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11-18-2010, 12:19 AM
A defenceless King came to us. He influenced and was admired as unique by the greatest men in history facing his figure .
In the Holy Gospels His ineffable eyes and look are inexplicably powerful even speechless, His figure charismatic, charming and handsome beyond any conceivable reality. The humble son of a carpenter and a suave girl from the ill-famed village of Nazareth. And yet we see Him changing everything irreversibly since then.
He goes on changing hearts, souls and life meanings, human justice principles built on fear and harshness in new ones based on trust and mercy; He goes on intervening in our world, on our otherwise ill-fated history and politics routes, making the fundamental Death die and Hope live forever, all pouring no other blood than His and that of His martyrs who are still and increasingly under terrible violences and persecutions in so many places of the world who is losing more and more its modest human tolerance.
I tried to convey all this in what is just a little holy picture where I would have liked to meet Him for an instant, to catch even the faintest supernatural glow of the eyes of the God's Word (Logos) that created the Universe. Consistently the paper size I used was that small.
I reasonably think and hope that no different or atheistic or agnostic faith of anyone is disturbed looking at this image.

Imaginary. I used pencils all over, apart from the two rays emitted by His Sacred Heart following the relevant recent iconography and John Paul the II established feast of the Divine Mercy based on His last centuries apparitions and messages to the Polish nun Faustina.

11-18-2010, 02:09 AM
The teachings of this man could change the world if we would but listen...great painting

11-18-2010, 12:09 PM
Beautiful Caesar, it warms my heart:):);)

11-18-2010, 12:15 PM
Jesus came here for us. If we could but forgive as He has.
Wonderful painting Cesare.

11-18-2010, 12:39 PM
Oh yes, his teachings help us, just some never listens to anyone. Wonderful painting Caesar.:D

L Skylar Brown
11-18-2010, 01:01 PM
This is a wonderful piece, Caesar. I love seeing Inspired images.
I know Many who call themselves Christian; there are fewer I would consider as being so.
The teachings of Jesus are so obviously sound. If everyone who called him (her)self Christian just followed his Directives, the World would be better in an instant.

11-18-2010, 01:20 PM
Inspirational work for sure....

11-18-2010, 04:06 PM
He looks a bit sinister to me :-).... but very good message and pretty drawing.

11-18-2010, 11:30 PM
Thank You, dear Semd74!:)
His teachings did change profoundly and still changes the world from a human, phylosophical and social standpoint, but His Kingdom doesn't coincide with and end in this world and goes far beyond and deeper than good social systems settings which cannot passively stand time decadence, without our hope, faith soul, just like anything else.
Anyway it's rather His whole life, a marvellous mix of teaching and actions, ignominious death and resurrection that are the exceeding answer to our ultimate needs and hopes, the change of perspective, that establishes God's Kingdom in the heart and souls of individuals and communities trusting Him in full. They, us, we may reflect His presence thus changing the world sharing with anyone, since our Creator wants each of us. Separations, divisions, violence, injustice, vengeance ... etc. are all tricky, destructive devilish weapons.

Thank You, dear Pat! What You just said has a far deeper and marvellous sense than we usually mean with that because life is not when our body being alive and its death may not not be our death, not even the ultimate doom of our body .... :)

Dear Sandra, if we were only able to see ouselves like He see us (and with that unique look we may understand from Gospels), we would understad that we really have to develop the capability to forgive other, not as a submissive act, but as the most active and necessary one, because looking at us with God's eyes, we couldn't stand the terrible vision of how we really look for, but for His love and forgiveness that wipes whateve dirtiness out and makes the likeness we got from our Holy Father shine again. One more reason for join prayers to our actions.
Thank You!

Thank you, dear Jasmine!
You pointed out a really fundamental point.
Actually we don't listen to each other, not even to ourselves, but in a quite superficial way in the best cases, often with a mind full of prejudices, fears and worries .... educating to and establishing heartfelt tolerance and compassion would be a good start.
The deepest level of wisdom though is the most special one, i.e. the ultimate intelligent, mystical and concrete form of love we can share Jesus referred too. No holy books and words, spiritual growth alone can really raise men to God, intented as the supreme entity, without a quest and a love wish that makes us rejoyce and care for people around us, anyone, and without God bending down to embrace us in the most concrete way, not by just teaching, advicing, ruling, so that me may progressively understand with our brain an feel with our best sentiments and feelings, the motivation helping us to embrace back anything as He likes.
This may give a hope and faith stranger to no one of good will, capable to realize what we see more impossible than the famous missions of Tom Cruise! :p

Thank You, dear Skylar! Probably the main problem is that we have to ask for, repeat and grow in our conversion. That would make His directives, as You say, crystal clear, but also a blessing to follow. So we would separate social and political ruling from what is important to God and still get good inspirations and wisdom on the previous without perverting our religious beliefs to dominate psychologically, politically and economically on others; we would also manage our power and decisions to really serve others, not to our benefit ... and these are just two examples of too many.

