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04-14-2011, 04:52 AM
North Carolina-Cape Hatteras National Seashore.
I was admiring a photo taken and thought I would try to freehand a quickie this afternoon. Not a masterpiece, but a source of relaxation.
I thought about Pat, I hope you've seen this beauty Pat.

I read in 1999 this spectacular black and white barber's pole style tower threatened by coastal erosion was moved a half mile inland. Isn't it wonderful that it was saved?

04-14-2011, 06:08 AM
Nicely done! I always enjoy seeing and trying to paint lighthouses.

04-14-2011, 06:15 AM
sandy, have seen it, and you did a wonderful job on it, very nice reflection, well done;);):):)

04-14-2011, 06:16 AM
Forgot P.S. Sandy, so glad you are taking some time for relaxation:D

04-14-2011, 06:46 AM
Good job. Love the style :):):)

J Witt
04-14-2011, 07:30 AM
Great job on that reflection.

04-14-2011, 08:09 AM
Alexandra - such a beautiful little sketch, very nice:):):)

04-14-2011, 08:10 AM
Very nice Sandy, love the colors and contrast :):):)

04-14-2011, 09:23 AM
It's very beautiful and You got a stunning reflex too. It looks like bota a realistic painting and a graphical illustration.:eek::cool::):):):):)

Peter Pinckney
04-14-2011, 09:33 AM
Beautiful Sandy............:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):): ):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):): ):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):): ):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

04-14-2011, 09:42 AM
Hi Scott, Thank you and it is so nice to see you!

Hi Pat, Thanks so much. I am trying to get things in order right now since it will be a couple of more weeks before my neighbor-builder-and friend will be able to return. Cabinet and sink in livingroom, toilet in bathtub, sheet rock in living room, along with plywood! haha! I am vacuuming around it all and trying to not notice so much.;):D (All because of particle board flooring and a broken pipe):mad:

Hi Nika, Thanks so much. I need to let everything go and put more work into my paintings, but here lately-my creative spark is dampened with my rotten floors-haha.

Thanks so much J Witt-this software totally rocks, and I give all the credit to the designers.

ghxpainter, Many kind thanks!

Steve, Thanks my bama neighbor!

Cesare, so kind of you dear man, thank you!

Peter, I appreciate your wonderful smilies and kind words dear friend!:)

04-14-2011, 04:05 PM
Sandy, you have captured the charm of these old lighthouses :)

04-14-2011, 05:27 PM
Very, very nice Sandra. I like the bold simplicity of the painting.
One thing I would like to see though is not have it quite centered left to right but rather shifted a little to the left. Great job just the same!

04-14-2011, 05:30 PM
Love this, Sandra! You should do a series of all the majestic NC Outer Banks lighthouses!:D:D:D

04-15-2011, 01:06 AM
Very nicely done Sandy.. Lighthouses are cool.
I remember seeing a bit on an old lighthouse that they were going to tear down. Some people got the town to fix it up, and they rent it to tourists as a place to live during the summer.
I thought that was really neat. :):)

04-15-2011, 01:11 AM
If you are tring to relax, well anything is good but this painting is also good Sandy. Well done:)

04-15-2011, 04:17 AM
Thanks so much Jean. I hope that America can preserve as many as possible, so much has been neglected.

Hi Neal, Thanks! I should have done this indeed, but instead held the magazine in my hand and copied the photograph, and didn't do it much justice!:o:D

Deb, This would be fun, thank you!

That's cool Mike, do you know which one it was? I will try to research a bit. And thank you for the nice comment my friend!

Thanks Katie, I was indeed. I loved the colors in this photograph and the refection of the lighthouse in the water. It would be so cool to see it. I am not that far away really. A days drive maybe two.

04-15-2011, 04:53 AM
That's cool Mike, do you know which one it was? I will try to research a bit. And thank you for the nice comment my friend!

I can't recall which one it was. I'm thinking it was up on the St. Lawrence seaway? but, that's just something stuck in my mind.
Actually - I just goggled for help, and surprise - there are a lot of lighthouse vacations going on!

04-15-2011, 09:04 AM
Hey Mike, Thanks so much. Wouldn't that be a blast?!?! I would like to have one off of a cliff-with a fence of course. lol.:eek::D

04-15-2011, 09:22 AM
Beautiful landscape and water reflecting perfectly the sky above.... very pretty Sandy.

04-16-2011, 06:20 PM
nice bright palette used..:).
i might break the verticle edges of the lighthouse's reflection at few points, because of the ripples and suble waves and movement of the water. but very nicely done even as is..:).


D Akey
04-17-2011, 05:53 AM
Your technique here reminds me of an animation cell painting.

Cool about that moving the lighthouse. . . especially for the lighthouse keeper. Most of us have Winnebegos. I wonder if it will catch on and take it's fair market share when they start mass producing them? Competition is the backbone of this great land of ours. . .

04-18-2011, 01:01 AM
AT: Thank you!:)

Waheed, Thank you, that is great advice! I would love to be a student in your class should you ever have one!:)

Thank you D-Akey, now this is an idea....hum.....a lighthouse on wheels...nope-I think not-couldn't go through the Arby's drive through and get my Jamoca shake.:rolleyes::p:D

04-22-2011, 08:51 PM
sure and we all learn from each other all the time..:).

04-23-2011, 02:34 AM
Yes indeed Waheed. What I have learned since I have been with AR is so much. Now it is time for me to be more diligent with my artistic desires, instead of putting them away for another day.

04-23-2011, 08:30 AM
Great scene dear Sandy:):)

04-23-2011, 10:30 AM
Thank you dear Amanda, I appreciate your sweet comment.

04-25-2011, 10:37 AM
A very pretty and impressive image Alessandra. Congratulations.

04-25-2011, 09:59 PM
Thanks so much Oriane, great to see you.