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07-26-2019, 07:12 PM


congratulation ! you reached to 1500 pages

I want to download all the paintings you shared here !
can you upload them in just one single zip file ?

07-27-2019, 06:34 AM
Hello. Shekofte. Blimey. Long time no see. Good your. Fit and well As for. Files. can't help you
As I'm useless. With a computer ok if I knew how to. I would be pleased to send. Could you try
Cap. mac as he has the knowledge how to Ko. Good to see you. CIAO. IVAYA CON DIOS. SLAINTE

D. Akey.

D Akey
07-27-2019, 08:39 AM
Hello. Shekofte. Blimey. Long time no see. Good your. Fit and well As for. Files. can't help you
As I'm useless. With a computer ok if I knew how to. I would be pleased to send. Could you try
Cap. mac as he has the knowledge how to Ko. Good to see you. CIAO. IVAYA CON DIOS. SLAINTE

D. Akey.

I'm afraid knowledge how to press a button and how to access files on a server are two different things. I have no access to your computer, matey nor do I have access to the forum content other than going through page by page like any other user. Even at that, compressing every picture you did would be kinda excessive. We're not talking one or two pictures here.

So my contribution to your cordial response is that it's likely not going to happen.

Although Mr Ploos, your good heart is front and center.

I suppose you could go through the thread and download the pictures you want off the forums one by one, or you can grab a displayed page at a time and then separate out the picture files. Multiply that by 1500 and you have an idea of the work involved.

07-27-2019, 10:13 PM
Hi. Cap Mac. I think that Shekofte. Meant. Just ones that were. Connected. To him when he was. Dancing around.
The. forums keeping us Laughing. :D:D:D. Ok. CIAO. HASTA. LA. VISTA. SLAINTE

D Akey
07-28-2019, 06:52 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. I think that Shekofte. Meant. Just ones that were. Connected. To him when he was. Dancing around.
The. forums keeping us Laughing. :D:D:D. Ok. CIAO. HASTA. LA. VISTA. SLAINTE

I see. I have no idea then, I'm afraid, since I don't know which those would be. I think he could well go in and select those which he favors in that case and just grab them.

Anyway, it's always cool to get that kind of interest from your fans.

Go man go!!!!

07-28-2019, 10:30 AM
Hi tried a touch up ok but is taken 2 hours to show on the Forums when only took 5mins for the

Touch UP:confused::confused::confused::confused::confuse d::confused::confused::mad::mad::mad::mad:

07-29-2019, 08:59 PM
Hi yeah still doing Touch ups as :confused::confused :with my Computer?? sorry its my Computer

that's :confused: with me :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

07-30-2019, 08:17 AM
We've gotta figure out how to get your computer back up to scratch eight +! There are a gagillion people in the world who might know just how to fix things right, we just need to find ONE of them and get it going for you! If there is a financial road bump in your way, then we should do a little crowdfunding. It can't possibly cost so much to accomplish that if a bunch of us pitched in a few quid it wouldn't be fixed in a snap. What say Ragers? How we gonna let eight + flounder with a computer running on hamsters and rabid squirrels? Let's make a plan!

07-30-2019, 10:29 AM
Thanks. Dave I'm just getting. In bed. Ok. :D. Yes I love Drawing and. Painting. But. wth HyTec. I'm. Lost ok

07-31-2019, 04:55 AM
Hi yep Still touch Ups ok CIAO SLAINTE

07-31-2019, 06:12 AM
yes Touch Ups is the name of my game at the moment ok CIAO IVAYA CON DIOS SLAINTE

07-31-2019, 07:25 AM
Hi Tis I :D :confused: as is my Norm ok CIAO SLAINTE

07-31-2019, 05:45 PM
Here is a favorite from my youth. I have always enjoyed Bouguereau.

07-31-2019, 08:55 PM
Hi taken me a hour to get it beachy head Looms Close :confused: :confused:

Yeah not My Copy

07-31-2019, 09:16 PM
ok think this is mine ok I think it might need turning when Cap Mac gets here :D:D:D:D

08-02-2019, 12:43 AM
Hi ok just another touch up :cool::cool::D:D:D CIAO IVAYA CON DIOS SLAINTE

D Akey
08-03-2019, 03:12 AM
ok think this is mine ok I think it might need turning when Cap Mac gets here :D:D:D:D

WoooOOOOoooaaahhh!!!!! :p:rolleyes::D

D Akey
08-03-2019, 03:16 AM
Oh aye. . . there ye go laddie. Right as rain.

08-03-2019, 04:21 AM
Thanks. Cap. Mac. It looks better already. Sorry. I'm not feeling to good. I'm mainly. Sleeping think it. Must be due.

To my. Age Ok. But trying to hang on. I did see the Reaper. Circle Then go by. To my relieve (;---)). CAIO.

D Akey
08-03-2019, 05:58 AM
Sorry that you're feeling poorly, matey. No solicitors (not the British kind -- meaning no door-to-door salesmen.) Just post on the door there's no need for scythes as your yard is far too small for wheat, thank you very much. Best shove off for the farmlands, oh aye.

Feel good MacPloos.

PozDrawSki sez: If you need to sleep, then sleep. I personally recommend splitting your time between snoozing and watching sport and painting of course! Three way split. Oh aye. The real golden ratio.

Go man go!!!! But feel good.

08-03-2019, 09:18 PM
Hi a quick touch up but Confused due to my Computer who likes to fight me all the way just for


D Akey
08-05-2019, 02:57 AM
E's got the right spirit does our shipboard alchemist. And there ya see 'e's managin' ta turn lead into gold.

PozDrawSki sez: Oh aye. More likely he's frettin' 'e just saw Arsenal miss a goal. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

Boot 'e's got the Art Spirit like yer esteemed self.

The paintin': Tadeusz (Tade) Styka (Polish, 1889 – 1954) The Alchemist

Go man go!!!!!

08-05-2019, 05:37 AM
:D.Corr Thanks Cap Mac. Might. Try. If I can. Get it on my Computer. To view. Otherwise. Will. Hold. My iPad
Up. To view. So I can draw it. What a great. Painting. CIAO. HASTA LA VISTA. IVAYA. Con. DIOS SLAINTE

08-05-2019, 03:40 PM
Mien Gott Cap Mac his been Shipped to Aussie to find Gold ok CIAO HASTA LA VISTA

D Akey
08-06-2019, 03:19 AM
Fine work there, MacPloos! Yer a right Isaac Newton, ye are.

PozDrawSki sez: Turnin' lead into paint, just like in the days of yore. Aye, ye be a proper digital alchemist.

Go man go!!!

08-06-2019, 04:56 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. Yeah. Had to hold. The iPad up to view. The Painting and tried. Drawing. In the. Early. Hours. So as you
Can see. Everything was stacked. Against. Me. Ok I might see if. I can. Get it. To show a picture as a reference
Ok as you no. When I was hacked. I turned. The computer off Since. Then. The whole formatt. On the screen has
Changed. And not being Htec. I'm up the. Pole. With no. Paddle. Ok. CIAO. HASTA. LA VISTA SLAINTE

08-06-2019, 10:07 PM
HI yeah Tis I getting closer to beachy head everyhour :eek::eek::eek::mad::mad::confused::confused:

yeah she's growing all the time Coss she's got her feet in the Water :D

D Akey
08-07-2019, 03:10 AM
Like she's at the beach her sweet self, although I'm not so sure that swimsuit is regulation, all that fabric is sure to weigh her doon a wee bit.

PozDrawSki sez: She may be sorely disappointed that ice skatin' isn't quite so speedy in summer.

Go man go! Nice work again. You really captured her character in this one. Rembrandt wants you as an journeyman assistant.

D Akey
08-07-2019, 03:39 AM
And here she is again once she was done with the rinse cycle in the pond.

PozDrawSki sez: When ye paint this one, Ye shall henceforth be known as "The Painter of Whiter Whites and Brighter Colors".

Have at, MacPloos! And remember: no starch in shorts.

oops. Forgot to mention the painting: Sun and wind on the roof -- John French Sloan 1915

08-07-2019, 05:01 AM
Thanks. Cap Mac. I. Like. It. And would.Like To have a bash at it. But at the moment. I can't get a reference. Picture. On the screen. And I found. Holding The iPad. Up to view was to hard. As you can see in my last attempt. Ok. When I try for a reference all I get is. My own files. Which is not what I want. In the past. I had no trouble. Ok. I must rest. As.
Age is. Taking. It's toll Ok. But thanks for looking Regards. Eighty+. Or Ploos. CIAO. HASTA. LA. VISTA. SLAINTE

08-07-2019, 10:44 AM
Hi sorry I was trying to get a reference picture but before I knew what was happening the Cossacks

were all shouting for more VODKA ok so I crept away before they spotted me ok CIAO HASTA LA VISTA

08-07-2019, 11:52 PM
:D:D:D:D:D:D well what More can I say the crowd are fed up listling to N. Farrah and the T.V.

and the new boy Boris :p:p:p:p:p:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

08-08-2019, 01:49 AM
Trump starting his clime to fame :D:D:D:D:confused::confused: GO MAN GO as there's

No Holding You BaBe !!!

D Akey
08-08-2019, 02:11 AM
Ye are the people's painter, laddie.

I kin 'ear em paintin' out on the Stepes, in the town hall, in garrets all across this wide ol' world.

PozDrawSki sez: Ye ain't a-lyin. The Painter of the Common Man. Should ha'e got Aaron Copeland to make ye a mix tape.

Go man go!!!!!

08-08-2019, 02:59 AM
Yeah Cap Mac and I went To Cambridge as well :cool::cool: But only to the Chicken Inn :D:D:p:p:p

08-09-2019, 12:00 AM
yeah Ive realy enjoyed that as they Say you learn something every Day and my Days are running Short Now


08-09-2019, 04:45 AM
Hi yes I know I've shown it before but I have now Option as it seems my Computer decides ok


08-09-2019, 06:13 AM
Hi I'm not sure but ? I think my Computer Bod has taken his Glasses Off OK yeah I got Confused when

trying to expand the Picture ok I might get better as I get OLDER :D :D :D

08-09-2019, 12:24 PM
HI i'm Confused as I thought it was about 10oc and blimey its gone 1oc and I should in bed asleep


08-09-2019, 09:01 PM
:D:D:D:D:D:D????????? I'm Stum OK come back another Day CIAO SLAINTE

Mien Gott Himmel Vot ich Das :rolleyes ::mad: :mad: :mad:

08-09-2019, 10:36 PM
HI yeah Tis I OK. And with that. I fell. Asleep

D Akey
08-10-2019, 04:41 AM
Fell asleep did ye, Mac vanWinkle? Well it's most deserved. Ye look to have been super busy with all these. Good man.