Dear Kenmo, inspirational was only my wish, but I hope it would have the power to make anyone think more joyfully and feel us good individually and together in a passion we share. I would define utmost inspirational and possibly inspired, the paintings of the great Beato Angelico of a few centuries ago. Thank You!

Thank You, dear Anna! That's my fault not only as an artist, but also as a Christian and He probably was staring at me to make me realize all that and my need of mercy so that He may smile again and flood with the blessings of His love. :p:)
In fact, when He will come to judge us (at least this is a belief that muslims too seem to share with christians) who searched for and acted according to His Mercy will be in a far better position of the ones He would judge with Justice, because they would share His terrible eyes looking themeselves without any veil and I guess that only in few and the best of cases they would get just the view of a miserable creature and life anyway in front of God, the rest would see their life movie and the horrible monsters they progressivey became.
How do I work as a preacher? :D

11-19-2010, 06:45 AM
Thanks for your heartfelt painting and for your detailed posting here, Caesar. I appreciate a lot of what you and the others had to say. I've been studying the Book of Daniel in the Bible lately, and talking about monsters, you should read Daniel Chapter 7 which is from God's point of view how He sees things. The Babylon king had a dream in Daniel Chapter 3 seeing things from man's point of view (a noble human statue with gold head, etc.) but Chapter 7 has four great and horrible beasts (4 human kings) arising from the ocean of humanity, which from the Bible's God's point of view shows how we mangle ourselves and others, a perfect creation gone horribly wrong. And we get back towards His original creation by accepting and following what Christ did and was, which is what your painting is all about. Inspirational, indeed.

As God is the Creator and we were made in His image, we too are creative, as is plentifully shown in the good artworks shown here in the ArtRage galleries.

11-19-2010, 03:11 PM
Very good. I'm glad you didn't try to make him too good looking 'cause the Bible said he was not a good looking man. At least that's as I remember. I could however be wrong. :o

11-19-2010, 11:34 PM
Thank You, dear Marcialsj, for Your most interesting and enlighting words!
Creativity, in my modest view, implies interest, care, knowledge, intelligence (which means capability of deep understandanding rather than high Q.I.), passion, love, hope, faith and willingness to share and be beneficial somehow to others. In this sense, in its simplest and purest form and scope, creativity and freedom are the little inheritance of our Father we're endowed with and which makes us an image and reflex of Him, but we have to preserve that glimpse and use our life and show acceptance of His love, keep joint, through Jesus, Way, Truth and Life, with all the different opportunities He continues to provide to get His mercy, grace, peace, joy and life, also across pains he wanted to share with and for us, and which, for us Catholic, as well as for Othodoxes, include His sharing of His holy Mother and of His saints pleading for us too and reinforcing the effectiveness and power of our poor sinner prayers.
Maybe Jesus figure may seem to be of one part only, only for Christians, but I ascertained that admiration for Him and for His mother, however differently considered, are widely shared, also beyond christianity, which is a miracle and hope in itself against the forces of evil.

Thank You dear Jibes!
I didn't want to make a sloppy tolerant new age prophet or a pop star of Jesus for sure! Actually I don't remember the Bible expressely describing Him physically and saying whether He was handsome or not in human terms. For sure He was an utmost attractive person as a whole.
In many cases the Gospels reports that also without speaking or touching, being present and also aware in one case, He was able to produce sudden changes of life or miracles. Moreover He was also widely appreciated by women, he highly considered in a quite unusual way for those times, and we may frankly admit that women are generally more rapid, deeply intuitive and correct in their evaluation of a person.
I therefore believe that He did was very handsome, probably in a more effective and unique way than today's void model hunks often resembling each other as a standard, or based on metrics etc.
I mean He must have been handsome in the most complete way, so that both good will men and women were able todeeply fall in love with him without any sexual implications or explanations.
The unusual pains He stood up to crucifixion suggest that He was also an unusually healthy and strong man at 33, a rare case for that ancient age.
He certainly was of an ineffable and supernatural beauty when He showed in His glory on the Tabor mount narrated by the Gospels. He probably appeared to be also showing after His Resurrection. He incredibly handsome to the Saints He appeared to, as it is the case of His Mother Mary too in the reported apparitions (and tho to whom He reasonably resembled to a good extent), but to this beauty contribute the fact that they are respectively God and His favourite creature in their full Glory.
As for my drawing, I just left my hand go and try to spot Him in my traits, with the sole mental indication of what show His face to have been on the Holy Shroud in Turin and the Holy Face in Manoppello, possibly the Veil of Veronica of the Gospels. The two faces in the relics appears to be of the same man (not copies of each other though) for anyone looking and how the two images were generated remain scientifically unexplained.
I would add my personal opinion on one of the reasons why I believe in Jesus which is only the intellectual and rational one. All His life is full of paradoxes, all His thoughts, His condition, His place, His teachings etc., like for the highest human minds and genii. All he said and was seem so unappropriate to have political success, to last, to be seen as the Messiah in the human perception, all so absurd or different from phylosophies religions and cults preceeding or following Him (with the obvious exception of the main parts of the Old Testament) and still so consistant and deep, so uniquely corresponding to some of the highest findings of the greatests phylosophers and ascetics before and after Him in a number of case, such as Buddha or the Jainism, Socrates, the greatest Sufi.
Anyway He was absolutely different showing an absolute spiritual authority, awareness, concreteness, completeness of revelation in words, signs, deeds, effects ... that three years of public life of this carpenter of Nazareth is the foundation of so much in the world historical and cultural evolution for both His believers and differently believers!

