View Full Version : Iron Man - WIP

11-15-2010, 01:43 PM
This was one of my first sketches done with ArtRage for iPad. My young son is into Iron Man at the moment, so I decided to give painting him a serious try.

I foolishly didn't save the line work, but I started saving intervals every so often of the painting as I worked (aka - stumbled) through the piece. I used a reference image from one of the movies for layout and to pull colors from.

I found myself changing how I handle the paint several times while working and as a result I started having a few inconsistencies. I did the color blocking with the paint tube (which IMO was a mistake - I should have used the oil brush). I used the palette knife and oil brush to refine the image. At this point the head and face are about done and the body is being fleshed out.

Thus far I'm enjoying working on the iPad, but I think I'm gonna spring for Studio Pro.

I appreciate you taking and look. C&C are welcome.