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11-26-2010, 12:37 PM
I have been "touch painting" on iPod Touch and I really really want to touch paint with ArtRage. I am trying to save money for the basic iPad ($600) since all the tablet PCs I have seen in that price range have terrible user reviews. Is there a tablet PC that any of you know of that is a reasonable alternative to iPad if I want it only for touch painting? I live on the Canada side of the US Canada border but I can make purchases in the States at Xmas because of the personal duty-free import allowance for stays over a week. Don't know if I can actually come up with the money by then but it is a possibility. I would appreciate any info on a decent $600 tablet PC. Thank you.

11-26-2010, 03:24 PM
Check out the HP Slate 500. (I'm saving for one as we speak.)

11-26-2010, 04:14 PM
Where do you intend on buying it. HP lists the specs but trying to find a retailer has not panned out for me yet. $800? Sure looks better than an iPad.

11-28-2010, 08:53 AM
i would get tired of using the ipad.

if you want PRECISION go with the hp slate 500. it is available from their website. $799 / 6 week backorder. it has a digitizer and stylus - i cannot believe they are not marketing this thing towards artists. i'm getting it to replace my hp tx 2000 - touchscreen (too bulky); and i don't see a necessity for a wacom cintiq.

it is 1.86 Ghz so it will be able to handle art rage easily.

*touchscreens tablets are the future - you want a keyboard or disk drive? just plug one in...

11-29-2010, 11:18 AM
Thank you for the info. What is a digitizer? Does this HP 500 take input only from the stylus only and not from finger touch? Does the stylus give pressure input?


That touch screen monitor... are you selling it? How much would it cost? How does it work with ArtRage? I have a Dell Inspiron mini 10 netbook as my computer. I tried controlling it from the touch screen of my iPad Touch with the JumiControler app and aside from being a bit sluggish and the iPod screen being pretty tiny, the problem in using it for ArtRage is that it treated the input as being from a touchpad as on a laptop rather than how a stylus works. With the iTouch using an iTouch app a mark is made when I touch and drag and stops when I release while with iTouch controlling the netbook to run ArtRage I had to do double-tap to start the mark which was kind of weird.

11-29-2010, 01:14 PM
google "youtube digitizer pen as used in most tablet pc"

this short video explains the difference between a touch screen and a digitizer.

the hp slate 500 has a digitizer AND multi-touch. you could zoom in on a picture with your two fingers then continue drawing with your stylus. i cannot imagine anything better.

the ipad is only multitouch...yuck!!!

also - the wacom cintiq is meant to be hooked up to a laptop or pc. whereas the tablet is everything you need to get going. you can go sit somewhere and start drawing with the tablet alone. later on you can go to your desk, hook it up to a keyboard, mouse, printer...

my hp that i am replacing is a touchscreen laptop. i am still using it as a computer, but i want something more portable (tablet). as an artrage device it is great, but i want something thinner and smaller.

11-29-2010, 01:42 PM
Ugh. I have a "sob story" :o (I put it in quotes that way because I know I am better off than at least 99.99% of people in the world)

I can't raise the $600 for an iPad much less $800 or $1200. I was a painting/drawing instructor in the US and had to quit when I got sick with an MS type nerve disease. I made a living from home with commercial art for a while after that until I got too sick even for that. I don't get any disability benefits though I certainly always paid all my taxes etc. so now we rely entirely on my wife to give our kids a decent standard of living... no money for toys which is why my only computer is a $275 netbook.

I'm waiting for a Tablet PC to come out at say $400-$600 though you have me wondering if I could get a $400 touch display (I would have tried to buy yours off you if you were selling) to plug into my netbook instead if I upgrade to Windows 7 Home Edition. I have been painting an awful lot on a little G2 iPad Touch my wife got me last year... much easier in my condition then the oil painting and watercolor I used to do. Here is my iTouch work at Flickr: momodot_art (http://www.flickr.com/photos/momodot_art/) (about a half dozen of those are touched up with ArtRage on the netbook or tweaked in Photoshop after the fact). People who see them don't seem to realize they are only two by three inches or even that they are digital for that matter. People have asked to buy the canvases :)

I have a bunch of old film cameras and a never-used digital video camera someone gave me which I wish I could trade for an iPad. But honestly I think I am fine with the iTouch... only wish I had ArtRage for it. The only reason I would get an iPad is for ArtRage. I feel pretty happy about my iTouch work though it probably looks like utter foolishness to most of you. Seems to strike a chord with some of the people I went to college with 25 years ago when they check me out on Facebook though - and several of them are university art professors. I used to paint only nudes but since leaving teaching and the US for Canada I have not had access to any models.

Anyway, too much sharing. Just mean to say my price point is closer to $500 then $1000 or more like $300-$400 to be totally honest.

11-30-2010, 05:30 PM
For a lower cost alternative, try these:

HP Compaq TC1100 -

these are about 7 (maybe more by now) years old and can still be had on E-Bay.


They are wacom pen enabled, run about 1 GHz, and can have up to 2 gig of memory. Not blazing, to be sure, but fast enough for their size and weight. They also use an NVidia graphics chipset, not Intel, so their screen performance is a bit better.

Probably less than $300 to snag one. Might require a new battery, maybe some upgrades as time allows. A very good value for the money.

12-01-2010, 05:58 AM
1 GHz, and can have up to 2 gig of memory. Not blazing, to be sure

That is better than I have on my main machine now.Thank you for the tip!