11-20-2010, 08:25 AM
Caesar beautiful your painting. The essence is in our minds and you translated it so very soft.

11-20-2010, 12:14 PM
Thank You, dear Oriane! I wish I were such an artist to pierce the reality superficial veil and really get some glimpse of the essence ...

11-20-2010, 01:59 PM
A wonderful painting Caesar, Perhaps each of us holds an image of him in our minds that is a comfort to each along with what we learn (and should follow) from his teachings

11-21-2010, 09:11 AM
Dear Caesar this is outstanding.

Mairzie Dotes
11-22-2010, 09:21 AM
Dear Caesar,
I can literally sense the deep love in this most powerful and benevolent
piece. He radiates with all encomposing and profound tenderness,
acceptance and compassion. A remarkably captivating work of art ! :)

11-22-2010, 09:30 AM
I joined a bit to late too add much to all of the above. But, Caesar, this is a very moving piece!

11-22-2010, 11:27 AM
a very thought provoking image Caesar. I would have guessed black hair though. :)

Probably Jibes is referring to this verse in Isaiah 53:2
For he shall grow up before him as a tender plant, and as a root out of a dry ground: he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, no beauty that we should desire him.

an ordinary person by looks, one they might pass by and not give a second thought to... not regal looking nor mighty like they expected Moshiach to be.

11-22-2010, 11:56 PM
Thank You, dear Jean! As human beings most of us need concrete sign to start our flight toward the supernatural light beam, since it's not just a matter of intellect or spirit for us who live on the earth and God showed to know this since the Old Testament and the images and the care He provided there also in quite material forms.

This time I think just because He's outstanding, dear Valerie!

Thank You, dear Mair! What we see there is possibly the love we feel so powerful and effective is the one we may be reflecting from this image, but the question is, our own love, where does it start from and whats its deepest and purest root?

Dear Scott, I think that among the devotional objects You painted so masterfully, a special place should have the holy images and iconographies that were produced along three millennia and which quite often sustained and made effective the faith of so many poor guys experimenting the hardship and the consolations of the beatitudes listed by Jesus. thank you!

Dear Albert, thank You very much for Your explanation that gave me the possibility to review and ponderate on that part of Isaiah, just one among a huge number of prophecies about His coming.

I therefore reviewed the verse You indicated (but it's Isaiah, 52,14 in my references) and, since I'm not an expert of biblical exegesis, I made recourse to a couple of recent translations to check the possible meaning I suspected finding a confirmation I think.
According to the last issue of a couple of Bibles, one Catholic and one Interconfessional (i.e. agreed upon by various major Christian confessions and Jewish experts) that piece, without any major change of meaning, can be more modernly and better read (as accurately translated from Italian by me) "many people were disconcerted looking at him, so much his aspect was disfigured and his face had no more an human look". It may seem pretty different, but enlighting I think, because it most likely talks of how he looked after the terrible tortures of His Passion (have a look at the Holy Shroud face with the broken nose, the swallen eyes, the pierced front and the cut lips or to the Mel Gibson movie to have an idea).
As You correctly say, that was the ultimately, absolutely unexpected difference from how everybody expected a humanly victorious Messiah to be and look like, but that was actually the scandal and the paradox of the Salvation through the Cross up to the Resurrection, i.e. the Word of God had through terrible pains and death as the only way for our redeeming and being closer than ever to us all in our pains, depair, crosses, so as to take us too to neverending life and resurrection in the last day.
You're therefore correct that He probably didn't show anything supernatural to be immediately recognised as the Saviour, he didn't look like an angel or extraordinary.
He certainly had not the exterior signs and symbols or the make-ups of power, as You correctly point out, but this doesn't mean that he wasn't humanly handsome. For instance on the Holy Shroud he looks certainly tall for that age, 172 cm, and his body and face features (especially how they may be before the Passion) absolutely regular and even mighty in way, but in a very natural way, because the choice is free along our life timespan.
As for the hair or eyes, it's quite hard to guess their color. He could hardly look like a Viking, but they weren't necessarily black, looking at people living in Middle East now or considering Esau's red hair in the Bible.
I therefore opted for credible light brown for both, even if dark brown or black my be at least as much likely.

11-23-2010, 12:14 AM
A wonderful painting dear Cesare.:):)

11-23-2010, 01:29 AM
Thank You too, dear Amanda!