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Before they wheeled my bed into her room, Doc Paladino warned me not to expect Lacy Beth to be responsive, and he was correct.. She was lying in bed facing the wall. The only sign of life was when she would take a shallow breath.
Without taking my eyes off Lacy, I asked, “Doc, how long before she wakes up?”
“I can't say Sheriff. Truth is, at this point, it's more a matter of if, than when. The sooner she wakes up, the better her chances. She really needs to wake up by morning.”
As we waited, A.J. filled me in on the shooting. He said that it was obvious that I was the single target. Lacy was only shot because she jumped in the way, and there were no other bullets fired at anybody. The shooter had fired from the roof of one of the business locations, and obviously had a good escape plan, for he or she made a clean getaway.
The hours passed slowly as we waited and hoped to see Lacy's eyes open. Somewhere along the line I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was just past midnight. Wanda had dozed off in her chair, and Albright was doing exercises just to keep himself awake.
“A.J!”, I called, “push my bed over by hers. Time's running out, and I have to try something.” When I was close enough, I grabbed her hand and called out, “Lacey, wake up...Can you hear me?” I repeated this every few minutes,while squeezing her hand but nothing changed. Finally, out of desperation, I raised my voice and said, “Lacy Beth! No, you cannot play with us boys. You are just a girl, go back home and play with your dolls. Tell your momma to put some ribbons in your hair because you are just a weak little girl. You are not strong enough, or tough enough to play with us boys. Do you hear me?? You are too weak to play with us boys!! You can't swim with the boys, you can't run with us, you would cry and run home to momma if you fell down and got a scratch on your knee. Just a weak, sissy little girl! Do you hear me Lacy Beth? Just a wea... ”
Then a weak but irritated voice said, “Shut up John David, or I'll punch you in the nose!”
Then we saw her eyes slowly open. She was obviously confused about where she was, and what was going on, but she was awake! Before I could say a word, Wanda was headed out the door to get the nurse.
Albright pushed my bed back out of the way, and the nurse and the night doctor came rushing into the room. After a few minutes of checking Lacy, the doctor came over and said, “You can breathe easier now. Looks like she is going to be o.k.”
Shaking his hand, I said, “Thanks Doctor... You've got some mighty thankful folks in this room!”
Lacy had just finished taking a drink of water that Wanda had given her, when she said, “John David, are you o.k.? I was so afraid you were dying.”
Albright and Wanda were already pushing my bed over to hers, as I answered, “Yeah, I'm going to be fine, and so are you. We will talk about what happened, but right now, you and I both need to rest a bit.” She reached out for my hand, and in less than a minute she was sleeping. I wasn't far behind
When daylight arrived, the doctor said Lacy's vital signs were improving and she looked to be out of danger.
He estimated two or three days and she should be able to leave the hospital. He said that he believed I would be able to go home in a day or two.
A.J. had been downstairs in the cafeteria getting something for breakfast. When he walked in, I asked, “Do you know where my pistol is ?”
“Sure do”, he replied. “I've got it in my car.”
“That's good”. “Tell you what. How about you
go get it and bring it to me. Then you get the heck out of here and go somewhere and crash for awhile.”
He reached into a bag he was carrying, and put my pistol on the bed beside me. “ Way ahead of you.. I talked to the Doc, and he fixed me up with a room just down the hall. Said as long as you two were in here, I could use it whenever I needed. So, if you feel up to it, that's where I'm headed now.”
I answered, “I've got it. I couldn't arm wrestle a 300 year old flea right now, but I'm strong enough to pull a trigger. Go get some sleep.”
After A.J. went to get some sleep, Wanda asked, “So, what happens now John David?” Do you have any ideas on who it was that shot you and Lacy?”
“Well, I do have my own suspicions, but no evidence to back it up. There's no doubt that the shooter is either Emma Robert's killer, or was hired to kill me by that person. Do you feel up to doing something for me?”
“Of course.” She said, “What do you need?”
“ Right now I want you to go home and get a good nights sleep. Then when you can, after you've checked on your Cafe, and anything else you need to do, stop by my place and check my mail. If there is an envelope from my attorney, Dale Brown, bring it to me. The rest can wait. He was supposed to be checking on a couple of things in regards to Emma's murder, and I'm hoping there is some good news in that report. Before you do that, would you go downstairs and buy four newspapers? I don't care what date, just four papers of any kind.”
Wanda looked at me like the concussion must have come back, but she did what I asked.
When she came back to the room, I told her what I wanted her to do with them.
Then she checked on the sleeping Lacy, and picked up one of the newspapers. As I had requested, she crumpled up every page, and scattered them around the floor. “Is that what you wanted?”, she asked.
“Exactly. In case I fall asleep, anybody comes in will make noise when they step on those papers, and wake me up. It will probably irritate the nurses, but it's better than us waking up dead. When I'm a little stronger, I won't need them. Be careful driving back to Jubal. Don't want you falling asleep.”
She said she would be fine,then turned and went out the door. I spent the better part of a couple of hours scratching and drawing arrows on a tablet, trying to connect information with suspects, hoping to make two plus two come out to four instead of three. While I was pretty much lost in that process, I heard Lacy say, “Well our Saturday night didn't work out did it John David?”
“Not exactly”, I answered. But, there will be others.”
Lacy grabbed my hand, and asked, “What would you have done if I had died in the park?”
“I don't even want to think about that”, I answered.
“No seriously, what would you have done?”
Looking up at the ceiling, deep in thought, I finally looked at her and said, “Well, that's really a difficult question, but under the circumstances, I suppose after I got out of the hospital, I'd probably ask Cindy to go to the show with me.”
“John David!”, she attempted to scream. “If I could get out of this bed, I'd kick your butt all the way back to Jubal! I will get even with you – count on it!”
In between laughs, I said, “Oh, I have no doubt about that.. but look at the bright side, you showed a pretty impressive burst of energy there. That's a good sign that you are getting better.”
She gave me a little smile and a wink to let me know that she wasn't really mad, then drifted off to sleep again.
Done in AR 2.5
Marker, crayon, tube, knife, pencil and eraser.

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Very good Mike!

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Very good Mike!

Danke, Mein lieber Freund! :):)

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Great chapter Mike...am so looking forward to more...

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Great chapter Mike...am so looking forward to more...

Many thanks Steve.. Most certainly appreciated. :):)

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Ohhhh errrr this is sooooooooo good Barnburner, keep it coming.:)

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Ohhhh errrr this is sooooooooo good Barnburner, keep it coming.:)

You are too kind Katie... but thank you very much.
I appreciate your support very much. :):)

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I'm sorry for the lost opportunity to see the famous skirt, but I must say that hospital coats for surgery may be even shorter and more sexy (leaving little of Your back and buttocks to imagination) ...:D

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I'm sorry for the lost opportunity to see the famous skirt, but I must say that hospital coats for surgery may be even shorter and more sexy (leaving little of Your back and buttocks to imagination) ...:D

LOL....Somehow, it's just not the same... :D:):)
Thanks Caesar! :):)