View Full Version : Sleep In Heavenly Peace

09-21-2010, 11:56 AM
,,Dear ArtRagers, Today was a glorious day! made me think of this, a little quicky card,,, have a nice day tomorrow!!!:)

09-21-2010, 04:14 PM
Beautiful Lee!

09-21-2010, 07:14 PM
so simple yet so expressive. very nice lee..:).

Mairzie Dotes
09-21-2010, 07:39 PM
Dear Lee,
If there was ever an artful expression of "love" ... true and unconditional
love this wonderful piece defines it so well. The soft colors and blending
also whispers a message of peace and comfort. A really beautiful design
and card ... so well painted! :)

09-21-2010, 09:19 PM
This would be the most artistic card of either a new birth or Christmas, dear Lee. It's marvellous and I like everything in it!

09-22-2010, 06:56 AM
How touching with so soft colors, refreshing painting.:)

09-22-2010, 09:06 AM
Dear Alexandra, Thank You very much!!!:)

Dear WaheedNasir, Thank You very much, really appreciate your thoughtfullness!!!:)

Dear Miss Mairzie, Thank You very much, so glad you liked it, really enjoy your pictures!!!:)

Dear Caesar, Thank You, so glad you liked it and thank you for transprorting us to your beautiful balcony!!!:)

Dear Jasmine, Thank You very much!!! am so glad you liked it!!!:)

09-22-2010, 09:13 AM
Very lovely and emotive painting. :)

09-22-2010, 09:31 AM
Dear Belvrog, Thank You so much, always glad to hear from you!!!:)

09-22-2010, 10:34 AM
Lee, such a beautiful and soft painting;);)

09-22-2010, 10:48 AM
Said so much with the few words.

09-22-2010, 10:51 AM
Dear Pat, Thank You very much, so glad you liked it!!!:)

Dear AT-TA, Thank You very much also!!!:)