View Full Version : Wadda yuh fink Jake

12-12-2010, 02:49 AM
yep good day just want some nosh and a good sleep that'll do me Jim
yeah was hard the horse's must be knackerd as well, they hav'it easy
tomorrow as its our turn for the hard graft the next lot of log's to cut down that'll be our day, see the dog's chaseing around reminds me to put out some snare's we could do with some rabbit cook's good over the fire make a change from the hard tack, might be some big cats around but the dog's will let us know, after we've got the log's over we better think
about a quick stable as its getting nippy sleeping outside then we could all pile in wadda fink Jake yeah your right Jim I did see a water meadow
down farther looked like lots of reed, thats good Jake be good for the roof's hey Jim did you see those seagull over the hill yeah didn't think
they come this far inland must be a lake down there Jake yeah

G'night Jake G'night Jim