View Full Version : Homeward bound. Happy new year

12-27-2010, 07:57 AM
I dont know when I stopped thinking this was fun. But I'm glad I did.

12-27-2010, 08:22 AM
Oh yes, home, wherever the heart is.

Many cultures, people set aside a time in the new year to go home, to be with people they love.

This painting is well done.:)

12-27-2010, 02:53 PM
I am glad for you that you did too.This picture says a lot. I like that.
Happy New Year--That goes for all here.

12-27-2010, 04:02 PM
Agreed! There are much more fun and safer ways to greet the New Year!

12-29-2010, 02:00 AM
I am glad things are better fmc, and home is a better place. The best to you this up coming new year and I am looking forward to more of your wonderful artwork.

12-29-2010, 10:59 AM
I love the way your beer bottle glows, it looks so real! And what a poignant message...