View Full Version : Warrior Cats & Best painting program

10-29-2010, 03:56 PM
Hi, I am LeafpoolXCrowfeather if you dont know what warrior cats are do noting cause you wont be able to help me. Ok first painting program i need a good graphic but simple painting program. Now second a warrior at picture it is a contest you wall sort of get prizes at least some of you. I want to see a warrior cat or your warrior cat you mad up. In the contest you must have the cat (DUH LEAFPOOLXCROW WE ARENT DUMB) then the name if it is dead/alive what possition in the clan. Now if you want to show me you arethe best cat drawer then draw what it looked like as a kit then apprentice, then warrior and so on so forth. If you want because i have seen it before you can put stars on the leader. So first prize winner will get a sub on all websites i have that you have, and be friended on any website the we have, second place will get friended on two websites(including this one) and subbed on this website third place will get a friend and sub on this and last but not least in forth place you get friended on here. Ok thank you please do the contest.;):D:):cool: