View Full Version : ArtRage for iPad 1.0.5 Released.

02-08-2011, 05:37 PM
ArtRage for iPad 1.0.5 has been approved and should now be available for purchase or update from the iTunes App Store worldwide.

This new update contains a number of enhancements and adjustments to improve the general workflow of the application.


1. Significantly enhanced the speed of canvas zoom and pan.

2. Added a Memory Warning: ArtRage uses a lot of memory to track properties of your paint such as its texture on the canvas, how wet it is, and other properties of physical media. This means it can sometimes be easy to run low on memory. A warning prompt now pops up on the ArtRage toolbar when your iPad detects memory is low, and the Help guide built in to the app gives you some steps you can take to help in these situations. Users who have experienced crashes are probably seeing the app shut down by the OS when memory runs out, this warning will help you spot when there might be a problem, and save your work if you want to restart.

3. Added a 'Show Toolbar' toggle button that appears when the toolbar is hidden. Some users reported that they lost their toolbar, this is probably due to accidentally tapping with three fingers (the toolbar show/hide shortcut). The new toggle makes sure that if you have hidden the toolbar you know how to get it back.

4. Added a Save Prompt (turned on/off via your iPad's Settings app) - If on, a quick Save button pops up on the toolbar every 10 minutes if the painting contains unsaved changes, so that you can quickly save your work.

5. Improved painting orientation detection to avoid the painting appearing in the wrong orientation when opened.

Other Changes:

- Fixed a problem that prevented Flip Horizontal working correctly in layer transformations.

- Improved painting placement in the gallery to reduce instances of paintings appearing in the wrong position.

- Fixed a problem that prevented ArtrRage saving color samples when closed from the multitasking bar.

A Note on Memory.

The Memory Warning icon has been included to help with users who have experienced crashes in the application. After testing and collaboration with beta users, it appears that most of the crashes that have been experienced since 1.0.3 are due to the iPad running out of memory and closing the application as a result.

The memory warning icon indicates that the OS has detected memory is low. That does not necessarily mean that the app is about to be shut down, rather it indicates that the OS is trying to clear up memory to let the app continue operating. If you see the memory warning appear on the toolbar, you can also quick save your painting if you are concerned about crashes. Clear the memory warning icon and if it appears again shortly (especially directly after doing something that uses a lot of memory such as adding reference images or tracing images, or duplicating layers that have lots of paint in) we would suggest closing all parked applications and rebooting your iPad as per this thread:


Most parked applications will not place large requirements on memory or the processor, but some may, so please be aware of what you have open in the background if you experience speed or memory problems.

If you experience crashes, particularly if you do not see the memory warning appearing, please let us know and we can look in to it for you.