View Full Version : Duplication and Effects

01-08-2011, 03:47 AM
I hope this is helpful. I learned this technique from Peter. The coloring from SCP, and the glazing from Cesare.

I will upload one screen shot, but if anyone wants me to do a step by step I will be happy to help.

1. On cell or completely smooth canvas-I start with drawing a dark petal-black or dark grey. Go over it with the desired color. I use pastel or crayon. I highlight area I wish to be highlighted with airbrush and later another layer of glazing if desired-and shade the lower part of the petal. Blend with smooth knife on about 7% around edges. Clean up with eraser.

2. Duplicate the petal and merge. Do this three times or until you are happy with the results. Once you have a nice shape-duplicate petal and transform moving petal in direction of a flower, duplicating until you have all the petals you wish. Merge them. Duplicate whole flower and merge again.

3. Add new layer and drag to bottom. Be sure to save a lot with this drawing. Paint your background, blend, use a photograph, whatever you wish to upload, trace, or paint as a background.

4. Once you are ready you may enlarge what you have drawn and move the layer to be behind your drawing-and if you do this you can lighten with the tools on the layer-you may duplicated and transform into any effect you choose. I like to use luminosity or change the opacity, where the background will compliment the enlarged flower and will not compete with the foreground.

I hope the example is helpful. Good luck! I would love to see some try outs.:D