PozDrawSki sez: Oh aye. Careful who ye follows. If it be a Dutchmen carrying a cask of ale up a hill and into a hollow, best check yer standing in the league o' ninepins, 'cause it's GAME ON!

Go man go!!!!

08-10-2019, 05:18 AM
:confused::confused: Yeah Cap Mac I blame my Computer who's a will full bastard but he reckons it

The Doddering old Sod who keeps pressing the wrong buttons ;):D :cool::cool :CIAO SLAINTE

08-10-2019, 08:01 AM
Hi 9oc and all's well as just got my Chips from the Micro a little bit over done but will grin and bear it


08-11-2019, 12:12 AM

08-11-2019, 02:07 AM
Hi Tis I the old Sod still trying :eek :: cool: ok CIAO HASTA LA VISTA SLAINTE

08-11-2019, 05:07 AM
Hi Ok its time for some Food ok CIAO HASTA LA VISTA SLAINTE

D Akey
08-11-2019, 06:50 AM
Mein Gott! MacPloos! Yer a right Salon d'Arte Academie d'Beaux Artes d'Paris d'wow!! Look at all them beauties!!! What a run of terrific paintins.

PozDrawSki Sez: Oh aye, but take care laddie. I fear the gamblin' punters will be findin' their way ta yer door followin' the smell of poker chips ye got overheatin' in yer microwave. I mean if ye can't chomp through 'em, might choost use em as poker chips an' antie opp an' takes yer chances -- an make a few quid in the bargain. I'd call that the Master's Quiddich Cup.

Go man go!!!

08-11-2019, 10:10 AM
Hi Cap Mac sorry as just back touching Old Work up ok as I read some where that's what the old
masters did as going back gives you a fresh eye to see what you may have missed so can Correct


08-12-2019, 01:23 AM
Hi a drop of Colour on Jake as I missed him and got a right earful from him so will Be more care full

in the Future as my legs wont let me Run so took a Right old Bashing :eek::eek::D:D:D:D:D:D


ok But don't ask me Why my Picture's are to large ok and I haven't a Clue ???????????

08-12-2019, 03:01 AM
HI I wonder why everybody's Trying to Leave England NOW ???? as soon it will only Be Fit

For Tories?? so who will do the Work :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused:

D Akey
08-12-2019, 06:34 AM
The color's comin' back into Jake face so all's right doon the fishin' village. 'E's been well revived.

PozDrawSki Sez: Dennay take ol' Jake's bombastic ways too personal, shipmate. 'E keeps 'earin fog horns in his stockin' barnet which is normally well and good. Trouble comes as he keeps waiting fer his Scotch on the rocks to appear in 'is 'and, an' that there ship what's loaded wif 'is cargo o' patience 'as long ago sailed. So 'e comes off as a bit cross. Nothin' personal, laddie.

Go man go!

D Akey
08-12-2019, 06:49 AM
Steady on!!! Mind the rogue waves, folks. . . :p:rolleyes::eek::eek::eek:

08-12-2019, 08:48 AM
Well I've just woke up ok ??? so not sure whats coming up

08-12-2019, 08:59 AM
Corr blimey Thanks Cap Mac as was gone Where I do not now ? but I see you've worked your tricks

ok Thanks Again so I better go and look to see what I was Doing ok CIAO HASTA LA VISTA

08-12-2019, 10:34 AM
Yes the Joy of Life For Some !!! ok Say No More ?????? CIAO IVAYA CON DIOS

08-12-2019, 11:02 AM
I always enjoy your images, who are these people?

08-12-2019, 10:00 PM
Well. Abby. I surpose. You cauld call. Them. Charles. Dickens. Children's Ok. CIAO. IVAYA. CON. DIOS

08-14-2019, 01:53 PM
Hi after 2hours trying Ive at last got the picture showing of my touch up ok :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

also the shape has changed and I now not WHY ???????????????

08-14-2019, 02:03 PM
Hi for the 2nd time ok ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?

D Akey
08-14-2019, 04:20 PM
Tallye Ho old bean, wot? So ye changed shape from what to what? Got wider? Put on a few pounds, did ye? Stressin' that poor horse's back?

PozDrawSki Sez: Look at it this way, yer shape-shiftin' Merlinship. When ye widened it all, the horse broadened into a good stout Clydesdale. And over here in the States, Clydesdales are for one purpose only -- haluin' beer. So grab a hammer and lets tap that keg. I'm likin' the practical nature of this particular touch oop. Drinkin' off a few pints should lighten the horse's load a bit, which is a genuine kindness to the animals and should garner us our Druidic Merit Badges for Animal Hoosbandry. Oh, an did ye 'appen ta pack along yer darts?

Go man go! And Cheers Matey!

08-15-2019, 01:03 AM
:D:D:D: ok I tried another touch UP as thought the others looked to dark OK CIAO SLAINTE

08-15-2019, 06:13 AM
Hi a sleepy day the Legs didn't feel to good so collapsed in the armchair most of the Day ok


D Akey
08-15-2019, 06:12 PM
Very cool MacDoogle! I particularly love that she let ye paint 'er toenails.

PozDrawSki Sez: Aye, it be the mark o' love, that.

Go Man GO!!!!!!

08-16-2019, 01:31 AM
Yeah. Cap mac IThink it was bending down painting. Her toe nails. Is was I'm in so much pain. Today In fact. I've got
Back in . Bed. hoping. With a. Rest I might be. Ok. Tomorrow


08-20-2019, 02:59 AM
Hi. After. 3 days in bed. I've. Got to say. NO. CHANGE Ok. :confused:

08-20-2019, 10:45 AM
Hi. Just. Awoke. Vaugly. Ok still Confused where I'am

D Akey
08-21-2019, 10:25 AM
Just bought myself a violin, or a fiddle. I figured since you were playing Rip Van Winkle, I could master the instrument by the time you wake up in 20 odd years.

PozDrawSki sez: Oh aye. It'll be Revile six sharp, twenty years hence. Fall oot in full packs, MacDoogle. One two one two. . . I can choost see the newsreel headlines: "MacPLOOS ON THE MARCH!!!!"

08-21-2019, 06:42 PM
Corr thanks Cap. Mac. A violin. Would. Be just fine due to the state. I'm in mither. Here or. There:D.


D Akey
08-23-2019, 04:56 AM
How's yer 9 pins, laddie? N.C.Wyeth, the old Yankee illustrator's what done this here paintin'.

"The story of Rip Van Winkle is based on a German folktale. Rip Van Winkle is an amiable farmer who wanders into the Catskill Mountains, where he comes upon a group of dwarfs playing ninepins."

PozDrawSki sez: Aye, laddie. . . the combination of Sport and Ale. . . <tsk> If ye must, ye must. One word of caution, though -- Steer clear of the Catskill Mountains lest when ye wake ye'll have ta contend with learnin' ArtRage v.97. . . :eek::rolleyes:;):p:D

Go Man GO!!!!

08-23-2019, 09:15 AM
Great. Troop. Marching. Hope. Thier playing my. Tune. :D

08-28-2019, 11:17 PM
Hi. Tis I. Ploos. Sofar. Just hanging on mainly. Asleep. :confused:

D Akey
08-29-2019, 03:05 AM
You may wonder what the Cause Be? Methinks some Mickey slipped a tsetse fly into yer drink unawares, lad!

PozDrawSki sez: Best put on yer law suit, mate.

Go man go!!!!

And thanks for checkin' in. Matches with any checkered past. Feel well.

09-02-2019, 01:28 AM
Hi. Cap. Mac Yes. I've. Put on my best. Suit. But so far. The reaper. Hasent Come

May be he's. On Holiday:D :D. :D. CIAO. HASTA. LA. VISTA. SLAINTE

D Akey
09-02-2019, 03:31 AM
Dapper MacPloos, beefeater and omnivore of all pictures, painted and drawn. Good to see you've corrected yer AWOL ways and returned to yer post, mate.

PozDrawSki sez: Oh aye. . . Could well soil your law suit in the drunk tank, leastwise that seems to be the way of it, historically speaking, for the Agents of A.W.O.L.

WooHoo! Go man go!!!!

09-04-2019, 07:47 PM
Yeah. Ho Ho. Ho. Cap. Mac. Yesturday. I tried. To do a touch up. Of the girl
Smelling The flowers. Sorry. Can't remember the O .artist. But when I tried to post
I couldn't. Remember. How. To. .??? Ok. But as I'm up early. I might. Try
Still. Having. Bad. NIghts. Sleeping

D Akey
09-05-2019, 01:28 AM
Yeah. You'll get back into the swing of posting and all. This software for the forums seems particularly indirect regarding posting pics. It'll become second nature once you do it again. So hang in there, shipmate. And sleep when ye go off watch. Meanwhile, get in their and paint for God and Country:

"God save our gracious Queen,
Long live our noble Queen,
God save the Queen!"

PozDrawSki sez: Pssst. . . On yer feet, man. . .

<asides> Main thing is yer tartin' up the lassies. They'll always love ye for it.

"GO-od saaave the Queeeeeen. . . "

09-05-2019, 03:29 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. Sorry. But. I. Went back to sleep and have. Just. Woke. 16.24 OK feeling. MucH. The. Same. Dodgy

D Akey
09-05-2019, 04:27 AM
Sorry to hear it, MacPloos. I guess all one can do is ride it out and take care. Hope you got decent food and some vitamins.

PozDrawSki sez: Sending you good thoughts, mate. Be well.

09-06-2019, 02:30 AM
hi Cap Mac another try to show a touched up painting ok thinking Id better go back to Sleep??


D Akey
09-07-2019, 03:46 AM
Sleep? Sure, why not. Have been known to indulge in it a time or two myself. But just make sure you're attending to your needs.

Are they still sending around a nurse for your leg wrappings? Got to keep up with it all, lad.

PozDrawSki sez: Oh aye, MacPloos. Careful of your snorin' volume tho. After a time the sonic vibrations loosen oop the weight-bearin' studs an ye may end up with the second floor in yer lap -- or the neighbors come at ye, hammer and tong, whichever comes first.

Go man go!!!!!

09-07-2019, 10:22 AM
Hi. Cap. Mac. Yes. I did try. Again. To show. A. Touch up. Of the girl. Smelling the flower's Ok. But when. I. Try. To

Send. I'm lost. Again. As cant. Remember. how to. Whatever. I try. I get no result. So I'm thinking I'll. Be. Better

Back. Asleep. In bed. :D:D. CIAO. HASTA. LA VISTA. SLAINTE

09-09-2019, 03:39 AM
Ho HO HO Cap Mac I think Ive Gone and Dunnit :D:D:D:D OK CIAO HASTA LA VISTA

09-09-2019, 04:53 AM
Blimey Cap Mac 2 showing think Id better get back in bed before I collapse ok CIAO SLAINTE

D Akey
09-09-2019, 09:14 AM
Bravo, lad! I knew ye could do it!!!! Like riding a bicycle. . .

