View Full Version : ArtRage for iPad 1.1.6 Released.

06-07-2011, 12:55 PM
We are happy to announce that ArtRage for iPad 1.1.6 has been approved and released on the App Store. This free update includes the changes made in 1.1.5 as well as fixes for two issues that were found after the previous release.

Fixed in 1.1.6:

iOS 3.2 users can now use reference images, tracing images, and imported photos again.
Imported photos on iPad 2 should no longer crop themselves incorrectly in the new canvas.

New in 1.1.5/1.1.6:

iPad 1 & 2 Features:

The ArtRage Painting File format (PTG) has been registered to allow you to load paintings in to ArtRage from other applications on your iPad that support file opening (Mail, for example).

iPad 2 Features:

Camera support has been added to Importing Images, Importing to Layer, load Reference Images, and Tracing Images.
Maximum image size has been increased to 2048 x 2048.


Adjusted the Back to Gallery button menu options. You can now save and save a duplicate directly from that menu, or return to the Gallery (which will prompt you if you need to save changes).
Changed how the painting orientation system works, to ensure that the painting is upright if its aspect matches your device orientation, and at a reasonable angle if it doesn't.
Added a color sample under the finger when selecting colors in the color picker so you can see the resulting color more easily.
Turned of Smoothing on the Inking Pen and Precise Pencil by default to prevent pauses when calculating strokes.


Fixed a bug that caused the Wet mode Palette Knife blender to be slower on iPad 2.
Fixed a problem that could have caused a crash during save in some situations.
Paintings should no longer flip upside down when resetting scale/position with a two finger tap.
Fixed a problem that could cause paintings imported from the desktop version to require a tool selected before they could be painted on.
Fixed a problem that could cause folders imported to the gallery to display as invalid paintings.
Fixed a problem that could cause issues zooming to the corners in landscape oriented paintings.
Fixed a bug that could cause grey to be introduced in to blended results when using the wet blender near the edges of a stroke against a transparent background.