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01-06-2011, 05:35 AM
I have a wacom graphire2 tablet. I don't know why I never considered going to these new settings before, but I am certainly loving the ease of use by just reprogramming the shortcuts on my tablet pen and tablet. Really helps with the workflow. You access through your tablet's system preferences.

I set the bottom click on the pen to the option (alt) key/and click. (I forgot you could add the click too!) This allows you to hover over any color on your painting with your pen above the tablet and just make the click in midair to select that color. :eek: No cumbersome use of the eyedropper tool anymore! And no having to use the keyboard...yeah! :D There is no need to even touch the tablet... just click in midair. Much like the color selector in Brushes app, but there you have to tap the screen. This is very cool. I am loving it.

For the top click (back click) on the pen I set it to be the shift key and a click added too. Holding this button down allows you to hover over the tablet and change brush sizes in midair. It's wonderful. No key commands needed because it is already programmed in the pen now. I love it. So easy to change brush sizes now... just awesome.

I also have two buttons on the tablet... left one programmed for drawing straight lines with the command key (I guess windows key on a pc?) and the other one programmed for undo with option/alt/ z.

It is very nice to not have to use the keyboard for these most frequently used shortcuts. :) Most enjoyable.

01-06-2011, 07:47 AM
Thanks for reminding me about this. I like to download pictures with metal, armour etc and use the eyedropper tool to see how certain effects were created. I have been learning to use Gimp and the eyedroppers there is so easy to use. But now. "No cumbersome use of the eyedropper tool anymore! "
It's fun just to hover over a picture and watch the colours change on the palette. So many thanks like you say " Most enjoyable.

01-06-2011, 12:22 PM
yah, it is really amazing isn't it? thanks to Andy and the guys for this bit of wonder being available to artrage users.
you really have to try this to appreciate it fully. It's so cool!!!
seeing your tool change size with barely moving your pen in hover position is awesome too. And the really great thing about that is that you can go up to size 500 without an intermediary pop up dialog box!!!