View Full Version : Neon Experiment

02-23-2011, 11:57 PM
Thought I'd give abstract a try using Peter's duplication and difference blending technique. Used mostly pencil, some airbrush and knife blending.

02-24-2011, 02:51 AM
Oh no, poor Debbie...run from the rabbit hole! lol-all kidding aside-beautifully colored and designed.:D

02-24-2011, 01:30 PM
Thanks, Sandra! I lost track of how many times I duplicated and difference blended the layers! Definitely easy to get carried away, but fun to just see what evolves.:)

02-25-2011, 03:39 AM
Wowwwwwwwwwww I opened this one and a figure jumped right out at me. Great colours:)

02-25-2011, 03:41 AM
It's amazing! There's a sort of alien electric entity with raised arms and about to detach and move away its head (or helmet)! And the weirdest thing is that .... it's got only two tits, just like humans! :eek::cool::p:p:p:):):)

02-25-2011, 03:57 AM
Wonderful - great example of the technique - superb example if you ask me. It's WILD. :):):D