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12-05-2010, 12:41 PM
Hello friends, please allow me a long writing.:) Thanks in advance.
The 5th of December is the Father Day” in Thailand and most important is the birthday of His Majesty, the King of Thailand.

The King Bhumibol Adulyadejof Thailand who promised at the formal coronation, “I will reign with ethics and do everything for the happiness of the people of Siam.”, is loved by the Thais and respected by the world.

He was born in Harvard, MA, USA on 5 December 1927. Having reigned since 1946, he is the world's longest reigning and head of state in modern history.And he has done what was promised. IMO and many others is that without this great man, Thai people would have suffered more than the people of neighboring countries such as the Burmese and the Cambodians. :eek:

He was chosen as the King in 1946 but went back to a college in Switzerland; changed the major from Science to Political Science so that he “Can serve the Thais people better.”

He has worked all this time, over 60 years to do everything to make the life of people, especially the farmers better. His concentration has been on agriculture and water management. Food and living condition has been his concern. There is a saying that he visited every place in Thailand, even though he had to walk for no roads existed in many places. He is seen constantly with a camera, not only for arts in photography but documentation so that he can help people better.

Dear friends, IMO, the Thais are not easy to advice, especially the ones who never read. It is easier for many of them to accept handouts than working and democracy Western style, cannot be used in Thailand. Buying votes are easy and many think that it is a way to make money.:eek:

There is no way to list all the things His Majesty and his family have done for the Thai people. Most roads and dams were his initiatives. However, he always says that his initiatives are to be tested by the experts, if not feasible, they always can drop them.

One of a few world awards I would like to mention here is The Human Development Award received in 2006.

One project is making rain which he developed about 45 years ago, recently he allows certain countries in Africa to use the technology without charge.

He has developed diesel from palm sugar and gasohol used in Thailand also.

His palace ground consists of a former swimming pool turned fish hatchery which produced many new kinds of fish. One became a common but very good source of protein was raised and let go in all rivers now has come from his experiment of 40 years ago. The ground includes rice farms, rice mills, cattle, etc., all agricultures. The hill tribe people stopped growing opium because of his long-term plans to advice them to grow other sellable plants. The first milk cow was given to a farmer by his project. However, the hill tribe people are allowed to grow certain amount of opium for using as medicine for they live in very remote areas.

He also wrote many songs (mostly blues and jazz) and a few are/were used to teach in Harvard and European music schools.

His Queen has done a lot also, one main deed is in Thai silk. At this time, one of her project in raising trout is becoming successful. Very soon the trout will become plentiful and cheap in Thailand.

Too many deeds done by this working King and Queen to list here, ones may find information by other sources. Only one caution for the ones who are interested is, at this time, there are many groups sponsored by a rich Thai man who is found guilty of corruption by the Thai court, and lives overseas and he is trying to remove the King. This man has claimed to be a “re-born king” from his last life. He has money so many people, foreign and Thais do anything for certain price and many information of the King is misled.

For me and most people, the work done by the King and Queen for over 60 years speaks for his Majesty and her Majesty loud and clear.

This painting was a challenge to me for I tried to do justice of what this great man has done. done in water color, knife and my own stickers, thanks to Someonessane who patiently helped me in creating stickers.

Thnak to you all dear friends.:D

12-05-2010, 02:05 PM
Jasmine, I truly enjoyed your background to this painting. If only politicians in this country would dedicate themselves to the people, instead of their bank account.. Fine job on the painting too.. :):)

12-05-2010, 09:08 PM
Fine painting Jasmine and thanks for the information too.:)

12-05-2010, 09:21 PM
Thanks Jasmine very well. Written and painted straight from

The Heart. Congratulations E+

12-06-2010, 02:23 AM
Thanks to you all, really appreciate it.

80+, in early 70s, believe around 1971, I was back in Thailand for a visit, your dear Queen Elizabeth went to visit the King of Thailand (believed she had done that many times) and Thais stood on the street waiting to see them passing. The airport did not let people in to welcome her for it was quite small, but I remember people stood in the hot sun just to have a glimsp of Her Majesty the Queen. It was a sight to see.:)

12-08-2010, 02:09 AM
In the year 2006 was the last time I believed the King was visited by Queen Elizabeth II of England. Here is the picture. Her majesty always says that the King was like a brother to her. Also said "The King of Thailand is the King of the Kings.":)