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12-28-2010, 04:41 AM
Here is one that has me puzzled. While sitting with family I was playing around with paintbrushes and colors...but somewhere I just let the brush and knife do what they wanted to do....the puzzle is after I had finished the painting....I found that I do this same island and tree quite often and never with conscious thinking or planning...

Question: Is there something about Art and what it is trying to tell us. I find it interesting...I'm not much of an island girl only been to one that was warm and its attached and packed with scenery...this lone tree is found in alot of my art...some of you may have even noticed...:o

If there is such a answer would love to hear from the experts. Also in case I haven't told you lately...thank you for all the comments and tips, I have received here at ArtRage! You all have become an important part of my world!


12-28-2010, 07:06 AM
Hi. Lovely soft colors.

I believe that the mind can do some amazing things. I think art can certainly pull things from the mind like this. Just venturing a guess, but the island and the tree could very well be symbolic for something your mind needs you to address.

Or maybe it's more mystical than that, hard to say. ;) Or you could just like to draw island trees. :p There are far too many strange, mystical and unexplained things out there. Who knows, only you and how you interpret them! :D

Much like recurring dreams, the symbols may represent something you need and soon as you figure it out, the tree and the little cliff island will disappear. The way you described how this came about almost seems dream like to me. I figure the same could apply, perhaps like a day dream state.

I had a recurring dream about a glade with a cave for probably 3 months, every night until one day it hit me what it all represented. I made some changes in my life based off of that and now I would love to see the place again, I cannot seem to find my way back into that dream anymore. :( It was a really lovely glade.

12-28-2010, 10:33 AM
I agree, everybody has their own interpretation for what they draw or paint, and just ambling along without really consciously thinking about what you are doing probably does have significance -- but not knowing you, I'm sorry but I can't speculate with accuracy. I had a wierd dream like this once where I was the main subject (i.e., here the tree) by the side of a sea and barren land. Strangely, this tree of yours looks poised to dive into the ocean -- are you about to dive into the unknown somehow? If so, these are lovely colors to go with.

12-28-2010, 12:39 PM
Mags and Marcialsj,

What a blessing! After writing and posting, I began to think on this more like you shared. That perhaps the tree is me....I think by looking at the other pictures of the lone tree that perhaps I have moved to a happy place of acceptance of feeling alone...the other pictures in real paint are of dark and somber colors (dark clouds, dark gray cliff and murky brown seas) this one surely says a happier tone, I think.

It's funny...how you both and I thought the same thing...Thank you so much for posting.