PozDrawSki sez: Oh aye. . . like ridin' a bicycle through a snow drift. Boot ye done it, in stout heeland fashion.

By the way, the paintings look grand, there MacPloos. Yer ridin' high now.

The first is very spacious and airy on a Summer day at the beach. Boot the second. . . well, she looks a right flower herself. Very pretty girl ye painted.

Go man go!!!!!!

09-10-2019, 05:29 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. Yeah. Didn't get up today til. About. 3oc. Pm. So. Haven't. Done anything. Yet. But might try Later

This. Evening. When. I'm. Fully. Awake Ok. CIAO. Ploos HASTA. LA. VISTA. SLAINTE

09-10-2019, 08:23 AM
Very nice, love the pose and the way she is holding her clothes as she bends over to smell the flowers

09-10-2019, 10:56 AM
Hi. Limey a Englishman. In Canada. Thanks. As you can see. These are painting. That I've done. Some time Ago
As at. The moment. Because. I think. My computer was hacked. So shut it down. For nearly 3 weeks. Ok. But made
A mistake. Of. Even. Cutting. The Elec Supply off as well. Ok. Then when. I decided to switch back on. The. Formatt
Had all. Changed. And when I tried. To get a reference picture. I had no successes So Han to resort to going back on
Past paintings. And doing. Touch ups. Ok. So I will. Look at. A Englishman. And his. Hound. To do a touch. A touch up

09-13-2019, 11:15 AM
Hi went to the Hospital to have a XRay on my left shoulder today it is ok no bones broked :D:D

they recon just musle strain ok so tried a Touch up tonight of a old painting ok CIAO SLAINTE

D Akey
09-13-2019, 06:36 PM
What's this? A shoulder injury?

PozDrawSki sez: Bloody hell, when ye play rugby, ye go all oot, laddie. None of this mamby pamby "I got a shoulder injury. Can I come oot, coach?" Nay lad. Ye stay in the game an' ye pass the shoulder injury off to yer opponents. It'll weaken them an' tooghen ye oop. Oh aye. Let tha Spirit o' Tha Pitch take ye over, lad, an' the spoils will be all yours!

Er, nice family portrait, MacDoogle!

Go man go!!!!!!!

09-13-2019, 08:10 PM
Hi. Cap mac. Yeah. The shoulder injury? Was caused when. I had a fight. With the escalater. Some time ago. And. Lately was painful. So I thought. There might. Be break. Ok. But the doc said. That the X-ray showed no injury and it must be a muscle. So try. And excercise it. more .?? Ho Ho. My computer has had a upgrad. Microsoft. So I,m in trouble. Again trying to. Sort it out. As not being. Hi Tec. :D :D. :D. CIAO. SLAINTE

D Akey
09-14-2019, 02:49 AM
Moving is a good thing in general.

PozDrawSki sez: Aye now. On yer basic escalator one is supposed to just stand there denying you have a body, while it does all the work. There's an example how just standing still can hurt ye.

Keep moving, laddie!

Go man go!!!

09-14-2019, 10:31 AM
Hi Cap Mac this was surposed to a quick touch up ok but has taken atleast 21\2 hours :confused:

And that's just trying to understand the set up :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:


09-14-2019, 09:57 PM
Hi Cap Mac Tis I :cool::cool: ok a little bit quicker this time ok i'm on windows 10 meant for

Hi Tec artist but not for old 90 year bodgers :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

D Akey
09-15-2019, 12:36 AM
Those last two are looking good. That second one with the colorful palette, why that's an old school one alright. Right in both our time zones = before digital.

PozDrawSki sez: I particularly like how ye used the natural AR viscosity on those paint daubs on his palette. It's usin' yer noodle. Maybe even yer mashed potatoes.

Looking good, MacPloos!

Go man go!!!!!!

09-15-2019, 05:46 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. Yeah. Petty. He got. Killed. As could. Have become. The. Top French Artist of all. Time Ok


09-15-2019, 08:29 AM
Hi. It's. Good. That. Sir. Nigel. Paul. Farrah. Is back. Fighting. To get us. Out. Of. The. E.U. :D :D :D

09-16-2019, 05:13 AM
Cap Mac J.christ it felt like a nightmare for this old Codger I don't now how long it took me all I

now is I feel like jumping off Beachy Head if it was nearer OK CIAO HASTA LA VISTA


09-16-2019, 12:19 PM
HI Cap Mac. I'm. Lost and. Slowly. Sinking. Into. The Microsoft marsh. Of. No 10. :confused::confused::confused:


09-16-2019, 12:56 PM
Cada vez que admiro tu galería, veo de qué manera has ido evolucionando y siempre para mejor!!! Felicitaciones...!

D Akey
09-16-2019, 04:35 PM
What damasocl was saying (in case you can't get an English translation easily):

"Every time I admire your gallery, I see how you have evolved and always for the better! Congratulations...!"

09-16-2019, 09:53 PM
DamasocI thankyou yes I keep Trying CIAO HASTA LA VISTA

09-16-2019, 10:07 PM
HI Cap Mac bloody hell I've at last managed to get a painting on screen even thou only a


D Akey
09-17-2019, 01:52 AM
Ye done it again. Well done, MacPloos. Good painting. Good how you managed to post your attachment.

PozDrawSki sez: And a Happy New Year!

Go man go under that there mistletoe!

09-17-2019, 08:17 AM
Hi. Cap Mac at last I've managed to get another painting touch up through Windows 10 ok


D Akey
09-17-2019, 09:27 AM
A Satyr shall ne'er approach the legal limit o' them nubile nymphs all pesterin' and flirtin' wif 'im, yeah? Fish and Game done give 'im a total and complete pass on all regulations.

PozDrawSki sez: Likes ta be 'is birthday. Ye kin tell by the style o' clothes they're all wearin' doon The Colony. So into the pool, as is the custom among tha heeland heathen.

Good job postin', lad.

Go man go!

09-18-2019, 02:16 AM
Hi. Cap. Mac. Yeah. I. Was quiet. Pleased. At this one. A took me Time. Kicking and. Bashing. Them into. Shape
As all. Those Nymphs. We're only. Interested In getting. The Satyr. In to. Water. Shouting now. Wash you. Dirty

09-18-2019, 09:13 PM
Hi Cap Mac sorry but can you turn the last one
as i'm not sure if it is the Finn one ??? ok


09-19-2019, 01:29 AM
Hi A quick touch up OK CIAO SLAINTE

D Akey
09-19-2019, 02:33 AM
Upsi-Daisey. There ye go, MacDoogle. I dennay think there be a way to change orientation once on this forum. You would change it in your picture viewer to where it's aimed proper, save it and then upload as an attachment when ye post.

The cause be from paintin' the original with yer tablet on end. Boot it be fine. Here we go.

PozDrawSki sez: :rolleyes::p;):):D:cool:;);):rolleyes::D:D:cool:

09-19-2019, 03:57 AM

queston when I click Reg the only Pictures I get is my own but in October last year I could go

more or less viewing all over the world ok that's why I'm only doing Touch up now ok ????????????

as have no Choise :eek: :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused: :confused::confused:


09-19-2019, 04:28 AM
HI just another touch up ok CIAO SLAINTE

09-20-2019, 07:51 AM
Hi Cap Mac ok just another try at a Adam and Eve painting Touch UP OK CIAO SLAINTE

question why do they get so large after sending ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? CONFUSED :confused::confused::confused:

D Akey
09-20-2019, 10:31 AM
Got me, MacPloos. No idea why it gets big or small. In a former incarnation of the forum software there was a size restriction, and the software recalculated and reduced the file size of the attachments. No idea anymore. If I were guessing, it would be the dimensions of your original that you're uploading. It can be a low resolution with big physical dimensions.

PozDrawSki sez: Ach, laddie. Choost take it as the gods of Art high upon Mount Olympus are gettin' right up in yer mug an' tellin' ye, "Cause I like yer paintins and we want ta see em on a grand Olympian scale! -- Call it our big screen TV."

Right then. Go man go!!!!!!!

Nice paintins again! Good stoof. Oh aye.

09-20-2019, 11:04 AM
Hi. Cap. Mac. Could it be. Because. I updated. To. Windows. 10. And can. I go. Back to. November 1998. When it was. All. Easy. And every. Worked. Ok. For this. Ninty +. Old. dodger. :confused: :D:D. CIAO HASTA LA. VISTA. SLAINTE

09-21-2019, 04:08 AM
HI Cap Mac yeah it takes me half hour to get the picture on the screen then a 3\4 hour doing a

touch up then another 2 hours fighting to show it so as you can imagine I'm Knackerd and need at


still showing large even thou I'd made it Smale :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :mad:

Yeah. I think. Her. Left eye. Needs. Lowering. A bit. Ok

D Akey
09-21-2019, 06:39 AM
Doing a test here. I reduced the whole file 30ish percent where yours (as I grabbed it) had the dimensions roughly of 11 inches at 71 dpi, this version now is reduced to roughly 4 inches also at 71 dpi.
If it remains small, the culprit is likely your original picture dimensions that you're working at.

------- Took time here to upload the image -----------

Well, since this is now small, it suggests that it's not the forum software to be what's making it larger, but it's the original size you gave it (even if you didn't actually set the dimensions of the canvas consciously. It seems to be that size by default.)

Just a guess, lad.

PozDrawSki sez: Yesiree, Bub. . . the eye's are all akimbo. Not horrible. Not after a few drinks.

Go man go!!!!

09-21-2019, 11:04 AM
HI Cap Mac Sorry just woke ok no I haven't done her eye yet if I stay awake after posting this

one I may have a quick look ok CIAO HASTA LA VISTA SLAINTE

09-21-2019, 11:50 AM

09-21-2019, 12:04 PM
Yeah. She's. What. You could call. A. Wide. Eyed. Bird. :D:D:D Ok. CIAO.

09-22-2019, 02:47 AM
Hi Cap Mac ok anything to keep Durer happy if you know what I mean :p:p:p:cool::cool::cool:

D Akey
09-22-2019, 03:54 AM
Not only do I know what ye mean, I can SEE what ya mean. It be the German in ye givin' 'im the Albrecht coif, oh aye. So yer opening a beauty salon. Hey, a salon's a salon.

PozDrawSki sez: Hope 'es a good tipper. . . or at least a right jolly tippler. One way or other he'd make a good mucker for ye.

