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11-27-2010, 12:38 AM
I finally decided to keep this study as fresh and spontaneous as it is.
Mybe i'll do a more refined work thereabout in the future, but this is immediate and interesting enough in its play of lights to to be seen, I think. It was a speed painting, or something alike, to capture quickly the scene and event, as if I had just the time for a quick shot.

Reading from the evangelist John what stroke the two apostles coming that day to the repository, I tried to figure out what were the first instants like. The Gospel was written in ancient Greek and they believed for what they saw. But what? According to a possible translation, the bandage was like collapsed on itself as if the body had passed through, while the sudarium, the shroud, was folded. Should that shroud actually be the one now in Turin, there was Jesus 3D image on it just like the Resurrection happened with a burst of an unexplained type of radiation to which the linen was exposed.