and military power declined for its divisions in front of national states and the Mediterranean Sea lost its central importance), that was Argentina for sure.

Thank You, dear S5T68IS2TA!
Unfortunately it's not just a matter of Lula, since also his successor and the Brazilian Supreme Court apparently acted illegally, according to International Laws and Treaties of course. Unfortunately this is a wrong attitude that is effective not only in Brazil and not only in non- democrathic regimes ...

Dear Jibes, the former President of Brazil, either a communist or socialist or whatever, was pretty known, in US too I guess. Anyway here the maoist uniform is evocated to make fun of his grotesque decision.
Unfortunately the list of ideologies, but also attitudes, we shouldn't like is quite long and now the situation is deceptive enough, so we should keep quite careful and with a firm attention to human rights, facts and truth against wolves, whatever their disguise ... Thank You!

Thank You, dear Pat! I don't know how nice the vignette came out, but I was quite satisfied considering the little time it took working on a previously made forest background harmoning the whole palette somehow ....

06-18-2011, 08:26 AM
Sorry for bringing this up.

I agree with you Caesar. Diplomacy nil.

As a great artist that you are, you've produced an interesting allegory, a communist in a green integralist/fascist suit with an a green beret on his head.and a comunist red star, singing toghether with a bad italian murderer criminal, wearing the Brazilian soccer team shirt making an unorthodox gesture .

Brazil has the largest Italian population outside Italy (direct and indirect descendants), about 25 million Italians leave here. I myself have an Italian descent, Tabaneli family, my great-grandmother was italian. My late mother lost this name when she married my late father (a local tradition).

The overwhelming majority of the brazilian population has always been contrary to all the moves and events related to this man. Poor widow (the Republic), as one important local journalist Elio Gaspari always refers, once again we will have to cope with these stupid things, done by these stupid individuals who claim to be inteligent and smart ideologists. Alias ​​was so, too, that Mitterrand did with his french "unpoliteness". And Mexico? What happened there with this man? This is a bizarre case, a murderous thug who has nothing to do with the Brazilian soul and its good generous traditions, carnival, football, beautiful women, beautiful beachs, courteous and hospitable people, this s... will stay here to the chagrin of us all, normal people.

I, as a too distracted person, never gave much attention to this case. For me it was enough to know he is a killer for him to be extradited, alla prima. When I read your post, I tried to know and understand better about the case. As you know we do not usually know what happens in these high-level decision making. I came across the article "Il caso Battisti e l'attacco ai diritti democratici" Di Marc Wells 13 gennaio 2011, but I can assure you that I was not a bit impressed with his arguments. In other words that was not brazilian business...

BTW dear friend, the brazilian soccer team shirt has five stars and nice painting.

BTW2, Obama said that behind some momentaneous unknown interest and not to promote the guy, he should have been better assessored about him imho.

Oriane Lima

06-18-2011, 09:41 PM
Thank You very much, dear Oriane!;):) More than diplomacy it was a matter of justice, international legality and respect of a bilateral extradiction treaty.
Lula's uniform was intented to be somehow maoist fashion and probably Lula messed up with the names, since Cesare (Battisti) is pronounced in italian with the sound Che-(sare), but this didn't imply that that terrorist, who never repented at all, has to be confused with Che Guevara ...:D
Anyway he's cancelled his visit in Rome, because he's evidently not even courageous enough to stand protests and reproaches and his only interest was to support the Brasilian candidate in FAO, which is placed here, and he was just afraid that his presence could be a boomrang for the Brazilian candidate.
I'm really sorry he succeeded to offend our country, which is a quite weird one, but, intimately, our people inner culture, can hardly take lessons of democracy, tolernace and human right by anybody. Our peoples and individuals natural friendship and attraction didn't deserve this. As I said are accustomed to unpleasant attitudes and behaviours by French governments because of some envy and grandeur nostalgic psychosis, as in this case too, but we are really upset to be slapped by Brazilian government, either right and left (our President was a former communist btw and he was as hard as we never heard him thereabout).
Anyway that of the Brasilian Supreme court won't be the last word, should they think so I guess.
Finally the four signs of Battisti are not five, Your stars for the Cups You winned, obviously.
They're actually four bullet holes and are referred to the people he killed, not political osse or institutional guys in most cases, just the ones who resisted or went to the police in connection to his group robbery to finance terrorism.
Nonetheless You made me think also about soccer and to one of the stars.
I must say that even if Brasilian team deserved five e probably more of those stars, the one received for the Korea/ Japan world championship is one for an absolutely irregular tournement. I remeber pretty well that Turkey, a very strong and surprising team, was treated unfairly in the first phase.
We also remeber all very well, here in Italy, the ill-famed and corrupted referee Moreno (recently arrested in a US airport as a drug dealer), who practically eliminated in the most incredible, shameful and irregular way Italy first, then Spain too, to favour Korea. Curiously two teams which were then very competitive and possible winners too.
We understand power, policy etc. in the soccer world and where it stays, that Brasil is such a spectacular team and so much supported that we all wish it to go through to the final match (even when our team eventually lost neatly in Mexico or with honour for mistake in the last penalty of Baggio) , but limits of decency were passed in that World Championship by far, so we prefer to think that the Japan/ Korea Soccer World Cup didn't really occur ....:D