Go man go!!!!!!! ;);):cool::p:D:):):rolleyes::cool::cool:;);)

09-22-2019, 03:26 PM

HI Cap Mac yeah it takes me half hour to get the picture on the screen then a 3\4 hour doing a

touch up then another 2 hours fighting to show it so as you can imagine I'm Knackerd and need at


still showing large even thou I'd made it Smale :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :mad:

Yeah. I think. Her. Left eye. Needs. Lowering. A bit. Ok

A very nice wide eyed bird you have there eighty+, she makes me feel festive.
Drinks are on me. ; )

09-22-2019, 09:25 PM
:confused::confused::confused: Lost. At. NINETY.As. Couldn't. Find. The back. Button. Ok. CIAO. ? CHUCK

Yeah. Chuck. They. Told. Me. I had. Run. Out. Of. Time. Yeah. After. I had Wrote. 3 lines. :mad:

09-23-2019, 02:19 AM
Hi Cap. mac. get down on the beach quick as the Birds are playing and Laying in the Sunshine ok


09-23-2019, 03:37 AM
Hi A Painting By BRIEX done many many Moons ago which I have never forgot ok had a look

to see if I could do a Touch up ??? ok just a little bit darken the darks and lighten the lights ok


D Akey
09-23-2019, 07:06 AM
Briex -- A very worthy AR user. He regularly blew my mind with how he seemed to really have absorbed the classical painting sense popular in his part of the world. Hope the reason he disappeared was because he got too busy with commissions to have time to post and say hello.

This site used to be something of a clearing house for artists who wished to show their work for employment. Sort of got derailed, but for a while there were some particularly hot artists coming through these portals. Either that or they were so good they got work quickly. I guess they grew up and left home. <sigh>

Nice treatment ye done. And as to the birds on the beach. . . forget about keeping PozDrawSki away. He's like a pooch chasing the birds into the air, barking his fool head off from the sport.

PozDrawSki sez: Woof! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! BARK! Oh, MacPloos! Did ye see em' take wing there? WOOOHOOO!!!! What a day at the beach!!!!!!

Go man go!!!!!!!

09-24-2019, 06:02 AM
Hi :D. Cap. mac And not to forget. POZDRAWSKI. The barking. Polish. Hound. WoW. :D. Ok. Went. To the Hospital. As to
Check. With the X-ray Bods. If the. X-rays. That they took which showed no breaks. As I,m still. In pain on the top of
The left arm. Ok as I wondered. If they could. Take a. Xray. From a Diff. Angle but they said. If there was a. Break it would it would had shown on there X rays ?? And go back to my own Doc who might arrAnge for a Physio for me to. See. Ok. So. I got a taxi and. Went to Sainsburys. For food. As my. Mother Hubbard was empty. Ok CIAO. SLAINTE

D Akey
09-25-2019, 02:09 AM
Check the rotator cuff. That's the likely culprit. Painful as hell. Makes it hard to raise your arm. Had that problem, in my case it was from foolishness falling asleep in my easy chair with my arms propping me up and me sagging down against them like circus tent poles. So that meant the weight of my torso and head were pulling the shoulder joint apart little by little. After doing it for long periods it finally pulled apart and I was left with the pain and trying to figure out what happened. Took some time to heal.

Me mum who is 93 has her own version of it and the surgeon is recommending a replacement. In her case she also has arthritis in her shoulder. So it could be that as well.

PozDrawSki sez: Best not tell doctors what's what lest they blow you off, lad. But you could voice a wonder that it could be the rotator cuff because you have a friend with a similar problem. If it's not that, that's good to eliminate it from the problem. But it well could be and I'm surprised they're not talking about that as a possibility if it's not a broken bone.

Go man go!!!!

Feel better!

09-25-2019, 04:32 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. Rotator. Cuff. That's a new one to me. As its not something that I've. Heard before. Ok. I was going. To go. To the. Doc's. This morning. But didn't. Get up. Ok. I 've. Had to turn my Compter off. As. I've. Been hacked. So
Microsoft. Has told. Me. So I won't. Be. Doing any drawing for a few weeks Unless I can get my. IPAD. PRo to work. '
At apple. They set it up but told me I would have to set the email at home BUT SO FAR NOT BEING A HI TEC. I've Failed

D Akey
09-25-2019, 05:11 AM
Just a real caution from me to you, MacPloos. . . some of those warnings that say you've been hacked are actually hackers themselves impersonating Microsoft so as to get you to give them access to your credit cards, bank accounts and computer. I would be very suspicious because they do a good job making you feel like a fool and then they say they'll take care of you. . .if you do whatever they are saying you should.

They prey on old folks who are not computer savvy and are used to people fixing their computers. So be very careful lad to not give them anything or let them have remote access to your computer or let them put any software on your computer. So do you have a MAC or PC? I thought you were using Apple devices for a time.

Good luck.

Go man go!

09-25-2019, 05:04 PM
I agree with Mr. Akey. Not too long ago I came home in the nick of time to stop my husband from being fooled by one of these hoaxes. He is not computer savvy and is very trusting. This particular scam started with bells and whistles (literally) to scare him and get him to cooperate with their instructions. He was told ring a certain number to switch off the alarm noise. Which he did. This is when I appeared on the scene and disconnected the call and switched off his computer. That was the end of it and no damage done thankfully.

So don't believe them when they say you are 'hacked' just switch of you computer, at the mains if necessary. When you reboot your browser might tell you that you closed down with browser windows open and ask if you want to restore them. Say No! Because you will open the scam site again.

Your computer is not compromised unless you give them remote control. Usually they are preying on frightened people in order to get them to pay sums of money to 'fix' their computers or get control of their bank accounts.

Two days ago I got a text message supposedly about a parcel delivery and requesting me to go to a certain site and give them my ID details. I deleted and then reported them.

09-26-2019, 02:41 AM
Hi June. And. cap. Mac. Thanks. For. Info. Help. Yes I've. Turned off my. Computer Plus. Electric. Ok but. Will read more. Does. This effect my other gadgets. Like my 1st gen. iPad and my MacBook. air. And I've a. New. IPad. PRO.
Which. I hav'nt managed. To connect due to. Me. Not being a. High. Tec. Person. :confused: ok. Will. Read more as
To what your. Trying. To tell. Me. About remote control. And. Installed. Software. Ok. How do.I Find out ?????:confused:

D Akey
09-26-2019, 03:13 AM
Hey, MacDoogle. Sounds like you have a full arsenal of gadgetry and gizmos. I think yer turnin' into a right lowland nerd.

"Remote" and all that shouldn't be something you need to learn. Point is, WHEN AND IF SOMEONE ASKS whether or not your screen on the internet screams a WARNING that your computer's been infected -- then it should fire up red flag warnings that they are almost certainly not to be trusted. It's like if some stranger on the street you'd never seen before asked for your house door key for when you're away, you would wonder what they're up to.

PozDrawSki sez: And then you would say "Piss off, ya bloody wanker".

Similar thing. You resort to that ONLY when someone is trying to con you. In normal times and if you haven't "handed them the key" this isn't an issue.

The rest of the time you should just have fun with your painting and relax.

Go man go!!!!

09-26-2019, 01:54 PM
June, thank you for your advice to 80+ and agreeing with Mr.Akey. I too am
NOT computer wise. I understand how to delete if one receives one of those
"come ons" but who do you report this to?
Thanks for your help.

09-26-2019, 05:03 PM
Hi. Abby. Yes. I'm in the same. Boat. :confused::mad::D:D:D. IVAYA. CON. DIOS. CIAO

09-26-2019, 05:35 PM
As I am in Australia I report to https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/ and filled out an online form -
you probably have something similar where you are.

D Akey
09-27-2019, 03:24 AM


Good advice on these sites, but you have many of them also coming from foreign countries and not sure what they can do about them other than be mindful.

09-27-2019, 04:02 PM
D Akey,
Thank you for the information.
I hope I never have to use it.

10-04-2019, 10:21 PM
Hi. Abby. Cap. Mac. June Thanks. As I,m just. Coming up. For some Air. :D Ok. As. I've. Been switched off. Ok. So. Just
Wondering. If its ok. To switch back on. My main computer. .?? As I,m on my 1gen IPad at the moment. Or go back
To sleep. :confused::cool: CIAO. Ploos. IVAYA. CON. DIOS. SLAINTE.

D Akey
10-06-2019, 09:24 PM
Hey there MacGroundog. Ye don't want to see your own shadow as it may affect the weather, they say.

Well, just so yer keeping it all shipshape.

PozDrawSki sez: Don't know how they used to do it back in the day without electronic devices to remind us to do everything, from paying bills to waking up. For that matter, how do you get on without being henpecked by yer very own bevy of computers. Did ye take a night seminar where a Sultan with a grand ol' harem tells a lad how to operate under such conditions? Eh?

Go man go!!!!!!!! Feel good, mate.

10-07-2019, 12:33 AM
Hi there Mr. Ploos! You should be fine to fire up your computer. If you get any of those messages again just switch off - at the mains if necessary. These people can only get control of your computer if you let them in by following their instructions. So don't give them any help by clicking on any links or phoning any numbers they might provide. Sad I know to be so distrustful.:(


10-07-2019, 07:20 AM
Thanks. June. Cap. Mac. For your help yes I switched it on. But. My nerves got the better. Of me. So. I've turned it
Off again at the. Mains. As well. Ok. So been watching the Africans Scope. Well. Nearly. All The Medals makes. You. Wonder if. The Zulo's. Had. Got going earlier The Europeans would never. Have got. A foothold. There !! OK

10-07-2019, 08:14 AM
Hi A Painting By BRIEX done many many Moons ago which I have never forgot ok had a look

to see if I could do a Touch up ??? ok just a little bit darken the darks and lighten the lights ok


I love this one, beautiful 80+! Been a while, but I see where you got a scare. Hope all is okay. Take care.

10-08-2019, 05:25 AM
Corr. Blimey. Sandy. Is the girl. In the wIndow. Sophia. Loren. The. Italien. Film Star or am I. Confused.

10-08-2019, 11:10 AM
HI gzairborne sorry I never looked, this one is not a bus one I just

Bunged it in to make wieght


10-09-2019, 02:54 AM
Corr. Blimey. Sandy. Is the girl. In the wIndow. Sophia. Loren. The. Italien. Film Star or am I. Confused.

Somebody please help Mr. Ploos! Let us all chip in for a pair of sophisticated glasses just right for this distinguished gentleman. You did make my day though-haha! I'm getting old , gray, and comfortable now though-ready to be put out to pasture, or at least to my barn with my my feral cat Boris. How about a painting of the lovely Sophia? She is one of my favorites.

10-10-2019, 08:39 AM
Hi Sandy sorry but couldn't fine Sophia Loren but will try when I\ve got used to being Back ok

and this one come up so just done a Touch up ok I never found out the Artist ok CIAO PLOOS


D Akey
10-10-2019, 11:08 AM
Right then Mac Eye-Fer-Beauty. Give ol' Sophia's portrait a go then. In this shot she's good and tarted up.

