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When it Rains

There was definitely a chill in the air, but it seemed to be isolated to my corner of the Cafe. Normally talkative, Wanda always became very quiet when upset over something. Every attempt I made at starting a conversation with her, was met with stone cold silence. Since I could not think of anything I might have said or done to upset her, I assumed it was none of my business. If she wanted to talk, she would. If not, I'd let her work it out.
When I stepped up to the cash register to pay my bill, Wanda told Debby to take over and led me to her office. After closing the door, she said, “Did a horse kick you in the head John David? Or, is your brain still frozen from Korea?”
Set back on my heels from this unexpected blast, I simply answered, “Neither one as far as I know. Do you mind if I ask you what the heck you are talking about”?
“I'm talking about the way you are treating the best girl you will ever run across in your lifetime. Lacy Beth came by my house last night, crying her eyes out.

She said she came out to your place to see you yesterday, and you chased her off so you could spend time with the Mayor's niece. Did you really do that?”
“No I didn't. I understand why it looked that way to her, but she is wrong. Cindy Mae showed up totally unexpected. I had planned to spend that time working on the Emma Roberts murder case. As soon as Cindy showed up, I sent her away, making her mad at me too, I might add.”
The intensity in her eyes seemed to be lessening as Wanda said, “Well then, why didn't you stop and see her last night and explain? That girl has been in love with you ever since you two were kids, and you just seem to keep pushing her away.”
“Wanda, you know I think the world of her, and yeah, I've been interested in her for a long time. It's just that in some ways, she scares the hell out of me. At times, she's so....”
“Forward?”, Wanda finished my thought.
“Yeah, I suppose so. Sometimes I wondered if it was just me, or if she would be that way with other guys too”
Wanda sighed, and looked at me like I was both helpless and hopeless. “O.K. John David, I'll try and use simple words. Pay attention. Think back to when you both were in high school. The only time she ever payed any attention to another guy, was when she was trying to make you jealous. You lawmen like to work with clues don't you? Well Sheriff, here's a big clue for you.... in the four years you were gone, how many dates do you think Lacy Beth went on”?
I shrugged my shoulders and said, “I just have no idea”
Wanda said, “Well I do...think about this number – ZERO. She went to dances, roller skating, picnics,etc., but never with a date. She certainly had plenty of chances. I doubt there has been a week go by that some guy hasn't asked her out. Then you come home,several days pass, and you still have not
come around, so she looks you up. You think Lacy Beth is forward? She's a pretty bright girl. She knew what she wanted, but came to the conclusion that if she waited for you to make a move, she would go to her grave with no grandchildren to remember her. So, she took the bit in her teeth and went after what she wanted. Unfortunately I forgot to tell her that you might need to be hit between the eyes to get your attention.”
Had there been a back door to Wanda's office, I probably would have made a dash for the alley. It's not comfortable having a friend tell you that they think you have not been acting very bright. “Wanda, maybe you are right. I suppose I need to think about what you've said. At the least, I will certainly look Lacy Beth up and apologize for the misunderstanding at my place yesterday.”
“You do that John David. Here's something else to think over. There were nine girls in Lacy's graduating class. The school provided a school bus to take the girls to Little Rock for a week-end for their graduation trip. On their return trip on a Sunday night, they ran onto a Cotton Belt passenger train that had derailed. It was really bad. I think three people were killed and thirty or forty injured. When the bus stopped, Lacy jumped off and ran to the train. Several of those cars had not completely overturned, but were in danger of doing so. In spite of that, Lacy Beth climbed into those cars and started helping and dragging people off. Once everybody was off the cars, she tended the injured for hours until the last of them left in ambulances.
The other eight girls never left the bus. They watched and cried. When Lacy Beth climbed back on the bus after the last injured were taken away, she was covered in blood from head to toe. Two of the girls fainted when they saw her.
Take this for what it's worth John David. Your Cindy Mae is a pretty girl, and her family has a lot of money and influence. However ,my guess is that had Cindy been on that bus, she would have been just like the eight girls that stood by and watched while people needed help. Anyway, I've said my peace. What you do from here on is up to you.”
Just as I was getting into my truck, I noticed Lacy Beth getting into her truck half a block away. I jumped out and ran across the street, yelling, “Hold up Lacy!. I want to talk to you!”. As she pulled away, I chased her for another half block hoping she would spot me in her mirrors and stop, but to no avail.
When I returned to my truck, I found Cindy Mae standing by the door.
“My goodness John David, I do believe that girl doesn't want to talk to you. How about if I cheer you up by taking you to lunch?”, she asked.
“Sorry Cindy, but I have to go out of town for a few hours, and probably won't be back in time for lunch. I'll call you tomorrow.
Then I climbed in my truck, and headed out of town as fast as possible before I found a way to get in any more trouble.
All done in AR 2.5, brush, marker, pencil,crayon, tube, and eraser.

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Hmm, is John David really not interested or he is playing "hard to get"?:D

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Hmm, is John David really not interested or he is playing "hard to get"?:D

Only the sparrows know.... :D:)

Thanks Jasmine. :):)

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I remember this one on DA Mike, great work!

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I remember this one on DA Mike, great work!

Yeah, this one kind of got lost in the Bermuda Triangle for a bit. :D:)
Thank you very much kind lady... :):)