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Chapter 2

First Day on the Job

When Wanda opened the Cafe for business the next morning, I was sitting right there on the fender of my pickup, taking in the clean and fresh feeling that I had always enjoyed about early morning.
As I walked in the Cafe, I heard Wanda say,“Good morning John David, how are you this morning?” Coffee pot in hand, she pointed me towards the booth by the window.
“Pretty good Wanda..pretty good. Looks like it's going to be a nice day”. As she dropped a menu on the table and filled my coffee cup I said, “I won't need a menu, just give me some biscuits and gravy, a side order of sausage, a small orange juice and a glass of water”.
“Sure thing John David...Whoops, I suppose I better get used to calling you Sheriff. I've been calling you by your name as long as I can remember. Well, things change I guess....... Congratulations on the job. Word still gets around pretty fast in these parts.”

“Well, if you are going to call me Sheriff, then I reckon I'll have to start calling you Cafe Owner, so maybe we better just leave it at John David and Wanda, you think?”
Wanda laughed as she walked toward the kitchen and said,, “Fair Enough John David”.
When she brought my breakfast to the table, I was surprised to find that it simply consisted of a sausage and egg sandwich on light bread. Wanda smiled at the look of confusion on my face and said, “You are going to have lots of folks stopping by your booth to congratulate you on being the new Sheriff, which means your breakfast will get ice cold. Eat this and drink your coffee. I'll call your office about 10:00. If you are there, I'll bring your real breakfast over, and you can eat it in peace.”
When I tried to thank her, she just threw me a wink and said, “That's just a one time service for the new Sheriff. From here on in, you eat here or do without”.
As she had predicted,there was a steady steam of folks stopping by to wish me well. One of the nice things about living in a small town I suppose. Of course, I knew that somewhere along the line, in the performance of my duties, I would undoubtedly make some of those very same people mad, but that just comes with the job.
After breakfast, I sat on the tailgate of my pickup,for about an hour or so, as I waved and spoke to folks as they walked or drove by. Having been gone four years, I wanted to regain a feeling for the daily flow of activity around town.
After that, having given them a chance to get their work day started, I went from shop to shop, letting the owners and workers know that I would do my best to help them in whatever way I could.
Later that morning, as I enjoyed the breakfast that Wanda had dropped off, I ran over my “duties” in my mind. Truth be told, they didn't consist of much. Other than escorting funerals, providing security and traffic control for the 4th of July and Labor Day picnics, Saturdays were the center of attention for the Sheriff..
The routine in Jubal wasn't much different than in most rural towns in the south. For six days of the week, there was very little activity in the downtown area. That changed dramatically on Saturday. Most of the farmers and their families would work half a day. Then it was time to draw water from a pump or well, to fill the galvanized wash tubs for baths before heading for town.
The normally almost empty downtown streets would be jammed with people. Moms and Dads would do the necessary shopping, take care of business, and stop to talk to friends and family they met along the way.
For the kids, it meant roaming the streets from one end of town to the other and back again, looking for friends they hadn't seen since the last Saturday night.
After a few times around the town, they headed for the highlight of the night - Boone's Theater.
On Saturday nights, Boone's Theater would show
three movies. How many of those movies the kids would get to watch, depended on how long their parents planned to stay in town. Some of the older kids, who lived only a few miles from town, might get to stay for all three movies, then walk home. Sometimes a few of the younger brothers and sisters would get to stay with them, and the oldest would be charged with taking care of them. As they walked home in the darkness, the older kids would often tell ghost stories, feeding the young imaginations, and soon they would be running all the way home. Of course once they got there, nobody would admit to having been scared.....
On Saturday nights, the Sheriff would make a few stops in the Pool Hall to be sure everything was peaceful. Some of those ole boys took their pool seriously, and a fight was known to break out now and then. Boone's Theater was next door to the Pool Hall, so he would drop in a couple of times just to let the kids see him in case any of them had ideas of getting rowdy. Of course, a few walks down side streets and alley ways were necessary to look for any drunks that might have passed out, or somehow become injured. It was a “dry” county, but, there were several people out in the hills that made moonshine, and a 20 minute drive to the State Line ended with a group of taverns, dance halls, and liquor stores, where the folks from Jubal could purchase all the alcohol they wanted, and bring it back to town to drink. Rumor had it, that sometimes a few of the folks reported missing at Church attendance on Sunday mornings because of a “cold”, had been seen driving toward the State Line on Saturday night......

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Great work Mike. I am looking forward to reading more!

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You introduced us perfectly in the atmosphere of that little town and Your Wanda portrait show a dramatic improvement of Your style in such a genre.

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Another fabulous addition dear Mike keep it coming:):)

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Sandy, Thank you so much. I'm glad you are enjoying the story thus far. :):)

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Good story so far Mr Burner. Wanda looks friendly.

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