PozDrawSki sez: she's even sayin': "I'm ready for me close oop, Mr. MacPloos. . ." choost like in Sunset Boulevard the movie.

Go Man Go!

10-10-2019, 12:00 PM
Thanks. Cap Mac. As my trouble. Is I had. Forgot. How to get. An. image. On the. Screen. Ok. But. Might. Try.

Tomorrow. When. I wake. From the. Land. Of. Nod. ::D. Ok. CIAO. HASTA. LA. ViSTA. SLAINTE

10-17-2019, 01:57 AM
Waiting for Sophia Loren :)

10-17-2019, 03:31 AM
Thanks. Yang. Yeah. So am. I. :D:D:D. CIAO. IVAYA. CON. DIOS. SLAINTE

10-17-2019, 11:32 AM
Hi. Yeah. Been trying. With my IPad Pro.BUT:D:D:D with no joy. As I think. I’m getting. Too old for all these. New gadgets
But will. Keep. Trying. Before. The. REAPER. CALLS. ME. UP TO. PAINT. THE CLOUDS. :D:D:D:D:D:D

D Akey
10-18-2019, 05:10 AM
PozDrawSki sez: Saaaayyyyy now. . . That's possibly the worst portrait of Sophia Lauren ever.

Go man go!

Well, there ye are in yer Santa outfit. Looking most distinguished and venerable, MacPloos. You could give Ian McKellen a run for his money to play Gandalf. Honestly, you're more what I pictured when I read The Hobbit back in the late '60s. Great seeing ye laddie. I've no doubt you will best your devices yet. Using your magic spells is perfectly cricket when dealing with demons of the electronic variety.

Incidentally -- the download pdf you have in your post was empty. So I think PozDrawSki was meaning the pic of yourself does not resemble Sophia Lauren over much -- oh nay, lad.

10-18-2019, 05:59 AM
Hi Cap. Mac. Ok. I Tried. To paint. Sophia. Loren. But. A different. Copy. More. Top of head. To. Roughly to her. Waist. I had. The. Picture. On
My 1st gen IPad. And fixed it up. So I see it. To Copy. Ok. Then. With. My. IPad Pro tried to Draw. her. I found. It hard at 1st as was my
1st. Attempt. On the. IPad Pro ok. So tried. A rough Copy. The only trouble was. The picture. On the. 1st gen IPad Kept switching Off so what that. And. Getting. Used. To The bigger. Screen. And when you change. The size. Of the. Mark your making And try. To paint. Nothing
Happens. Until. You clear. The size. Format. Ok. But. All in all. I was quiet pleased with my attempt. The. Only trouble. Is. When l tried
To send. For some reason the. Image Has got blocked. Ok. So far. I’ve tried. But no luck ok will keep trying. CIAO HASTA LA. VISTA

D Akey
10-18-2019, 08:05 AM
Might be that you're trying to upload a pic in a format that's incompatible with the forum. You wouldn't be trying to upload a working file in the ArtRage format? If you export it as a .jpeg from ArtRage and then try attaching it to your post it may work then if it's a reasonable size -- what you have been posting all along with your paintings.

That's the only thing I can think of because I don't use those devices. So see if it's accessing the pic and that the pic is in jpeg or png format. . . just like your photo of yourself.

PozDrawSki sez: Well rust me scuppers! I just gotta see me some Sophia from bow to amidships. HAR!

Go man go!

10-21-2019, 10:35 AM
Yeah as you can see I'm still up the creek with no Paddle with the iPad Pro as after Drawing

and roughly painting Sophia Loren when I try to post it just freezes so have to turn off the

Computer but when I turn back on after a few hours its still frozen ok has anybody got a

Clue ??? all help welcome CIAO Mr Ploos IVAYA CON DIOS SLAINTE

10-22-2019, 06:02 AM
Hi. Yeah. Been trying. With my IPad Pro.BUT:D:D:D with no joy. As I think. I’m getting. Too old for all these. New gadgets
But will. Keep. Trying. Before. The. REAPER. CALLS. ME. UP TO. PAINT. THE CLOUDS. :D:D:D:D:D:D
It is great to see our distinguished 80 plus. Fantastic photograph!

10-22-2019, 01:21 PM
:D Hi. Sandy. You. Makerme laugh. Thanks. Ploos. CIAO. SLAINTE

10-23-2019, 03:06 AM
:D:D:D Yes Tis I ok sorry I still coudnt get Sophia Loren so tried one by David Chiefetz a bit
rough as hadn't done much lately ok but thanks to dark owl for showing """" """"" OK

D Akey
10-24-2019, 04:18 AM
A grand start, breaking the shapes doon ta yer black and whites and keeping it ta simple shapes like a sculpture by Henry Moore. It's a style and why not. Who says ye have to render everything oot ta be like a photographic representation o' tha 1600s.

PozDrawSki sez: Right. Tell ol' Rembrandt ta pipe down. Yer a 21st centenarian artist and ye paint em as ye see em, by gum. And it's yer 20th century birth, right. Ye got license, MacPloos.

Go man go!!!! Sculpture by Henry Moore, just for reference.

10-24-2019, 07:43 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. Yeah. Sorry. I new it was a bit. Rough. But. Tried to paint it. In. The. Early. part of the. Day when I

Should have been. Asleep. For at least 4 hours I Think. Watching. Boris at the. Commens and All. The M.Ps. Shouting

Was better then going. To the theatre :D:D:D ok. Yes. I must. Say. I have never been a Fan of Henry Moore. Work. But

Then. It’s a matter of taste. :confused :cool. ::(. Ok. Time. To get back. To the. Commons for more. Funny. Games


10-24-2019, 09:59 PM
Unbelievable, dear friend! So glad to see You, D Akey and anyone else I will find of the Old Guard!
You got younger while I now look pretty much like You when it comes at my snowy hair and even worse as for my wrinkles ...:o
Fortunately my wife still looks great.
My two "kids" too (see the picture if I succed to attach it)and the one to the left is both studying fine art at Accademia, and had three years of comics school and now virtual character design and painting with a teacher working in the movie business here. I hope he will succeed in a pretty difficult and competitive field, but he's undoubtedly endowed, they say.
Wish You and all the old friends in here all the best.98147

10-25-2019, 03:26 AM
:D:D:D Yes Tis I ok sorry I still coudnt get Sophia Loren so tried one by David Chiefetz a bit
rough as hadn't done much lately ok but thanks to dark owl for showing """" """"" OK

Thank drunkenstylus... I had no idea who David Chiefetz was until drunkenstylus mentioned him!

Nice use of strong contrast!

10-25-2019, 07:59 AM
Corr. Blimey. Is that. You. Ceasar. ?? I must I missed. You. And. Posts to me. Trying to educate. Me. But when. You
Went. I relized. That. I was a. Hopeless. Task and that what. Frighten you. You. I'm 90 now. And still daft as. Ever
But. Great to see again. With silver hair. And looking. Great. At 60. ?? With. Your 2. Sons. Yes I can see. Your very proud. Of them. Congrats. :D:D. Are you still trying to paint in water colour. :confused: :D Well as you. Can see. I'm
Still hanging on hoping to make. A TON. At odd times. The. Reaper flies bye. So I. Hide. So he can't See me. :D

10-25-2019, 11:26 PM
Corr. Blimey. Is that. You. Ceasar. ?? I must I missed. You. And. Posts to me. Trying to educate. Me. But when. You
Went. I relized. That. I was a. Hopeless. Task and that what. Frighten you. You. I'm 90 now. And still daft as. Ever
But. Great to see again. With silver hair. And looking. Great. At 60. ?? With. Your 2. Sons. Yes I can see. Your very proud. Of them. Congrats. :D:D. Are you still trying to paint in water colour. :confused: :D Well as you. Can see. I'm
Still hanging on hoping to make. A TON. At odd times. The. Reaper flies bye. So I. Hide. So he can't See me. :D

ahahahah. What I lost leaving virtual painting and therefore this Forum and Your wit and humor, dear friend!
As usual pure fun reading Your comment! I guess the Reaper is absolutely amused by You as well and appreciate Your talent and art productivity and, since She sees You so busy, involved and proficient in art, She doesn't dare to bother You. So keep going to the benefit of all of us!

Actually I used my utmostly reduced "artistic" free time mainly for drawing, either pencil or pen/ fine markers, tools I can use quickly and anywhere, and watercolors, mostly when on holidays.
I think I improved sensibly in all of these disciplines, in terms of efficiency and effectivess (thus far less frustration moments).
I also used acrylic paint few months ago to execute a reasonably large imaginary and fake window under a fake brickmade upper border as trompe-l'oeil for a friend of mine. He hanged it on a wall to simulate an outside view. I would attach it (if I can) as the sole example (not being any of the items I speak about Artrage made).

10-26-2019, 06:56 AM
HI Caesar Well it looks strange to Me :confused Nah Im just Pulling
your Leg :D ok as im only used to English countryside and Ive not seen that for Years due to the legs and the Romans :D:D yes I like
yours so rich in colour I hope we wil see more of you and your paintings
as you can see we are a bit of a State I hope we stay in the EU but
I will have no Choice as it looks as if Boris is ruling the Roost eek eek
OK it was good to see you again regards Ploos ;):D:D:D

10-26-2019, 07:33 AM
Hi I think I,ve managed to get it on the screen at last ok CIAO


10-26-2019, 09:05 AM
Fascinating Lady. Perhaps a little sad, maybe because of Brexit. She will have to stand Mr. Boris Johnson all over the time now, rarely crossing the Channel and, frankly speaking, he's not among the most handsome men. He rather some Green Snake member magician in Hogworts challenging Harry Potter. ;)
Take care!

10-26-2019, 12:31 PM
Hael o. Caesar. Yes he,s. A bit like. Your man. B.........sorry Can’t Remember his name. As they. Both. Want. Their own. Way. Like.

The magician in. Hogwarts !! Ok. I’ve done. A painting. Of your famous. Film Star Sophia. Loren. On my. IPad. Pro. But sofar. I haven’t. Figured. How. To. Get. On. The. Screen. As the IPad Pro. Is to h/tec. For. Old. �� but I keep trying. CIAO. PLOOS. SLAINTE

10-26-2019, 02:08 PM
eighty+ if you typing in these forums on your iPad, I think you're pressing space twice between each word. Pressing space twice is a shortcut for end of sentence it puts a . then Capitial the next word. If you are doing this on purpose it makes your post very hard to read.

