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02-24-2011, 04:20 PM
I love Sci-fi and fantasy art, and thought I would throw in a little Dean influence this evening.
Hope you all like the floating tree.
All AR3Pro.

02-24-2011, 05:23 PM
That is too cool Sandra! LOVE the colors in this!

02-24-2011, 05:26 PM
I say, very Cool Sandra !:):)

02-24-2011, 07:11 PM
A very fine painting Sandra...and I really like the colors...:):):)

02-24-2011, 09:16 PM
I like very much this mysterious giant tree protruding over an as much mysterious lanscape! Bravissima!

02-24-2011, 10:34 PM
I like it. You have a great imagination!:D

02-24-2011, 10:42 PM
This is amazing dear Sandy you have such a brilliant mind:):)

02-24-2011, 11:23 PM
Fantastic fantasy piece. This is awesome.

02-24-2011, 11:48 PM
Yikes its kind of spooky :D

02-25-2011, 12:50 AM
Eddie, Scott, Steve, Cesare, Deb, Amanda, Albert, and Jules, Thanks so much everyone for your kind comments!

02-25-2011, 01:23 AM
Thank you Sandra for reminding me of the legend of the floating tree... Twas told to me late one night by a strange visitor to my campfire. A tall imposing man, who seemed normal until I noticed each hand had seven fingers and no thumb.
He claimed to be from a planet called Bacall in a far away solar system. According to his story, there was a young voluptuous maiden named Fesire, who had been designated as the Bride to Be for Petro, absolute ruler of their planet. Unfortunately, Fesire was found in the bed of Lancimor,the planet Bacall's greatest warrior and personal protector of Petro.
Fesire was dragged naked into the court of Petro, where Petro summoned his sorcerer and had her turned into a tree, and commanded her to float for eternity, never to be allowed to take root.
Lancimor was condemned to be executed, until Petro's sister, herself one of Lancimor's lovers, stepped in and convinced Petro to spare his life, and had him deported to the planet Earth.

Great imagination and wonderful painting Sandy..:):)
Wonderfully done! :)

02-25-2011, 02:18 AM
Wonderful painting Sandra, your imagination is a gift and such a delight to see:):););)

02-25-2011, 02:43 AM
Dear Barn, a great anticipation of Your next book then! Now I know where the myth of Apollo and Daphne comes from. I guess the alien planet moon's name is Lauren (of the Bacall planet I mean) and they messed up with that name and understood that Daphne (actually Fesire) was changed into a laurel tree! :D Sandra You know the story, don't You?
I've got among my past images (see herebelow) a shot of that ancient tragical event ...

02-25-2011, 03:27 AM
I love this one Sandy, it takes me into the world of fantasy and wonderment. You have created a very lovely and mysterious painting. I wonder if Mother Earth could help this so lovely tree.:)

02-25-2011, 03:58 AM
Hi Mike, Great story there, thanks dear friend!
Thanks Pat, I appreciate that!
Cesare, Good Lord, I'm having hot flashes again.
Thanks dear Katie! It is so strange that you thought this, because I almost named it-The Universal Tree.

D Akey
02-25-2011, 04:14 AM
Holy crap! WOW and WOW!!!

Awesome Sandra!!!!!!!

I wasn't thinking of (Roger?) Dean the illustrator who did the album covers for Yes? Although i can see it sorta since I havent followed his work since the early 70s.

I was thinking Maxfield Parrish. . . only he did fantasy and not surrealism as I recall. . . or the Brothers Hildebrandt who painted Tolkien stuff.

Be that as it may, this is really great!!!!!!! Saturation is just a wee bit intense, but it's very praiseworthy indeed. I think maybe Merry or Pippin got hold of Gandalf's staff and were playing about with it and started levitating the trees.

Nice one!

02-25-2011, 04:18 AM
I had to hang on to see what our dear D-Akey wrote, and I am so happy that I did. Thank you sweetie! I will work on the saturation then. I also noticed a few details in the tree that I need to tweak just a tiny bit.
Yeah, I was looking through my beloved Magnetic Storm book last night that my hubby bought me for my birthday last-and wanted to do a bit of it. I love the colors and application. They were very much like Parish-and I have his book as well. Both I dearly love. Thanks again dear friend.

02-25-2011, 04:21 AM
Sandy, I'll just echo everyone's fine praise, well deserved. Terrific painting. Funny, it reminded me of Avatar. GREAT work. :)

D Akey
02-25-2011, 04:25 AM
Caesar, that is tragic. His leg looks like hers. A tragedy of tangency (tangents that confuse what goes with what).

This is not just another mythological bacchanal, it's more like a neo-classical bark-and-all. . .

(It so flusters me that I cannot play with words with so much reckless abandon since it's your second language. . . after Latin. So I end up explaining which sort of the equivalent of elbowing you in the ribs and saying "Get it? Eh? Funny isn't it. . ." and if ya have to do that, the joke ain't so funny.)

But I recall this pic. You have come a long way as well from when you did this a couple years ago.

02-25-2011, 04:54 AM
Dear D Akey, I vaguely see what You mean and the little pun (maybe) and at least what You geometrically expressed so well. I had the same impression on the leg reviewing it. I therefore gratefully and respectfully bow (blush too, it's the right thread to do this :p, and chuckle) in front of Your compliments and humor! Thank You very much and to Sandra for hosting this revival of when I was a tiny art-addicted-kid! :D

02-25-2011, 07:22 AM
WOW Alexandra:eek::eek::eek: IT'S GREAT!!!

02-25-2011, 08:24 AM
very nice...very atmospheric....:)

02-25-2011, 09:33 AM
Terrific:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: painting Alexandra.

02-25-2011, 09:51 AM
Byron, Silvy, Jon, and Oriane, Many thanks dear friends!

02-25-2011, 10:18 AM
Definitely uprooted! Great image Alexandra!

02-25-2011, 11:07 AM
Bravo! A lovely fantasy indeed. Great concept and colors.

02-25-2011, 12:11 PM
This is so beautiful Sandy, wonderful image. Love the mood. Wonderful colors and perspective.:eek::):)

02-25-2011, 03:25 PM
Hi Scott, Thank you! I think it is surviving through the nutrients of the air in this weird planet.:D

Hi Fashmir, Thanks! I wish I could say that I came up with it, but the Dean boys did that, I just made my own with their technique. When I look at their work I am always so inspired. I admire them for their mind blowing genius work-both drawing, and architecture-that seems to be timeless in a way.:)
BTW, I checked out your blog.:eek: Outstanding work dear man!!!

Thanks so much dear Belvrog! I really enjoyed making this one especially with ArtRage.:)

03-15-2011, 11:19 AM
Cool tree! The landscape in behind is gorgeous.

Caesar! Dont tell me, you got a thing for knot holes?

03-15-2011, 02:20 PM
Thank you Soapy. I appreciate your comment!