View Full Version : ArtRage for iPad 1.0.3 Released.

11-09-2010, 10:20 AM
The 1.0.3 update for ArtRage on the iPad has been released and current owners should be able to download the latest version directly from the App Store. This update includes:

Quick access color sampling via a tool toggle.
User definable canvas sizing when creating new files (1440 x 1440 max).
Zoom level indicating during zooming.
Background color customisation.
Feedback improvements on a number of user interface items including current active preset highlights.
Significant enhancements to the stability of the product and memory handling.
Improvements to Multitouch gesture handling after Save & Continue, fixing a problem that prevented gestures happening in certain areas of the screen.
Corrected a problem that could cause crashes when using the Tint/Tone picker.
Fixed a problem that could cause the name of a painting to change after editing canvas settings.

The changes made in this update should improve the overall painting experience and give more flexibility to users who have wanted to work on larger images. As always, we're happy to accept feedback on the product so feel free to pop in to the iPad Suggestions forum if you have any suggestions for features, or the iPad Technical forums if you're experiencing difficulties.