10-26-2019, 05:48 PM
Hi. Thanks.. Kaveman. For the info I will try. If I can remember Ok. But I think. I'm to old. To bother :D


D Akey
10-27-2019, 01:10 AM
CAESAR!!!! Wow! Glad to see you're still with us, and to see you're doing Art in the commercial world. How excellent for you. You've taken your work into the next level. Alas, it also means you've moved on. I thought you were dissatisfied with the forums that they had slowed down and gotten less playful. You were like a satyr after the nymphs all migrated away. Your sources of "nourishment" disappeared.

But this reason for your disappearance is a happy one indeed.

You're starting to look a little like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, after he fought Balrog. You've returned as Caesar the White. Anyway, your boys sure have grown up and you must be so proud. I remember when you would post about them as little kids. Very good work, dad.

Anyway, I know Mr. Ploos and I both have missed your presence here. I know Mr. Ploos is still a keen follower of Sport, and you live in that same soccer world as he does so you had much to talk about. Was fun for me to listen in.

Be well. And may your Art be joyful wherever you go with it.

D Akey
10-27-2019, 01:13 AM
Hey now, MacPloos, look who showed up! I guess the world changed so much that Caesar revolved back around to say howdy. What a good thing. Quick, talk soccer to him. Might keep him on the hook!

10-27-2019, 09:59 AM
Yes Cap Mac. I did forget. To. Ribb him on football. But just as well. As must be gloating. Having. The worlds best player

.,Cristiano. Ronaldo ,,. Playing. For his favourite Team Italien. juve. I wonder. If goes. To. Their. Games. Or maybe they show on TV. IN. ITALY. OK. CIAO. PLOOS. .


10-27-2019, 01:43 PM
Hi Yeah I thought I would have ago at Sophie Loren but She,s Still Frozen in my iPad Pro so went

onto my Wacom ok and when in the files come across Free fun Drawing as I couldn't what I was so clicked

It when it came up I remembered 1 had done but couldn't remember who by so as I was feeling Knackerd

After watching Football then England and All Blacks then onto all the Dancing I didn't feel like starting a

New one ok so just Done a Touch up of no Name??? CIAO PLOOS HASTA LA VISTA SLAINTE

10-28-2019, 08:58 AM
Hi felt lacy so just done a touch up ok but have a thought that its sideways again :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


D Akey
10-28-2019, 04:07 PM
Here ya go MacInverty. Added some GPS directions to help ye orient the cross and all.

Go man go!

10-28-2019, 11:59 PM
Corr. Thanks. Cap Mac. A great help but I still hav'nt figured out why it turns sideways.??? On the odd picture !!:o:confused: and still can't get. Sophia Loren. Out of the. IPadPro. To show. As it frozen and don't matter what I do I can't
Unfreeze. Her. :D. As you know. To paint her. I had to hold up my 1gen iPad which had the picture of her on it as yeti hav'nt been able to get a image up on the IPad Pro. As too h/Tec. For this old. Bodger. :D:D:D. CIAO. PLOOS. SLAINTE

10-29-2019, 02:07 AM
Dear ATPlus, I'm really admired of Your considerable improvement and still keeping Your own unique style!
I like very much also Your deposition from the cross, although apparently still ongoing, for at least reasons:
IRONY: You provided a map to help souls finde their appropriate
ARTISTIC RENDERING: You somehow seem to approach to a certain extent El Greco sinouous and flaming style here.

Dear DAkey, the only and sole member who continuously and highest level nourished this Forum since ever is You, my friend! Gold medal for professional opinions, support, funny and original considerations.
I felt so relieved to read the names of so many old friends in her still active and in great shape!
I'm not into the commercial world as a side job indeed. I only feel somehow more confident about my outcomes level, but i still do them mostly forr fun, so plenti of pencil, pen, marker drawings, watercolors etc. when I can.
My second son instead it going along that path, I hope, and I encouraged and I'm financing him, up to my limited possibilities, with comics/digital art courses, Academy (fine art) and whatever may help him to reach the aim. The talent and growth capability seem to be reasonably ascertained as a pretty good one by his various teachers, so I hope that he will have also all the rest needed for enter the competitive world of character design, graphic novels comics etc. ... he likes so much. Unfortunately for virtual paintings he uses Photoshop only so far and I wasn't able to convince him to add some fun also with ArtRage.

Now, about me instead, I think that, sooner or later, I'll have to resume my old tablet and see if I'm still good at ArtRaging, on my usual topics at least (BTW I see the After 9 o' Clock section didn't progress, so I guess that either people are afraid to treat hot topics with enough elegance and irony or this new age where every fanatism blew up and any kind of political correctness is locally required in the various places (or more globally), make such an excercise utmost risky.
I guess there might always be someone shouting and yelling at an artwork which have not included all kind of minorities into a painting, or for having noticed some form of genderphobia, some other people pointing out to some alleged offence to women dignity on any whatsoever ground (Right! ME TOO! :o), other groups scared by any kind of nudity, whatever the artistic purpose, willing to place covering leaves and flowers even on the greatest ancient art masterpieces to "protect childer" or "public decency". ;)

10-29-2019, 11:46 AM
HI another try at SOPHIA no2 ok just incase I manage to get no1 out of her Frozen state in my iPad Pro


;););):D:D:D:D sorry. Sophia. Loren. Is Shy. So won't come out;)

10-30-2019, 01:55 PM
Hi D:D aye tis I the oil Codger looking for Sophia Loren but she is still Hiding :( ;) :D:D:D:D::confused:

10-30-2019, 10:06 PM
What a glance! Very expressive indeed.
Someone should inform him that it would take a few centuries from his time before Sophia is born though ....;):o

10-31-2019, 03:15 AM
Hello. Caesar. I see. Juve. Could only Draw. With out. Ronaldo. Scoring goals. :confused: :D:D:D ok. PLOOS CIAO. IVAYA CON DIOS. SLAINTE.
Yeah. Have done. 2 of. SOPHIA. LOREN. BUT. STILL SHE`S. SHY. And Won’t come out to Greet you. OK. :cool::confused:

Hael O CAESAR. The. MIGHTY. ROMAN. GLADIATOR. CIAO. HASTA LA. VISTA. Panta. rei. :cool::cool:

D Akey
10-31-2019, 03:43 AM
MacPloos: Looking great. I definitely think these paintings are best discussed with a liberal amount of soccer talk in the mix. Good stuff, matey.

Caesar: Okay then, I have a better idea of what's been going on. Sending good thoughts to your boys, especially relative to the one whose aiming at Art. I would expect no less with your passion for it. The thing we have to take into account is that if he's going to try to get work as an 'in house' artist, he has to show them facility with the programs the employers use. Photoshop is pretty universally the industry standard. ArtRage is good for him if he's on his own or if he gets work with a company that uses it. But PS is sort of a prerequisite to digital art which is expected in that profession.

Anyway, this is really a treat, riding along with you and your family at this stage of life. I remember as my son grew into and past the college level and entered the working world and all the opportunities and choices that came to him. Truth to tell, he did not go into Art as a profession. He has followed his own path which I always encouraged. I've always had a good relationship with him and he has far exceeded me, for which I am proud and relieved for him. He found his passion. I'm sure your boys will do the same because as their father, (you) are a passionate and enthusiastic inspiration. They're lucky to have you as a role model.

Sounds like your lovely wife is doing well. Glad to hear it.

Have you retired yet? You mentioned a couple years ago that you were getting to that phase of life.

On a different topic, the fires in my area have been worse than ever. It was very close to me months ago, but it's now springing up all over and threatening many people and affecting some roads. Prayers for the people affected. It used to be that the worst thing to fear as far as natural disasters was earthquakes. I think Fire has now taken that number one slot of things we hope to never experience around our homes.


Okay, ho un'idea migliore di quello che sta succedendo. Inviare pensieri positivi ai tuoi ragazzi, in particolare rispetto a quello il cui obiettivo è l'Arte. Non mi aspetterei niente di meno con la tua passione per questo. La cosa che dobbiamo prendere in considerazione è che se sta cercando di ottenere un lavoro come artista "interno", deve mostrare loro la facilità con i programmi che usano i datori di lavoro. Photoshop è piuttosto universalmente lo standard del settore. ArtRage è buono per lui se è da solo o se lavora con un'azienda che lo utilizza. Ma la PS è una sorta di prerequisito per l'arte digitale che ci si aspetta da quella professione.

Ad ogni modo, questo è davvero un piacere, andare insieme a te e alla tua famiglia in questa fase della vita. Ricordo che mio figlio è cresciuto e ha superato il livello universitario ed è entrato nel mondo del lavoro e in tutte le opportunità e le scelte che gli sono venute. A dire il vero, non è entrato nell'arte come professione. Ha seguito il suo percorso che ho sempre incoraggiato. Ho sempre avuto un buon rapporto con lui e lui mi ha superato di gran lunga, di cui sono orgoglioso e sollevato per lui. Ha trovato la sua passione. Sono sicuro che i tuoi ragazzi faranno lo stesso perché come loro padre (tu) sei un'ispirazione appassionata ed entusiasta. Sono fortunati ad averti come modello.

Sembra che la tua adorabile moglie stia bene. Felice di sentirlo.

Ti sei già ritirato? Hai menzionato un paio di anni fa che stavi arrivando a quella fase della vita.

Su un argomento diverso, gli incendi nella mia zona sono stati peggiori che mai. Mi è stato molto vicino mesi fa, ma ora sta spuntando dappertutto, minacciando molte persone e colpendo alcune strade. Preghiere per le persone colpite. In passato la cosa peggiore da temere per i disastri naturali erano i terremoti. Penso che Fire abbia preso quella slot numero uno di cose che speriamo di non sperimentare mai nelle nostre case.

10-31-2019, 04:12 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. Yeah. Watched. TV. Last nigh Showing. The Fires burning. Trees and shrubbery I did. Wonder. If it’s. getting. closer to.you this
time. :confused: tell Posdrawsky. To. Man. The. Stirrup,pump. If it gets to close. Ok. Make sure your Car is ready. In case the need for a
Quick escape. Ok. CIAO. PLOOS. IVAYA con DIOS

D Akey
11-01-2019, 02:33 PM
Thanks MacPloos. Yer words are a wise comfort. I shall be ready when and if (hopefully not) the fires get closer. The firefighters really have their hands full this year. Cheers for those stalwart folks.

PozDrawSki sez: Hoot. Good job they're no wearing the kilts lest they look like they be wearing ante-bellum whoopie skirts. All that heat sure produces the updrafts, oh aye. Would be more like a weenie roast cookout where they be singing Kumbaya which would confuse the hell out of the newscasters. Would run the fires as a puff piece. Nay Laddie. Would no do.

Go Man GO GO GO!!!!!!!!