Mike Severoff
06-18-2011, 11:37 PM
Great, Caesar! You are done!
ps.Soon I will also publish a pamphlet:)

D Akey
06-19-2011, 04:22 AM
Going on with the political cartoons, I see.

Deep thinking requiring words which means to me you are illustrating your own article (or should), because they definitely need an explanation, at least for those not aware of any given political scene. Nothing wrong in that, I assure you.

The caricatures are plausible, although I do not know these faces.

If you are interested, you could perhaps have posed the guy on the right at more of an angle to show off his gesture, or at least have exaggerated the foreshortening a bit. When doing caricatures and so on, it's allowed, if not encouraged to exaggerate to make your point.

But I am impressed. Your drawings are very cool. You're acquiring a personal look to your colored drawings, where there doesn't seem to be a lot of difference between your straight drawings and your more playful or satyric ones. They're quicker feeling and this more conversational feeling. And thus, your style emerges. Good stuff, Caesar.

Oh, and I am impressed with your restraint with defining that gesture of the umbrella. Hahaha. Although I am very aware of the gesture, I have never heard it referred to as an umbrella opening. I think that is for polite company. I always thought the second hand at the elbow as more of a depth gauge. :D

The Italians and hand gestures. Classic and wonderfully visual. Probably goes back to the times when they were really important on the trade routes with all the multiple languages, and much of the business transactions among the merchants were done with hand gestures. And no doubt they wanted to do more than count.

06-19-2011, 04:39 AM
Thank You, dear Mike! Glad You're back again!

Dear D Akey, I did in little time and with compositional care or study. The political explanation is somwhow provided at the beginning and also here and there, in particular to Oriane, since, with much sorrow and regret this implied the government of our our beloved Brazilian cousins ... I thought that at least Lula, the former President of Brasil was recognizable.:)
The gesture is more referred to hanging and wearing the closed umbrella at the elbow (here the weather is mostly nice and the other arm is used to be under the wife or fiancée while strolling :p).
Thank You for Your positive comment about a style I seem to have and which is just the most natural and direct one out of my imagination and my gestures ... a way to do more than just trading for sure, coming from ancient theatre forms, mimes, pantomimes and down to the opera and orchestra directing.
I saw this "art" to work pefectly with many of my friends with tourists or travelling abroad and, obviously, due their superior sensitivities, it worked superbly to establish friendly relationship with girls anywhere they were allowed to ...:D

Mike Severoff
06-19-2011, 07:15 AM
Thank You, dear Mike! Glad You're back again!
It is a pity that there is only discussed art. As a living Russian, I would have told you a lot:)

Caesar, everything changes (about u sign) :D

06-19-2011, 08:22 PM
I think visual communication is always quite immediate and effective as a support and it may also be artful in some cases (not mine, since I'm not really an artist).
These times are the ones when it's most evident that "panta rei", but I hope that whatever the time and the events we could still keep human while sailing the changes waves or we would drown ... :)