11-02-2019, 04:42 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. It’s good that your. Still Singing and Whisling in the Wind with Posdrawsky. CIAO PLOOS. HASTA LA VISTA SLAINTE

D Akey
11-03-2019, 08:04 AM
So far, so good, knock on wood. Certainly rough on others. But it's a ways off now from where I am and the winds have lightened up. Those drones they sell to everybody as a lark or hobby have been getting in the way of aircraft dropping water. They tell them not to fly in the fire zone, but cooperation is not big on some people's agendas, even in times of disaster.

PozDrawSki sez: This here mucker, D Akey is a right Nero, emperor of Rome. As the hillsides burn, he's playing the flippin' fiddle.

Go man go!

11-05-2019, 03:10 AM
Corr. Blimey. Posdrawski. I thought. It was a Geetar Cap Mac was. Singing to confused:so he,s back. Fiddling as

ROME. burns. Think. I'd better. Warn. Caesar as there are no geese cause. We've just eaten the last. To stop. Them

Shrieking. Keeping. Us awake :D:D:D. HASTA. LA. VIsta

D Akey
11-05-2019, 04:23 AM
Ach laddie. . . was no the poor geese that were a-shrieking.

PozDrawSki sez: Nay lad. You just ate the Alto section of the chorus. Ye got a Handel on their necks and gave 'em the ol' Tiny Tim with a quick "God Bless us everyone."

Go man go!

D Akey
11-05-2019, 03:58 PM
Oy. . .MacDoogle. . . say something in 'Soccer', the language of the foot to the balls. Caesar may take interest and come back. . .

11-05-2019, 11:47 PM
Dear DAkey with our dear venerable friend permission, I would thank You for Your affectionate words and I'm glad You got so proud of You son, but I feel Your kind expressions about me actually fit You much more and You certainly was and still are an incredible kind of father, someone able to stimulate any kind of passion and form of intelligence.
As for my retirement I'm still at least three years away, after some change in laws thereabout, but it's not a problem, also because I hope that then, depending on my choiche, they would offer me some good reasons (bucks) to get rid of me as soon as they can ahahahah.

My second son was never pushed by me into art and he's almost totally different as for style, subjects etc. not at all like Giambattista Tiepolo son who became a good and original enough artist, but still walking quite along his father's path after years of cooperation.

Finally we,ve been hearing about the terrible fires in California with empathy, dreariness and great concern for people over there with an additional trepidation due to the fact that .... You know what? our first son Emanuele is flying to Los Angeles to stay ten days with a friend of him studying there. Holliwood area if I understood it well.

D Akey
11-07-2019, 06:54 AM
Caesar, your private message box is full. I tried sending it that way. But here we are.

MacPloos, please allow this side indulgence.

Well, just carry on with whatever you've been doing. I remember the moment with my son where I chose to take a sort of role of remote mentor. I think that was the best gift to him I could offer at that point of his life. Showing interest in his "performance" made him feel worthy and loved and emotionally supported and all that where having a strong self-image was the thing. Serendipitous to that, he also very early on in middle school found a very focused girl where they created their own positive vision together, and stayed together -- contrary to modern expectations about waiting till late 20s and so on. Now they're married and I have a couple of grand kids. Alas, they're thousands of miles away. But they're doing well and happy. That's all theirs and I offer a hearty round of applause to them.

I'm sure your boys are well aimed for life via their dad's joie de vivre and clarity of direction.

Well, hope all will remain good for you all. May your soccer team do well -- until it has to play against Eighty's team! Let the games begin!!!

11-08-2019, 12:20 AM
Dear 80+ and D Akey, I apologize!
Now my private messages box is empty!
Now it's time I update to AR 6, find my old tablet and remove dust from it to follow our dear McPloos example, life-approach lesson and art adventure which would assure to me too, hopefully, fun for at least more than 3 additional decades!

11-08-2019, 02:57 AM
Hi Caesar and Cap Mac I tried to paint the arcbishop but become Tired so backed up will Finish to morrow ok I hope CIAO IVAYA CON DIOS SLAINTE

D Akey
11-08-2019, 06:05 AM
I think the painting looks good, MacPloos! Got all the facial parts in the right place so I have a good idea what he looks like. Good proportions and all.

PozDrawSki sez: That's right. He's got a good arch to his eyebrows, his mustache and the look on his face is like the Arc de Triumph. Can't tell from your painting if any of his other arches have fallen though. Still, the good arch bishop likely has all his arches in good trim, according to Roman standards for arches.

Go man go!

11-09-2019, 01:27 AM
It's going to be great! You really grasped perfectly his face and all the rest!
So now rest for a while, since You got tired, I understand, and go on with it. I foresee an outcome among Your best ones ever and in general.

11-09-2019, 07:53 AM
Thanks. Cap Mac. Caesar Had a bad night. With pain in the left shoulder. Arm. Due to my fight. With the escalater in
August Ok. Had a phyiso. Come Thursday to show me what exercises to do. I Think. That's why I'm in pain now. And the
Archbishop didn't help me. As I'm not a Catholic ok. :D:D:D. Yeah. Think. I'm for a early night CIAO. SLAINTE.

D Akey
11-10-2019, 05:13 AM
Sorry to hear about your having gone and lost that grudge match with The Escalator. He wrestles dirty, the bastard.

PozDrawSki sez: Oh aye. . . the fans are rooting for you. MacPloos -- The Brighton Bright'n.

Go MAC PLOOS!!!! Give that slippery stairway a good Rodgering!!!! Show him what for! Take him up. Take him down!!!!!

11-10-2019, 06:15 AM
[/SIZE]:D:D:D. Yeah. Cap Mac. Caesar. Yes. Troubles have hit me below my belt as today. I tried
To do a bit more painting on the Archbishop. To finished. It. But for some unknown reason.to this old Sod !! It wouldn’t come on the Screen
Even after trying. For some hours.so had to go to Scotland. To watch. Bicycle racing on those indoor big egg shaped tracks I think it was a
EU metting ok.CIAO. HASTA. LA VISTA SLAINTE :confused::confused::D

D Akey
11-10-2019, 01:13 PM
Yeah, those bicycle chaps really get going. Saw a documentary on the science behind the British team some years back. Really hammering out every detail of speed. Raised the bar did the Brits.

Speaking of racing, somebody out here is killing off the racing horses at the track. I think the horse deaths this year was something like 34. No way it can't be accidental. I think they want the land and need to get out of a contract or something. Feels very Godfather suspicious. Contrary to the Brits looking for speed, out here it looks like they're looking for it to stop. Bloody hell.

Plus we have more fires. There's also no way this can all be the high tension power lines acting up all at once all over. It's a bit chaotic out here of late. So if you can finally figure out how to send us the archbishop it might help. Couldn't hurt.

Go man go!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-10-2019, 10:31 PM
Hi Cap Mac. Sorry no joy as I think the Archbishop is still playing hard to get as to more fires it does look like land grabbing. If so I don’t think
The Archbishop would help as over the Centuries the Regligous body’s always grabbed the best spots to build their massive collection of Churches. But times have changed now. So now. They flogging them off. For building blocks of flats now the land price is higher so it looks. As
Devil ��. Must be laughing now. As well.Ok but. Don’t let. Caesar read this. Or he will send the Romans back to Convert me. :D:D:D just. As I
Was going to mix a fresh load of blue paint. As our P.M if voted back in . reminds of Benito Mussolini :rolleyes: CIAO. IVAYA CON DIOS

11-11-2019, 10:16 PM
I'd rather ask some exorcist, dear friend first. Ahahaha :o;)
Just to remove some of Your excessively manichean approach to what religious conscious ages left to us, since no late Middle Age, Humanism; Renaissance, French Elightment, as well as British civilization and empire would have been possible withouth the collateral "damages" of abbeys and churches to ferry Christian principles as well as ancient Greek-Roman and Arabian domination collected and developed culture across dark ages.
Do You see any other place where individual human rights, an incredibly rich and diverse art and architecture as well as modern science could have developped continuously all over more than a millennium in the absence of a real integration of all these cultural roots together with local European ones?
Most of Europe would still be illiterate and restrained to just some fine tribal jewellery and pottery as art ... let it go with science and technology.
As for Your Parliament and P.M. I think Bansky expressed all in his painting and You are certainly mixing up Hitchcock suspance to comedy and little kids behaviour (not even Your Queen was able to introduce some old British political wisdom, getting too old?).
In any case, for Your solace, in Italy we are still in the forefront of political dementia inventions in this period! ;)

11-13-2019, 10:44 AM
:cool::cool::confused:ok. Screen starting to run. Backwards. Ok. But don’t ask me for a explanation Coss at my age. nobody. Tells me Nuffink ok so I’m off tu’bed. CIAO. CALA. NITA

D Akey
11-13-2019, 11:20 AM
Caesar: When Eighty Ploos turned Ninety, the Agency MI5 took away his James Bond 'Double 0' number and instead issued him a "Nine 0" -- A LICENSE TO CHILL.

MacPloos: So how's it goink? Hope you're well.

PozDrawSki sez: Surely there's some sport on tele? The license they got issued was a 24-7 -- A Perpetual License to Broadcast.

Go man go!!! Stay fit, my dear chap!

11-13-2019, 01:10 PM
Bloody. Hell. Ain’t there’s no. Peace in this galley. Just as I was drifting away everybody starts yakking. And wakes me up. Have
They no considering. That. I need. At least 12 hours sleep. A night.? Otherwise. I’ll be drifting asleep during the day. Ok. :(

D Akey
11-13-2019, 02:19 PM
Sophia Ploos. . . Nighty night, Mac12Hour.

PozDrawSki sez: Tis a right tribute well met, to have picked a good Italian-American. . . a compliment to each. . .:o I mean both. . . :o:pthe pair is what I'm getting at. . . or you are. . . take a number, MacDoogle. This bird's a right favorite to fans what love the amplitude of pulchritude. Now go back to sleep and dream us up another! (I feel like bloody Oliver with his bowl out. . . "Please sir, may I have more. . ."

Go man go!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (back to sleep till morning) ;););););):cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

11-14-2019, 12:10 AM
Hi. Cap Mac. Sorry. As when my IPad Pro finally released. SOPHIA. LOREN I can see that. It’s the original photograph and.not my drawing attempt. More the pity. But at least. It seems. That. I can try again later today now the. IPad Pro appears to be working Ihope. CIAO. PLOOS

D Akey
11-14-2019, 05:25 AM
Never give up! Keep trying. Practice makes perfect. A stitch in time saves nine. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Don't walk under ladders. You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out. . .

PozDrawSki sez: Ach! He's off again, MacDoogle. The painting and drawing's the thing, matey. Or was that the mating's the thing? Sometimes I get so confused.

Go man go! Say hello to Sophia!

11-14-2019, 06:47 AM
Ok. Cap Mac. I will. When I can see her.cos at the moment she's gone AWOL. Due to my poor attempts which have

Frighten her. Ok. If and when I find her.i will try. Another attempt ok. CIAO. SLAINTE. :D:D:D

11-14-2019, 09:53 AM
Now it's pretty clear why our ATPlus (90+?) keeps fit and longevous, apart from some minor or ephemeral ailement: he enjoys art and beatiful women. Maybe a glass of red one a day may add some synergistic benefit too.
So let's wait for Your next artpiece!

11-14-2019, 11:18 AM
:D. Hi. Caesar. Did try. But when I try to post. It comes up. INVALADE FILE OK. SO DECIDED TO GOO TO BED OK. CIAO

11-14-2019, 11:45 PM
What a beauty You still are, My friend! Sophia Loren is a mature widow right now. She' still charming for her age and maybe she's looking for a bold aged guy and Your age difference negligible (his husband was considerably older than she was). :cool:
I've already got at least some unpleasant wrinkles You don't show! :eek:
But i didn' make recourse to any kind of cream, injection etc. least any surgical touch-up, and I won't either. I just hope to shrivel gracefully enough ...:o;)98206

11-15-2019, 05:00 AM
HI. CAESAR. great phoTO

11-15-2019, 05:23 AM
Caesar. Sorry the three lines I’ve written. Have lost. When last editing �������������������������� CIAO. PLOOS. ��☠️����������⛹��*♂️

11-16-2019, 11:59 AM
It's going to be great! You really grasped perfectly his face and all the rest!
So now rest for a while, since You got tired, I understand, and go on with it. I foresee an outcome among Your best ones ever and in general.

I think the painting looks good, MacPloos! Got all the facial parts in the right place so I have a good idea what he looks like. Good proportions and all.
PozDrawSki sez: That's right. He's got a good arch to his eyebrows, his mustache and the look on his face is like the Arc de Triumph. Can't tell from your painting if any of his other arches have fallen though. Still, the good arch bishop likely has all his arches in good trim, according to Roman standards for arches.

Hi. Yeah confused. Ok. So don’t now. What will Show. Ok. CIAO. PLOOS

D Akey
11-16-2019, 12:22 PM
Hey there MacDoogle, just want to mention that I had to go in and edit the formatting in your post regarding the quoted bits. They had gotten clipped and looked unclear. I changed nothing of what you quoted or that you said. Just cleaned it up a bit is all.

The drawing you managed to post very successfully looks great. Also looks like it's right up your alley -- nice period costumes and lots going on.

PozDrawSki sez: Going all Elizabethan on us, stout-hearted artist that ye are.

So paint on your tights and Go Man GO!!!!!!!!

11-16-2019, 01:57 PM
Hi capc mac. Ok. I've down. 6. Sophia Loren. More or less the same. One. Just. Diff : as been try to post. Each hoping 1 would get through. But. All. Aid. Invalide. And as this was on the same page. And a drawing. I had done some time IThink. The blokes. Sitting are Romen Cathlic preastswho got the chop. By Henry the eight be cause. They. Didn't agree. With him
Taking. More wife's which. Was against the popes. Ruling. At that time. Ok. CIAO. SLAINTE

D Akey
11-17-2019, 09:18 AM
Yeah, ol' Henry VIII was known for his particular style of speed dating. Things get complicated when romance and siring offspring is all tangled up with world and local politics. Heavy is the head that wears the crown. . .

PozDrawSki sez: . . .and vacant is the neck that lost said head.

So, whether you did this drawing recently or long ago, it seems like it's wanting for some paint. Ye somehow managed to upload this here drawing. I think you are on the cusp of forum mastery!

Go man Go!!!!!

11-17-2019, 11:27 AM
Cap. Mac. :D:D:D. Yeah this was the second Drawing. Ok. The first just showed. The clock. With weights. And you’ve goT me trying to think.
Back Wether I had put a Pendulum in :confused: :cool:::rolleyes:ok. And. A picture rail plus. Part of the woodwork round the door ok I THINK
:confused::confused::confused::confused:yeah DOUBLE AS NORM

11-17-2019, 11:25 PM
Well, I'm really eager to see how You'll paint all that crowned and aristoocratic croud, my friend.
It looks like that Henry VIII invented the anglican version of the catholic church not on theological ground, but just to speed up his divorces and remove heads chopping of wives, bishops (Thomas Moore) etc from royal sins, since he could absolve himself then .... not an innovative christian interpretation, just the national version, like in China today.

11-18-2019, 12:38 AM
Hi. O Caesar. Sorry as i dont think.I ever painted it to show.I might. Have tried a few. Dabs just odd bits. Prehap's I should. Have a bash at it later but still hav'nt finished. The Arcbishop when I can find him in my files. Plus. Sophia Loren who refuses to show herselve. As all I get is. Invalad ??? But I will blunder on regardless as you. Can see. We are. In a crisis. Here. Because the mighty. Mouth.FARRAH Said. The millions £. We pay to the EU each year. We will pay to NHS. And he has
Never stopped laughing. Ok.CIAO Ploos. hASTA LA VISTA. IVAYA CON. DIOS. SLAINTE

11-20-2019, 01:20 PM
What outstanding photographs of our Cesare and 80+! I need to catch up on all of your fine works.

11-21-2019, 04:10 AM
Hi. Sandy. Sorry replying. So late Today but. Pain left shoulder. So just sitting watching TV at the moment ok.I was thinking. Of doing a quick smash of Caesar but not sure as the pain seems worse so think I will leave him in peace today. Ok. CIAO. PLOOS. IVAYA CON DIOS. SLAINTE

D Akey
11-21-2019, 04:48 PM
Sorry the shoulder is giving you fits. Hang in there MacPloos!

PozDrawSki sez: When they say "Put your shoulder into it". . . I think they were talking about moving some heavy weight, not your painting. I say, send in THE MOUSE! <cheering from the crowd "MOUSE - MOUSE - MOUSE. . ." More cheering!> . . . or use your stylus. . . whatever gets the marks made.

GO MAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11-22-2019, 02:13 PM
Hi Eighty, how are you doing? I am so happy to see you still drawings and paintings. You may not believe me. You really inspired me a lot to see you so presistence do daily art. I admire you a lot. Keep going and keep them coming. I love to see all your great works. I wish you have a great Christmas holiday too and all good health. :D :D :D

11-30-2019, 07:49 AM
Hi Eighty, how are you doing? I am so happy to see you still drawings and paintings. You may not believe me. You really inspired me a lot to see you so presistence do daily art. I admire you a lot. Keep going and keep them coming. I love to see all your great works. I wish you have a great Christmas holiday too and all good health. :D :D :D

Hi pai. Thanks. Sorry. slow in reply. lgot lost. But I now not were. as confused. Ok it’s my age which lets me go on jaunts. With the IPad. Pro. Ok. Hope your well.

As it seems. The world is in a turmoil. So l hope I can hang. On too be around. If and. When. Things get back to normal ok Pai. CIAO. NINTY +. :D :D. :D

D Akey
12-06-2019, 07:21 PM
What ho, fellow!

or, if you prefer: Watteau, fellow!

Are you alright then? Riding fox hunts with the swells? Tallye ho-ing about the countryside? It's a right job getting into yer jodhpurs without some scented oils, is it?

PozDrawSki sez: Oh aye, there's a reason them stiffs got dressers. Could never manage all them trousers without a shoe horn. Just grab yer kilts an' be done with it. . .

Go man go!!!!!!! Tallye ho!!!!! . . . wot?

12-07-2019, 01:52 AM
Hi Cap Mac. Thanks �� yes still alive and kicking. Today I have tried to do a painting mad Fool that I am :on the IPad Pro
Of CAESER BUT NOT SURE as I’m like a blind bat So haven’t a clue what will show OK REGARDS TO ALL PLOOS
CIAO. IVAYA CON DIOS. SLAINTE. Sorry. That’s a photo of our ROMAN FRIEND ��������

D Akey
12-08-2019, 11:33 AM
MacPloos!!!! What's that there Romanesque looking laddie doing down the pitch, eh? He seems to be muttering something. Can ye make it out?

PozDrawSki sez: Sounds like "Educam illud!". . . Ach! Me III years of Latin class finally pays off! It tells me he's shouting:


12-08-2019, 04:10 PM
Yeah Cap mac. He's Crying. Juv. Juv. Juv. I think. He deserves a goal. Heading the ball with that Helmet on👍⛹🏻*♂️ Ok ciao

12-11-2019, 03:10 PM
Rough Quick sketch. Of. A keyhole :D:D:D

12-13-2019, 10:18 PM
Well, I'm relieved to know that with my helmet I wouldn't lose my hair by aging!
Dear McPloos, if we succeed to fix the right midefirlder and side-defender on January and have fully absorbed our new coach's lessons and schemes by February-March, we may seriously believe to Juve eventually and finally greab the Big-Eared Cup this year. Obviously, as You know, no matter how good You are and planning is, it's also a matter of luck in some specific episodes and cases ...

Your last one remeinds me of someone we know ... ehehehe

Dear D Akey, what a perfect latinist You still are! I guess You may also work as a distinguisehd lawyer now ....:o

12-14-2019, 12:47 AM
Hail o Caesar great that you’ve gone Silver. Haired as there’s no holding back Time as I well know:D. I must admit I’m just hanging on for a
Few More.years. Trying to paint. But the Reaper keeps flying bye looking.to. See.if I’m ready to paint those pearly gates so far lve dogged him so far but my legs have gone now ok. But lately they’ve been showing Italian football.on TV. and saw Juv beaten but it looks as if it a Italianok. football. Is coming back as top. Dogs. Ok. CIAO. PLOOS. IVAYA CON DIOS. HASTA LA VISTA. SLAINTE

D Akey
12-14-2019, 12:40 PM
Wait just a cotton, pickin' minute. . . You finally did manage a glimpse of Sophia Lauren! And there's proof incontrovertible.

Pozdrawski sez: Ship shape and Bristol fashion, she got what's coming to her. She's been key-holed, I mean keel-hauled for being AWOL from shipboard so often. . . But ol' MacDoogle, he's a quick study with the stylus.

Go man go!!!!

Oh, and Caesar, thought it a help to cover up that grey -- emphatically. You're welcome, mate. The girls will be fawning in no time as they love a man in uniform I hear.

12-14-2019, 06:16 PM

12-16-2019, 01:20 AM
Lima Artist. Doctor.
Rio janerio. Page. 242. Founder of MOARA. OK MIKE advice whilst painting get up and walk for ten minutes otherwise you will have my problems with your legs. And walking only with aid of two walking sticks OK. CIAO MIKE IVAYA CON DIOS SLAINTE